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  • Integrating machine learning and decision support in tactical decision-making in rugby union 

    Watson, Neil; Hendricks, Sharief; Stewart, Theodor; Durbach, Ian (2020-08-03) - Journal article
    Rugby union, like many sports, is based around sequences of play, yet this sequential nature is often overlooked, for example in analyses that aggregate performance measures over a fixed time interval. We use recent ...
  • Dolphin whistles can be useful tools in identifying units of conservation 

    Papale, Elena B.; Azzolin, Marta A.; Cascão, Irma; Gannier, Alexandre; Lammers, Marc O.; Martin, Vidal M.; Oswald, Julie N.; Perez-Gil, Monica; Prieto, Rui; Silva, Mónica A.; Torri, Marco; Giacoma, Cristina (2021-07-29) - Journal article
    Background: Prioritizing groupings of organisms or ‘units’ below the species level is a critical issue for conservation purposes. Several techniques encompassing different time-frames, from genetics to ecological markers, ...
  • Measuring auditory cortical responses in Tursiops truncatus 

    Schalles, Matt D.; Houser, Dorian S.; Finneran, James J.; Tyack, Peter; Shinn-Cunningham, Barbara; Mulsow, Jason (2021-07-30) - Journal article
    Auditory neuroscience in dolphins has largely focused on auditory brainstem responses; however, such measures reveal little about the cognitive processes dolphins employ during echolocation and acoustic communication. The ...
  • Identification of the key parameters for horizontal transition dipole orientation in fluorescent and TADF organic light-emitting diodes 

    Tenopala-Carmona, Francisco; Lee, Oliver S.; Crovini, Ettore; Neferu, Ana M.; Murawski, Caroline; Olivier, Yoann; Zysman-Colman, Eli; Gather, Malte C. (2021-08-02) - Journal item
    In organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), horizontal orientation of the emissive transition dipole moment (TDM) can improve light outcoupling efficiency by up to 50% relative to random orientation. Therefore, there have ...
  • Anticipating technology-enabled care at home 

    Reid, Louise (2021-08-01) - Journal article
    The spread and growth of ubiquitous smart technology to deliver public health outcomes, particularly within/at home, urgently requires greater scholarly attention. This paper uses data from interviews with professionals ...

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