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  • Elongation of flare ribbons 

    Qiu, Jiong; Longcope, Dana W.; Cassak, Paul A.; Priest, Eric R. (2017-03-20) - Journal article
    We present an analysis of the apparent elongation motion of flare ribbons along the polarity inversion line (PIL), as well as the shear of flare loops in several two-ribbon flares. Flare ribbons and loops spread along the ...
  • The role of spatial variations of abiotic factors in mediating intratumour phenotypic heterogeneity 

    Lorenzi, Tommaso; Venkataraman, Chandrasekhar; Lorz, Alexander; Chaplain, Mark A. J. (University of St Andrews, 2017-04-20) - Working or discussion paper
    A growing body of evidence indicates that the progression of cancer can be viewed as an eco-evolutionary process. Under this perspective, we present here a space- and phenotype-structured model of selection dynamics between ...
  • Challenges to enabling and implementing Natural Flood Management in Scotland 

    Waylen, K. A.; Holstead, K. L.; Colley, K.; Hopkins, J. (2017-04-27) - Journal article
    We explore factors that constrain implementation of Natural Flood Management (NFM), based on qualitative analysis of interviews with those influencing and enabling flood risk management in Scotland. NFM entails collaboration ...
  • Sub-Doppler laser cooling of 40K with Raman gray molasses on the D2 line 

    Bruce, Graham David; Haller, Elmar; Peaudecerf, Bruno; Cotta, Dylan A; Andia, Manuel; Wu, Saijun; Johnson, Matthew Y H; Lovett, Brendon William; Kuhr, Stefan (2017-04-12) - Journal article
    Gray molasses is a powerful tool for sub-Doppler laser cooling of atoms to low temperatures. For alkaline atoms, this technique is commonly implemented with cooling lasers which are blue-detuned from either the D1 or D2 ...
  • Extrapolating cetacean densities to quantitatively assess human impacts on populations in the high seas 

    Mannocci, Laura; Roberts, Jason J.; Miller, David L.; Halpin, Patrick N. (2017-04-28) - Journal article
    As human activities expand beyond national jurisdictions to the high seas, there is increasing need to consider anthropogenic impacts to species that inhabit these waters. The current scarcity of scientific observations ...

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