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  • Preparation of WS2-PMMA composite films for optical applications 

    Szydłowska, Beata M.; Graf, Arko; Kelly, Adam; Blau, Werner J.; Gather, Malte C.; Zaumseil, Jana; Backes, Claudia (2020-08-21) - Journal article
    Thus far, research activities of 2D materials in optics, photonics and optoelectronics predominantly focus on micromechanically cleaved or grown nanosheets. Here, we show that high quality liquid-exfoliated nanosheets offer ...
  • Variance propagation for density surface models 

    Bravington, Mark V.; Miller, David Lawrence; Hedley, Sharon Louise (2021-02-23) - Journal article
    Spatially explicit estimates of population density, together with appropriate estimates of uncertainty, are required in many management contexts. Density surface models (DSMs) are a two-stage approach for estimating spatially ...
  • Recent genetic connectivity and clinal variation in chimpanzees 

    Lester, Jack D.; Vigilant, Linda; Gratton, Paolo; McCarthy, Maureen S.; Barratt, Christopher D.; Dieguez, Paula; Agbor, Anthony; Álvarez-Varona, Paula; Angedakin, Samuel; Ayimisin, Emmanuel Ayuk; Bailey, Emma; Bessone, Mattia; Brazzola, Gregory; Chancellor, Rebecca; Cohen, Heather; Danquah, Emmanuel; Deschner, Tobias; Egbe, Villard Ebot; Eno-Nku, Manasseh; Goedmakers, Annemarie; Granjon, Anne-Céline; Head, Josephine; Hedwig, Daniela; Hernandez-Aguilar, R. Adriana; Jeffery, Kathryn J.; Jones, Sorrel; Junker, Jessica; Kadam, Parag; Kaiser, Michael; Kalan, Ammie K.; Kehoe, Laura; Kienast, Ivonne; Langergraber, Kevin E.; Lapuente, Juan; Laudisoit, Anne; Lee, Kevin; Marrocoli, Sergio; Mihindou, Vianet; Morgan, David; Muhanguzi, Geoffrey; Neil, Emily; Nicholl, Sonia; Orbell, Christopher; Ormsby, Lucy Jayne; Pacheco, Liliana; Piel, Alex; Robbins, Martha M.; Rundus, Aaron; Sanz, Crickette; Sciaky, Lilah; Siaka, Alhaji M.; Städele, Veronika; Stewart, Fiona; Tagg, Nikki; Ton, Els; van Schijndel, Joost; Vyalengerera, Magloire Kambale; Wessling, Erin G.; Willie, Jacob; Wittig, Roman M.; Yuh, Yisa Ginath; Yurkiw, Kyle; Zuberbuehler, Klaus; Boesch, Christophe; Kühl, Hjalmar S.; Arandjelovic, Mimi (2021-03-05) - Journal article
    Much like humans, chimpanzees occupy diverse habitats and exhibit extensive behavioural variability. However, chimpanzees are recognized as a discontinuous species, with four subspecies separated by historical geographic ...
  • “Ovid’s Old Age” : Jacek Kaczmarski and the sung poetry of exile 

    Borowski, Pawel; Stead, Henry (2020-12-18) - Journal article
    “Ovid’s Old Age” is a sung poem written by the Polish poet and musician Jacek Kaczmarski (1957–2004) which engages with the myth of Ovid’s exile. Kaczmarski’s works were heavily influenced both by classical culture and his ...
  • Byron and Nietzsche : nihilistic semiotics or truthful fiction? 

    Hopps, Gavin Richard (Peter Lang, 2020-03-05) - Book item

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