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  • Naturopaths’ behaviours, attitudes and perceptions towards the use of knowledge and information sources 

    Steel, Amie; Ward, Vicky; Leach, Matthew; Lloyd, Iva (2023-06-12) - Journal article
    Background Primary care professions practicing traditional medicine systems, such as naturopathy, may have an increased need to use critical thinking to integrated diverse knowledge sources in response to the complex ...
  • Achieving bright organic light emitting field effect transistors with sustained efficiency through hybrid contact design 

    Chiu, S; Hsu, A.; Ying, Lei; Liaw, Y-K; Lin, K-T; Ruan, J; Samuel, Ifor David William; Hsu, B (2023-06-28) - Journal article
    Organic light emitting field effect transistors (OLEFETs) with bilayer structures have been widely studied due to their potential to integrate high-mobility organic transistors and efficient organic light emitting diodes. ...
  • Dynamic covalent exchange on metal-organic framework nanoparticles 

    Edward, Ailsa Kirstyn (2024-12-04) - Thesis
    This Thesis focuses on the development of surface modified metal-organic framework nanoparticles (MOF NPs) with hydrazones, which can be used for potential dynamic covalent exchanges to reversibly modify their surface. Two ...
  • Box dimensions of (×m,×n)-invariant sets 

    Fraser, Jonathan; Jurga, Natalia Anna (2023-12-01) - Journal article
    We study the box dimensions of sets invariant under the toral endomorphism (x, y) 7→ (mx mod 1, ny mod 1) for integers n > m ≥ 2. The basic examples of such sets are Bedford-McMullen carpets and, more generally, invariant ...
  • A survey on conjugacy class graphs of groups 

    Cameron, Peter J.; Jannat, Ferdous Ee; Nath, Rajat Kanti; Sharafdini, Reza (2024-07) - Journal article
    There are several graphs defined on groups. Among them we consider graphs whose vertex set consists conjugacy classes of a group G and adjacency is defined by properties of the elements of conjugacy classes. In particular, ...

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