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  • Role of oculoproprioception in coding the locus of attention 

    Odoj, Bartholomaeus; Balslev, Daniela (2016-03) - Journal article
    The most common neural representations for spatial attention encode locations retinotopically, relative to center of gaze. To keep track of visual objects across saccades or to orient toward sounds, retinotopic representations ...
  • The VLT LEGA-C spectroscopic survey : the physics of galaxies at a lookback time of 7 Gyr 

    van der Wel, A.; Noeske, K.; Bezanson, R.; Pacifici, C.; Gallazzi, A.; Franx, M.; Munoz-Mateos, J. C.; Bell, E. F.; Brammer, G.; Charlot, S.; Chauke, P.; Labbe, I.; Maseda, M. V.; Muzzin, A.; Rix, H.-W.; Sobral, D.; van de Sande, J.; van Dokkum, P. G.; Wild, V.; Wolf, C. (2016-04-22) - Journal article
    The Large Early Galaxy Census (LEGA-Ca) is a Public Spectroscopic Survey of ∼ 3200 K-band selected galaxies at redshifts z=0.6-1.0 with stellar masses M* > 1010M_sun, conducted with VIMOS on ESO's Very Large Telescope. The ...
  • Phonon induced line broadening and population of the dark exciton in a deeply trapped localized emitter in monolayer WSe2 

    He, Yu-Ming; Hoefling, Sven; Schneider, Christian (2016-04-05) - Journal article
    We study trapped single excitons in a monolayer semiconductorwith respect to their temperature stability, spectral diffusion and decaydynamics. In a mechanically exfoliated WSe2 sheet, we could identifydiscrete emission ...
  • The identification of post-starburst galaxies at z~1 using multiwavelength photometry : a spectroscopic verification 

    Maltby, David T.; Almaini, Omar; Wild, Vivienne; Hatch, Nina A.; Hartley, William G.; Simpson, Chris; McLure, Ross J.; Dunlop, James; Rowlands, Kate; Cirasuolo, Michele (2016-06-11) - Journal article
    Despite decades of study, we still do not fully understand why somemassive galaxies abruptly switch off their star formation in the early Universe, and what causes their rapid transition to the red sequence.Post-starburst ...
  • Spatial correlation of two-dimensional Bosonic multi-mode condensates 

    Nitsche, W. H.; Kim, N. Y.; Roumpos, G.; Schneider, C.; Höfling, Sven; Forchel, A.; Yamamoto, Y. (2016-04-27) - Journal article
    The Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless (BKT) theorem predicts that two-dimensional Bosonic condensates exhibit quasi-long-range order which is characterized by a slow decay of the spatial coherence. However previous measurements ...

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