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  • Radial velocity measurements of HR 8799 b and c with medium resolution spectroscopy 

    Ruffio, Jean-Baptiste; Macintosh, Bruce; Konopacky, Quinn M.; Barman, Travis; De Rosa, Robert J.; Wang, Jason J.; Wilcomb, Kielan K.; Czekala, Ian; Marois, Christian (2019-11) - Journal article
    High-contrast medium resolution spectroscopy has been used to detect molecules such as water and carbon monoxide in the atmospheres of gas giant exoplanets. In this work, we show how it can be used to derive radial velocity ...
  • AGN STORM 2. IV. Swift X-ray and ultraviolet/optical monitoring of Mrk 817 

    Cackett, Edward M.; Gelbord, Jonathan; Barth, Aaron J.; Rosa, Gisella De; Edelson, Rick; Goad, Michael R.; Homayouni, Yasaman; Horne, Keith; Kara, Erin A.; Kriss, Gerard A.; Korista, Kirk T.; Landt, Hermine; Plesha, Rachel; Arav, Nahum; Bentz, Misty C.; Boizelle, Benjamin D.; Bonta, Elena Dalla; Dehghanian, Maryam; Donnan, Fergus; Du, Pu; Ferland, Gary J.; Fian, Carina; Filippenko, Alexei V.; Buitrago, Diego H. Gonzalez; Grier, Catherine J.; Hall, Patrick B.; Hu, Chen; Ilic, Dragana; Kaastra, Jelle; Kaspi, Shai; Kochanek, Christopher S.; Kovacevic, Andjelka B.; Kynoch, Daniel; Li, Yan-Rong; McLane, Jacob N.; Mehdipour, Missagh; Miller, Jake A.; Montano, John; Netzer, Hagai; Panagiotou, Christos; Partington, Ethan; Popovic, Luka C.; Proga, Daniel; Rogantini, Daniele; Sanmartim, David; Siebert, Matthew R.; Storchi-Bergmann, Thaisa; Vestergaard, Marianne; Wang, Jian-Min; Waters, Tim; Zaidouni, Fatima (2023-12-01) - Journal article
    The AGN STORM 2 campaign is a large, multiwavelength reverberation mapping project designed to trace out the structure of Mrk 817 from the inner accretion disk to the broad emission line region and out to the dusty torus. ...
  • Dynamics and resilience of the unconventional charge density wave in ScV6Sn6 bilayer kagome metal 

    Tuniz, Manuel; Consiglio, Armando; Puntel, Denny; Bigi, Chiara; Enzner, Stefan; Pokharel, Ganesh; Orgiani, Pasquale; Bronsch, Wibke; Parmigiani, Fulvio; Polewczyk, Vincent; King, Phil D. C.; Wells, Justin W.; Zeljkovic, Ilija; Carrara, Pietro; Rossi, Giorgio; Fujii, Jun; Vobornik, Ivana; Wilson, Stephen D.; Thomale, Ronny; Wehling, Tim; Sangiovanni, Giorgio; Panaccione, Giancarlo; Cilento, Federico; Sante, Domenico Di; Mazzola, Federico (2023-12-04) - Journal article
    Long-range electronic ordering descending from a metallic parent state constitutes a rich playground to study the interplay of structural and electronic degrees of freedom. In this framework, kagome metals are in the most ...
  • Abū-l-ʿIlā al-Salāmūnī : the rewriting of history in Egyptian theatre 

    Manucharyan, Tiran (2016-10-01) - Journal article
  • Warming, acidification, and calcification feedback during the first hyperthermal of the Cenozoic—The Latest Danian Event 

    Harbich, Margareta; Barnet, James S. K.; Rae, James W. B.; Kroon, Dick (2023-11-07) - Journal article
    The Latest Danian Event (LDE; ca. 62.15 Ma) is a major double-spiked eccentricity-driven transient warming event and carbon cycle perturbation (hyperthermal) in the early Paleocene, which has received significantly less ...

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