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  • Optical manipulation : a step change for biomedical science 

    Campugan, Carl A.; Dunning, Kylie R.; Dholakia, Kishan (2021-07-02) - Journal article
    The transfer of optical momentum can exert miniscule but important forces on biological specimens. This area of optical manipulation has been thriving for over 50 years. Its importance was recognised by the award of half ...
  • Automated Remote Pulse Oximetry System (ARPOS) 

    Pirzada, Pireh; Morrison, David; Doherty, Gayle Helane; Dhasmana, Devesh J; Harris-Birtill, David Cameron Christopher (2022-06-30) - Journal article
    Current methods of measuring heart rate (HR) and oxygen levels (SPO2) require physical contact, are individualised, and for accurate oxygen levels may also require a blood test. No-touch or non-invasive technologies are ...
  • New observational constraints on the winds of M dwarf stars 

    Wood, Brian E.; Muller, Hans-Reinhard; Redfield, Seth; Konow, Fallon; Vannier, Hunter; Linsky, Jeffrey L.; Youngblood, Allison; Vidotto, Aline A.; Jardine, Moira; Alvarado-Gomez, Julian D.; Drake, Jeremy J. (2021-07-01) - Journal article
    High resolution UV spectra of stellar H I Lyα lines from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) provide observational constraints on the winds of coronal main sequence stars, thanks to an astrospheric absorption signature created ...
  • Pensioner employment, well-being, and gender : lessons from Russia 

    Ashwin, Sarah; Keenan, Katherine; Kozina, Irina M. (2021-07-01) - Journal article
    Encouraging pensioner employment is one answer to the challenge of aging societies. Employment positively influences the subjective well-being (SWB) of working-age populations, but the implications for pensioners, including ...
  • Wide-bite-angle disphosphine ligands in thermally activated delayed fluorescent copper(I) complexes : impact on the performance of electroluminescence applications 

    Li, Chenfei; Mackenzie, Campbell Frank Ross; Said, Said A.; Pal, Amlan Kumar; Haghighatbin, Mohammed A.; Babaei, Azin; Sessolo, Michele; Cordes, David Bradford; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Kamer, Paul C J; Bolink, Henk; Hogan, Conor F.; Zysman-Colman, Eli (2021-07-01) - Journal article
    We report a series of seven cationic heteroleptic copper(I) complexes of the form [Cu(P^P)(dmphen)]BF4, where dmphen is 2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline and P^P is a diphosphine chelate, in which the effect of the bite ...

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