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  • Surface topology specific metasurface holograms 

    Burch, James; Di Falco, Andrea (2018-05-16) - Journal article
    Metasurface holograms are usually realized on flat surface topologies. Here we show that flexible holographic metasurfaces can be designed to form an image when applied to arbitrary substrate shapes. We demonstrate that ...
  • Pädiatrische versorgungskonzepte in Europa 

    Weber, Martin W; Backhaus, Sophia; Chukwujama, Obiora; Fenski, Friederike; Henking, Christoph; Schatte, Laura; Aleman-Diaz, Aixa Y (2018-01-19) - Journal article
    To promote children’s health in Europe, the World Health Organization (WHO) developed the European child and adolescent health strategy 2015–2020, which is supported and will be implemented by all Member States (MS). In ...
  • Tracking dark excitons with exciton-polaritons in semiconductor microcavities 

    Schmidt, D.; Berger, B.; Kahlert, M.; Bayer, M.; Schneider, C.; Höfling, Sven; Sedov, E. S.; Kavokin, A. V.; Aßmann, M. (2019-01-09) - Journal article
    Dark excitons are of fundamental importance for a wide variety of processes in semiconductors, but are difficult to investigate using optical techniques due to their weak interaction with light fields. We reveal and ...
  • Fluorescence spectrum and thermalization in a driven coupled cavity array 

    Kilda, Dainius; Keeling, Jonathan (2019-01-02) - Journal article
    We calculate the fluorescence spectra of a driven lattice of coupled cavities. To do this, we extend methods of evaluating two-time correlations in infinite lattices to open quantum systems; this allows access to momentum ...
  • ATP-induced asymmetric pre-protein folding as a driver of protein translocation through the Sec machinery 

    Corey, Robin; Ahdash, Zainab; Shah, Anokhi; Pyle, Euan; Allen, William; Fessl, Thomas; Lovett, Janet Eleanor; Politis, Argyris; Collinson, Ian (2019-01-02) - Journal article
    Transport of proteins across membranes is a fundamental process, achieved in every cell by the 'Sec' translocon. In prokaryotes, SecYEG associates with the motor ATPase SecA to carry out translocation for pre-protein ...

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