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  • Title redacted 

    Li, Anqi (2024-06-14) - Thesis
    Abstract redacted
  • Neural network classification of eigenmodes in the magnetohydrodynamic spectroscopy code Legolas 

    De Jonghe, J.; Kuczyński, M. D. (2024-01-16) - Journal article
    A neural network is employed to address a non-binary classification problem of plasma instabilities in astrophysical jets, calculated with the Legolas code. The trained models exhibit reliable performance in the identification ...
  • Assessing changes in global fire regimes 

    Sayedi, Sayedeh Sara; Abbott, Benjamin W.; Vannière, Boris; Leys, Bérangère; Colombaroli, Daniele; Romera, Graciela Gil; Słowiński, Michał; Aleman, Julie C.; Blarquez, Olivier; Feurdean, Angelica; Brown, Kendrick; Aakala, Tuomas; Alenius, Teija; Allen, Kathryn; Andric, Maja; Bergeron, Yves; Biagioni, Siria; Bradshaw, Richard; Bremond, Laurent; Brisset, Elodie; Brooks, Joseph; Brugger, Sandra O.; Brussel, Thomas; Cadd, Haidee; Cagliero, Eleonora; Carcaillet, Christopher; Carter, Vachel; Catry, Filipe X.; Champreux, Antoine; Chaste, Emeline; Chavardès, Raphaël Daniel; Chipman, Melissa; Conedera, Marco; Connor, Simon; Constantine, Mark; Courtney Mustaphi, Colin; Dabengwa, Abraham N.; Daniels, William; De Boer, Erik; Dietze, Elisabeth; Estrany, Joan; Fernandes, Paulo; Finsinger, Walter; Flantua, Suzette G. A.; Fox-Hughes, Paul; Gaboriau, Dorian M.; M.Gayo, Eugenia; Girardin, Martin. P.; Glenn, Jeffrey; Glückler, Ramesh; González-Arango, Catalina; Groves, Mariangelica; Hamilton, Douglas S.; Hamilton, Rebecca Jenner; Hantson, Stijn; Hapsari, K. Anggi; Hardiman, Mark; Hawthorne, Donna; Hoffman, Kira; Inoue, Jun; Karp, Allison T.; Krebs, Patrik; Kulkarni, Charuta; Kuosmanen, Niina; Lacourse, Terri; Ledru, Marie-Pierre; Lestienne, Marion; Long, Colin; López-Sáez, José Antonio; Loughlin, Nicholas; Niklasson, Mats; Madrigal, Javier; Maezumi, S. Yoshi; Marcisz, Katarzyna; Mariani, Michela; McWethy, David; Meyer, Grant; Molinari, Chiara; Montoya, Encarni; Mooney, Scott; Morales-Molino, Cesar; Morris, Jesse; Moss, Patrick; Oliveras, Imma; Pereira, José Miguel; Pezzatti, Gianni Boris; Pickarski, Nadine; Pini, Roberta; Rehn, Emma; Remy, Cécile C.; Revelles, Jordi; Rius, Damien; Robin, Vincent; Ruan, Yanming; Rudaya, Natalia; Russell-Smith, Jeremy; Seppä, Heikki; Shumilovskikh, Lyudmila; T.Sommers, William; Tavşanoğlu, Çağatay; Umbanhowar, Charles; Urquiaga, Erickson; Urrego, Dunia; Vachula, Richard S.; Wallenius, Tuomo; You, Chao; Daniau, Anne-Laure (2024-02-08) - Journal article
    Background The global human footprint has fundamentally altered wildfire regimes, creating serious consequences for human health, biodiversity, and climate. However, it remains difficult to project how long-term interactions ...
  • Miracle : the Pax Humana (Novel excerpt) 

    Edic, William Erickson (2024-06-11) - Thesis
    This thesis is an approximately 40,000 word-long excerpt of Miracle: The Pax Humana, a science fiction novel set in a "fallen-utopia" setting influenced by Golden Age science fiction, utopian literature of the Renaissance, ...
  • An investigation into novel solid state electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries 

    Boyle, Colm William (2024-06-13) - Thesis
    Abstract redacted

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