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  • Shine a light : under-ice light and its ecological implications in a changing Arctic Ocean 

    Castellani, Giulia; Veyssière, Gaëlle; Karcher, Michael; Stroeve, Julienne; Banas, S. Neil; Bouman, A. Heather; Brierley, S. Andrew; Connan, Stacey; Cottier, Finlo; Große, Fabian; Hobbs, Laura; Katlein, Christian; Light, Bonnie; McKee, David; Orkney, Andrew; Proud, Roland; Schourup-Kristensen, Vibe (2021-11-25) - Journal article
    The Arctic marine ecosystem is shaped by the seasonality of the solar cycle, spanning from 24-h light at the sea surface in summer to 24-h darkness in winter. The amount of light available for under-ice ecosystems is the ...
  • PHYTO-THREATS : addressing threats to uk forests and woodlands from phytophthora; identifying risks of spread in trade and methods for mitigation 

    Green, Sarah; Cooke, David E. L.; Dunn, Mike; Barwell, Louise; Purse, Bethan; Chapman, Daniel S.; Valatin, Gregory; Schlenzig, Alexandra; Barbrook, Jane; Pettitt, Tim; Price, Colin; Pérez-Sierra, Ana; Frederickson-Matika, Debra; Pritchard, Leighton; Thorpe, Peter; Cock, Peter J. A.; Randall, Eva; Keillor, Beatrix; Marzano, Mariella (2021-11-23) - Journal article
    The multidisciplinary ‘Phyto-threats’ project was initiated in 2016 to address the increasing risks to UK forest and woodland ecosystems from trade-disseminated Phytophthora. A major component of this project was to examine ...
  • Making care fit manifesto 

    Kunneman, Marleen; Griffioen, Ingeborg P M; Labrie, Nanon H M; Kristiansen, Maria; Montori, Victor M; van Beusekom, Mara Myrthe; the Making Care Fit Working Group (2021-11-23) - Journal item
  • Road exposure and the detectability of birds in field surveys 

    Cooke, Sophia C.; Balmford, Andrew; Johnston, Alison; Massimino, Dario; Newson, Stuart E.; Donald, Paul F. (2020-07) - Journal article
    Road ecology, the study of the impacts of roads and their traffic on wildlife, including birds, is a rapidly growing field, with research showing effects on local avian population densities up to several kilometres from a ...
  • Variation in abundances of common bird species associated with roads 

    Cooke, Sophia C.; Balmford, Andrew; Johnston, Alison; Newson, Stuart E.; Donald, Paul F. (2020-07) - Journal article
    1. The global road network, currently over 45 million lane-km in length, is expected to reach 70 million lane-km by 2050, while the number of vehicles utilizing it is expected to double. Roads have been shown to affect a ...

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