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  • Social learning strategies regulate the wisdom and madness of interactive crowds 

    Toyokawa, Wataru; Whalen, Andrew; Laland, Kevin N. (2019-02) - Journal article
    Why groups of individuals sometimes exhibit collective ‘wisdom’ and other times maladaptive ‘herding’ is an enduring conundrum. Here we show that this apparent conflict is regulated by the social learning strategies deployed. ...
  • Deciphering the genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic landscapes of pre-invasive lung cancer lesions 

    Texeira, Vitor H.; Pipinikas, Chrisodoulos P.; Pennycuick, Adam; Lee-Six, Henry; Chandrasekharan, Deepak; Beane, Jennifer; Morris, Tiffany J.; Karpathakis, Anna; Feber, Andrew; Breeze, Charles E.; Ntolios, Paschalis; Hynds, Robert E.; Falzon, Mary; Capitanio, Arrigo; Carroll, Bernadette; Durrenberger, Pascal F.; Hardavella, Georgia; Brown, James M.; Lynch, Andy G.; Farmery, Henry; Paul, Dirk S.; Chambers, Rachel C.; McGranahan, Nicholas; Navani, Neal; Thakrar, Ricky M.; Swanton, Charles; Beck, Stephan; George, Philip Jeremy; Spira, Avrum; Campbell, Peter J.; Thirwell, Christina; Janes, Sam M. (2019-03) - Journal article
    The molecular alterations that occur in cells before cancer is manifest are largely uncharted. Lung carcinoma in situ (CIS) lesions are the pre-invasive precursor to squamous cell carcinoma. Although microscopically ...
  • Structural signatures of igneous sheet intrusion propagation 

    Magee, Craig; Muirhead, James; Schofield, Nick; Walker, Richard J.; Galland, Olivier; Holford, Simon; Spacapan, Juan; Jackson, Christopher A-L.; McCarthy, William (2019-08) - Journal article
    The geometry and distribution of planar igneous bodies (i.e. sheet intrusions), such as dykes, sills, and inclined sheets, has long been used to determine emplacement mechanics, define melt source locations, and reconstruct ...
  • The role of Bi-doping in promoting electron transfer and catalytic performance of Pt/3DOM-Ce1-xBixO2-δ 

    Yu, Kai; Lei, Da; Feng, Yajun; Chang, Yue; Yu, Haochen; Wang, Yanbing; Liu, Yaqi; Wang, Gui-Chang; Lou, Lan-Lan; Liu, Shuangxi; Zhou, Wuzong (2018-09) - Journal article
    Investigation of Bi-doping effects on the catalytic performance of Pt/3DOM-Ce1−xBixO2−δ in the aerobic oxidation of 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural allows us to reveal the promoted catalytically active sites: the asymmetrical ...
  • Energy transfer between Eu3+ and Nd3+ in near-infrared emitting β-triketonate coordination polymers 

    Abad Galán, Laura; Sobolev, Alexandre; Skelton, Brian; Zysman-Colman, Eli; Ogden, Mark; Massi, Massimiliano (2018-07-20) - Journal article
    Isomorphous β-triketonate-based lanthanoid polymers containing tris(4-methylbenzoyl)methanide ( mtbm ) and Rb+ with formula {[Ln(Rb)( mtbm )4]2}n (Ln = Eu3+ and Nd3+) have been synthesised and structurally characterised. ...

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