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  • Separating underwater ambient noise from flow noise recorded on stereo acoustic tags attached to marine mammals 

    von Benda-Beckmann, Alexander M.; Wensveen, Paul Jacobus; Samarra, Filipa I. P.; Beerens, S. Peter; Miller, Patrick J. O. (2016-08-03) - Journal article
    Sound-recording acoustic tags attached to marine animals are commonly used in behavioural studies. Measuring ambient noise is of interest to efforts to understand responses of marine mammals to anthropogenic underwater ...
  • Ultra-high foraging rates of harbor porpoises make them vulnerable to anthropogenic disturbance 

    Wisniewska, Danuta Maria; Johnson, Mark; Teilmann, Jonas; Rojano-Doñate, Laia; Shearer, Jeanne; Sveegaard, Signe; Miller, Lee A.; Siebert, Ursula; Madsen, Peter Teglberg (2016-06-06) - Journal article
    Summary. The question of how individuals acquire and allocate resources to maximize fitness is central in evolutionary ecology. Basic information on prey selection, search effort, and capture rates are critical for ...
  • Hasteners and delayers : why rains don't cause fires 

    Touborg, Caroline Torpe (2017-05-26) - Journal article
    We typically judge that hasteners are causes of what they hasten, while delayers are not causes of what they delay. These judgements, I suggest, are sensitive to an underlying metaphysical distinction. To see this, we need ...
  • Spectrum arguments and hypersensitivity 

    Pummer, Theron Gene (2017-05-25) - Journal article
    Larry Temkin famously argues that what he calls spectrum arguments yield strong reason to reject Transitivity, according to which the ‘all-things-considered better than’ relation is transitive. Spectrum arguments do reveal ...
  • OLED microdisplays control cell behavior through optogenetics 

    Gather, Malte C. (2016-05-25) - Journal article
    OLED microdisplays are introduced as a microscopic illumination platform for cell biology. The μm-scale dimensions of each pixel and the μm-thin encapsulation enable controlled light exposure of individual live cells. This ...

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