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  • Mutual Indwelling 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2017-04-12) - Journal article
    Perichoresis, or “mutual indwelling,” is a crucial concept in Trinitarian theology. But the philosophical underpinnings of the concept are puzzling. According to ordinary conceptions of “indwelling” or “being in,” it is ...
  • Long-term variability of T Tauri stars using WASP 

    Rigon, Laura; Scholz, Alexander; Anderson, David; West, Richard (2017-03-01) - Journal article
    We present a reference study of the long-term optical variability of young stars using data from the WASP project. Our primary sample is a group of well-studied classical T Tauri stars (CTTSs), mostly in Taurus-Auriga. ...
  • Synthesis, isotopic enrichment and solid-state NMR characterization of zeolites derived from the assembly, disassembly, organisation, reassembly process 

    Bignami, Giulia P. M.; Dawson, Daniel M.; Seymour, Valerie R.; Wheatley, Paul S.; Morris, Russell E.; Ashbrook, Sharon E. M. (2017-04-12) - Journal article
    The great utility and importance of zeolites in fields as diverse as industrial catalysis and medicine has driven considerable interest in the ability to target new framework types with novel properties and applications. ...
  • Travel in the Alps : the construction of a transnational space through digital and mental mapping (c. 1750s-1850s) 

    Girardin, Jordan (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-22) - Thesis
    The period between the 1750s and 1830s witnessed a major change in travel practices in Europe, moving away from the traditional Grand Tour and focusing more on natural places, their visual power, and their influence on ...
  • Ethene to graphene : surface catalyzed chemical pathways, intermediates, and assembly 

    Wang, Bo; König, Michael; Bromley, Catherine; Yoon, Bokwon; Treanor, Michael John; Garrido Torres, Jose Antonio; Caffio, Marco; Grillo, Federico; Fruchtl, Herbert Anton; Richardson, Neville Vincent; Esch, Friedrich; Heiz, Ueli; Landman, Uzi; Schaub, Renald (2017-03-14) - Journal article
    Diverse technologies, from catalyst coking to graphene synthesis, entail hydrocarbon dehydrogenation and condensation reactions on metals, and assembly into carbon overlayers. Imperative to gaining control over these ...

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