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  • DNA binding and unwinding by Hel308 helicase requires dual functions of a winged helix domain 

    Northall, Sarah J; Buckley, Ryan; Jones, Nathan; Penedo-Esteiro, Juan Carlos; Soultanas, Panos; Bolt, Edward (2017-09) - Journal article
    Hel308 helicases promote genome stability linked to DNA replication in archaea, and have homologues in metazoans. In the crystal structure of archaeal Hel308 bound to a tailed DNA duplex, core helicase domains encircle ...
  • Deterministic implementation of a bright, on-demand single photon source with near-unity indistinguishability via quantum dot imaging 

    He, Yu-Ming; Liu, Jin; Maier, Sebastian; Emmerling, Monika; Gerhardt, Stefan; Davanço, Marcelo; Srinivasan, Kartik; Schneider, Christian; Höfling, Sven (2017-07) - Journal article
    Deterministic techniques enabling the implementation and engineering of bright and coherent solid-state quantum light sources are key for the reliable realization of a next generation of quantum devices. Such a technology, ...
  • How should utilitarians think about the future? 

    Mulgan, Tim (2017) - Journal article
    Utilitarians must think collectively about the future because many contemporary moral issues require collective responses to avoid possible future harms. But current rule utilitarianism does not accommodate the distant ...
  • Narrative structure and narrative texture in the 'Aithiopika' of Heliodorus 

    Pletcher, James Alan (1997) - Thesis
    This thesis consists of four individual studies, divided into two sections; "Narrative Structure" and "Narrative Texture". The first chapter ("Heliodoros and the Conventions of Romance") addresses the issue of the essence ...
  • Euripidean lyric metres : a classification 

    Itsumi, Kiichiro (1983) - Thesis
    In this thesis two branches of Euripidean lyric metres are discussed: aeolic and prosodiac-enoplian. A. M. Dale established aeolo-choriambic and prosodiac-enoplian as genera subsuming as species a number of various forms ...

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