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  • Quantum heat statistics with time-evolving matrix product operators 

    Popovic, Maria; Mitchison, Mark; Strathearn, Aidan; Lovett, Brendon W.; Goold, John; Eastham, Paul (2021-06-10) - Journal article
    We present a numerically exact method to compute the full counting statistics of heat transfer in non-Markovian open quantum systems, which is based on the time-evolving matrix product operator (TEMPO) algorithm. This ...
  • How to reduce household costs for people with tuberculosis : a longitudinal costing survey in Nepal 

    Gurung, Suman Chandra; Rai, Bhola; Dixit, Kritika; Worrall, Eve; Paudel, Puskar Raj; Dhital, Raghu; Sah, Manoj Kumar; Pandit, Ram Narayan; Aryal, Tara Prasad; Majhi, Govinda; Wingfield, Tom; Squire, Bertie; Lönnroth, Knut; Levy, Jens W; Viney, Kerri; van Rest, Job; Ramsay, Andrew; Santos da Costa, Rafaely Marcia; Basnyat, Buddha; Thapa, Anil; Mishra, Gokul; Moreira Pescarini, Julia; Caws, Maxine; Teixeira de Siqueira-Filha, Noemia (2021-06-03) - Journal article
    The aim of this study was to compare costs and socio-economic impact of tuberculosis (TB) for patients diagnosed through active (ACF) and passive case finding (PCF) in Nepal. A longitudinal costing survey was conducted in ...
  • Reproductive strategies change with time in a newly founded colony of spotless starlings (Sturnus unicolor) 

    Celis, P.; Graves, J.A.; Gil, D. (2021-05-07) - Journal article
    Variation in avian reproductive strategies is often studied from a comparative perspective, since even closely-related taxa differ greatly in the degree of polygyny, extra-pair paternity (EPP) or intra-specific brood-parasitism. ...
  • A guide to state–space modeling of ecological time series 

    Auger-Méthé, Marie; Newman, Ken; Cole, Diana; Empacher, Fanny; Gryba, Rowenna; King, Aaron A.; Leos-Barajas, Vianey; Mills Flemming, Joanna; Nielsen, Anders; Petris, Giovanni; Thomas, Len (2021-06-14) - Journal item
    State–space models (SSMs) are an important modeling framework for analyzing ecological time series. These hierarchical models are commonly used to model population dynamics, animal movement, and capture-recapture data, and ...
  • Les disparitions paradoxales de Michel Houellebecq 

    Bowd, Gavin Philip (Presă Universitară Clujeană, 2021) - Book item

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