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  • OLED microdisplays control cell behavior through optogenetics 

    Gather, Malte C. (2016-05-25) - Journal article
    OLED microdisplays are introduced as a microscopic illumination platform for cell biology. The μm-scale dimensions of each pixel and the μm-thin encapsulation enable controlled light exposure of individual live cells. This ...
  • Tacrine-allyl/propargylcysteine-benzothiazole trihybrids as potential anti-Alzheimer's drug candidates 

    Hiremathad, Asha; Chand, Karam; Esteves, A. Raquel; Cardoso, Sandra M; Ramsay, Rona R.; Chaves, Sílvia; Keri, Rangappa S.; Santos, M. Amélia (2016) - Journal article
    On continuing our research on new drug candidates for Alzheimer's disease (AD), we have designed, synthesized and evaluated a series of multifunctional trihybrid agents. The design strategy was based on the incorporation ...
  • Enhanced nasopharyngeal infection and shedding associated with an epidemic lineage of emm3 group A Streptococcus 

    Afshar, Baharak; Turner, Claire E.; Lamagni, Theresa; Smith, Ken; Al-Shahib, Ali; Underwood, Anthony; Holden, Matthew T. G.; Efstratiou, Androulla; Sriskandan, Shiranee (2017-05-01) - Journal article
    Background :  A group A Streptococcus (GAS) lineage of genotype emm3, sequence type 15 (ST15) was associated with a six month upsurge in invasive GAS disease in the UK. The epidemic lineage (Lineage C) had lost two typical ...
  • Three-dimensional photonic confinement in imprinted liquid crystalline pillar microcavities 

    Dusel, Marco; Betzold, Simon; Brodbeck, Sebastian; Herbst, Stefanie; Würthner, Frank; Friedrich, Daniel; Hecht, Bert; Höfling, Sven; Dietrich, Christof P. (2017-05-19) - Journal article
    We demonstrate the feasibility of a thermal imprint technology capable of structuring organic thin films with liquid crystalline properties forming feature sizes on a several micrometer scale. The imprint technique can ...
  • Title redacted 

    Hillebert, Jordan (University of St Andrews, 2016-06) - Thesis

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