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  • First-year sperm whale calves echolocate and perform long, deep dives 

    Tønnesen, Pernille; Gero, Shane; Ladegaard, Michael; Johnson, Mark; Madsen, Peter T. (2018-10) - Journal article
    Deep-diving sperm whales have a complex social structure and the largest brain of any animal, but very little is known about the ontogeny of their diving, foraging, echolocation, and communication skills. In large-brained ...
  • Biocatalytic synthesis of chiral N-functionalized amino acids 

    Hyslop, Julia; Lovelock, Sarah L; Sutton, Peter; Brown, Kristin K; Watson, Allan J. B.; Roiban, Gheorghe-Doru (2018-09-21) - Journal article
    N-functionalized amino acids are important building blocks for the preparation of diverse bioactive molecules including peptides. The development of sustainable manufacturing routes to chiral N-alkylated amino acids remains ...
  • KDD 1999 generation faults : a review and analysis 

    Al Tobi, Amjad M.; Duncan, Ishbel (2018) - Journal article
    DARPA 1998 was one of the first Intrusion Detection datasets that was made publicly available. The KDD 1999 dataset was derived from DARPA 1998 to be used by researchers in developing machine learning (ML), classification ...
  • Everybody needs to know? 

    Dickie, Imogen (2017-10) - Journal article
    I propose an amendment to Sosa’s virtue reliabilism. Sosa’s framework assigns a central role to sophisticated, conceptual, motivational states: ‘intentions to affirm aptly’. I argue that the suggestion that ordinary knowers ...
  • Visual attention fixes demonstrative reference by eliminating referential luck 

    Dickie, Imogen (Oxford University Press, 2011-09-08) - Book item
    Develops a view of how attention enables thought about objects

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