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  • A first constraint on basal melt-water production of the Greenland ice sheet 

    Karlsson, Nanna B.; Solgaard, Anne M.; Mankoff, Kenneth D.; Gillet-Chaulet, Fabien; MacGregor, Joseph A.; Box, Jason E.; Citterio, Michele; Colgan, William T.; Larsen, Signe H.; Kjeldsen, Kristian K.; Korsgaard, Niels J.; Benn, Douglas I.; Hewitt, Ian J.; Fausto, Robert S. (2021-06-08) - Journal article
    The Greenland ice sheet has been one of the largest sources of sea-level rise since the early 2000s. However, basal melt has not been included explicitly in assessments of ice-sheet mass loss so far. Here, we present the ...
  • A trouble shared is a trouble halved : the role of family identification and identification with humankind in well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic 

    Frenzel, Svenja B.; Junker, Nina M.; Avanzi, Lorenzo; Bolatov, Aidos; Haslam, S. Alexander; Häusser, Jan A.; Kark, Ronit; Meyer, Ines; Mojzisch, Andreas; Monzani, Lucas; Reicher, Stephen; Samekin, Adil; Schury, Valerie A.; Steffens, Niklas K.; Sultanova, Liliya; Van Dijk, Dina; van Zyl, Llewellyn E.; Van Dick, Rolf (2021-06-16) - Journal article
    The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered health-related anxiety in ways that undermine peoples’ mental and physical health. Contextual factors such as living in a high-risk area might further increase the risk of health ...
  • Khipus, khipu boards and sacred texts : toward a philology of Andean knotted cords 

    Hyland, Sabine; Bennison, Sarah; Hyland, William P. (2021-06-15) - Journal article
    Although the knotted cord texts known as khipus have been created in the Andes for over a millennium (ca. AD 950–1950), their historical philology has been little understood. This study, based on original archival and ...
  • A Roman provincial city and its contamination legacy from artisanal and daily-life activities 

    Holdridge, Genevieve; Kristiansen, Søren M.; Barfod, Gry H.; Kinnaird, Tim C.; Lichtenberger, Achim; Olsen, Jesper; Philippsen, Bente; Raja, Rubina; Simpson, Ian (2021-06-09) - Journal article
    Roman metal use and related extraction activities resulted in heavy metal pollution and contamination, in particular of Pb near ancient mines and harbors, as well as producing a global atmospheric impact. New evidence from ...
  • The influence of decision-making in tree ring-based climate reconstructions 

    Büntgen, Ulf; Allen, Kathy; Anchukaitis, Kevin J.; Arseneault, Dominique; Boucher, Étienne; Bräuning, Achim; Chatterjee, Snigdhansu; Cherubini, Paolo; Churakova (Sidorova), Olga V.; Corona, Christophe; Gennaretti, Fabio; Grießinger, Jussi; Guillet, Sebastian; Guiot, Joel; Gunnarson, Björn; Helama, Samuli; Hochreuther, Philipp; Hughes, Malcolm K.; Huybers, Peter; Kirdyanov, Alexander V.; Krusic, Paul J.; Ludescher, Josef; Meier, Wolfgang J.-H.; Myglan, Vladimir S.; Nicolussi, Kurt; Oppenheimer, Clive; Reinig, Frederick; Salzer, Matthew W.; Seftigen, Kristina; Stine, Alexander R.; Stoffel, Markus; St. George, Scott; Tejedor, Ernesto; Trevino, Aleyda; Trouet, Valerie; Wang, Jianglin; Wilson, Rob; Yang, Bao; Xu, Guobao; Esper, Jan (2021-06-07) - Journal article
    Tree-ring chronologies underpin the majority of annually-resolved reconstructions of Common Era climate. However, they are derived using different datasets and techniques, the ramifications of which have hitherto been ...

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