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  • Multifaceted impairments in impulsivity and brain structural abnormalities in opioid dependence and abstinence 

    Tolomeo, Serenella; Gray, S.; Matthews, Keith; Steele, Douglas; Baldacchino, Alexander Mario (2016-07-25) - Journal article
    Background Chronic opioid exposure, as a treatment for a variety of disorders or as drug of misuse, is common worldwide, but behavioural and brain abnormalities remain under-investigated. Only a small percentage of patients ...
  • Sensitivity of resonant tunneling diode photodetectors 

    Pfenning, Andreas; Hartmann, Fabian; Langer, Fabian; Kamp, Martin; Hoefling, Sven; Worschech, Lukas (2016-09-02) - Journal article
    We have studied the sensitivity of AlGaAs/GaAs double barrier resonant tunneling diode photodetectors with an integrated GaInNAs absorption layer for light sensing at the telecommunication wavelength of λ=1.3 µm for ...
  • Gypsum speleogenesis : A hydrogeological classification of gypsum caves 

    Calaforra, José María; Gázquez, Fernando (2017) - Journal item
    This article reviews the state of the art of speleogenetic investigations in gypsum karsts from numerous studies carried out over the past 50 years in Spain. A classification of gypsum karsts is proposed based on the ...
  • Genetic determinants of the pharmacokinetic variability of rifampin in Malawian adults with pulmonary tuberculosis 

    Sloan, Derek J.; McCallum, Andrew D.; Schipani, Alessandro; Egan, Deirdre; Mwandumba, Henry C.; Ward, Steve A.; Waterhouse, David; Banda, Gertrude; Allain, Theresa J.; Owen, Andrew; Khoo, Saye H.; Davies, Geraint R. (2017-07-01) - Journal article
    Variable exposure to antituberculosis (TB) drugs, partially driven by genetic factors, may be associated with poor clinical outcomes. Previous studies have suggested an influence of the SLCO1B1 locus on the plasma area ...
  • On the feasibility of exomoon detection via exoplanet phase curve spectral contrast 

    Forgan, D. H. (2017-08) - Journal article
    An exoplanet-exomoon system presents a superposition of phase curves to observers - the dominant component varies according to the planetary period, and the lesser component varies according to both the planetary and the ...

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