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  • Chronic heroin use disorder and the brain : current evidence and future implications 

    Tolomeo, Serenella; Steele, J. Douglas; Ekhtiari, Hamed; Baldacchino, Alex (2020-10-23) - Journal article
    The incidence of chronic heroin use disorder, including overdose deaths, has reached epidemic proportions. Here we summarise and evaluate our knowledge of the relationship between chronic heroin use disorder and the brain ...
  • Stochastic Hopf bifurcations in vacuum optical tweezers 

    Simpson, Stephen; Arita, Yoshihiko; Dholakia, Kishan; Zemanek, Pavel (2021-10) - Journal article
    The forces acting on an isotropic microsphere in optical tweezers are effectively conservative. However, reductions in the symmetry of the particle or trapping field can break this condition. Here we theoretically analyse ...
  • Single lens mass measurement in the high magnification microlensing event Gaia19bld located in the Galactic Disk 

    Rybicki, K.A.; Wyrzykowski, Ł.; Bachelet, E.; Cassan, A.; Zieliński, P.; Gould, A.; Calchi Novati, S.; Yee, J.C.; Ryu, Y.-H.; Gromadzki, M.; Mikołayczyk, P.; Ihanec, N.; Kruszyńska, K.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Zola, S.; Fossey, S.J.; Awiphan, S.; Nakharutai, N.; Lewis, F.; Olivares E., F.; Hodgkin, S.; Delgado, A.; Breedt, E.; Harrison, D.L.; van Leeuwen, M.; Rixon, G.; Wevers, T.; Yoldas, A.; Udalski, A.; Szymański, M.K.; Soszyński, I.; Pietrokowicz, P.; Kozłowski, S.; Skowron, J.; Poleski, R.; Ulaczyk, K.; Mróz, P.; Iwanek, P.; Wrona, M.; Street, R.A.; Tsapras, Y.; Hundertmark, M.; Dominik, Martin; Beichman, C.; Bryden, G.; Carey, S.; Gaudi, B.S.; Henderson, C.; Shvartzwald, Y.; Zang, W.; Zhu, W.; Christie, G.W.; Green, J.; Hennerley, S.; McCormick, J.; Monard, L.A.G.; Natusch, T.; Pogge, R.W.; Gezer, I.; Gurgul, A.; Kaczmarek, Z.; Lam, M.C.; Maskoliunas, M.; Pakstiene, E.; Stankeviciute, A.; Zdanavicius, J.; Ziółkowska, O. (2021-07-21) - Journal article
    Context. Microlensing gives a unique opportunity to detect non-luminous objects. In the rare cases that the Einstein radius θ_E and microlensing parallax π_E can be measured, it is possible to determine the mass of the ...
  • The quest for COVID-19 treatments 

    Hilton, Jane Victoria; Adamson, Catherine S (2021-10-01) - Journal article
  • Imagine there’s no heaven : imaginaries of local government austerity 

    Orr, Kevin; Bennett, Mike (2021-10-20) - Journal article
    This article critically analyses the management of public sector austerity. Focusing on the case of UK local government chief executives, we develop the concept of austerity imaginaries. We provide four examples of these ...

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