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  • An inelastic neutron scattering investigation of the temporal behaviour of the hydrocarbonaceous overlayer of a prototype Fischer-Tropsch to olefins catalyst 

    Davidson, A.L.; Webb, Paul B.; Parker, S.F.; Lennon, D. (2021-03-17) - Journal article
    A dual sodium and sulfur promoted haematite, representative of a candidate Fischer-Tropsch to olefins (FTO) catalyst, is prepared and contrasted with the performance of an unpromoted hematite sample in the ambient pressure ...
  • Automated detection of Hainan gibbon calls for passive acoustic monitoring 

    Dufourq, Emmanuel; Durbach, Ian; Hansford, James P.; Hoepfner, Amanda; Ma, Heidi; Bryant, Jessica V.; Stender, Christina S.; Li, Wenyong; Liu, Zhiwei; Chen, Qing; Zhou, Zhaoli; Turvey, Samuel T. (2021-04-08) - Journal article
    Extracting species calls from passive acoustic recordings is a common preliminary step to ecological analysis. For many species, particularly those occupying noisy, acoustically variable habitats, the call extraction process ...
  • Spin-singlet to triplet Cooper pair converter interface 

    Rogers, Matthew; Walton, Alistair; Flokstra, Machiel G.; Al Ma’Mari, Fatma; Stewart, Rhea; Lee, Stephen L.; Prokscha, Thomas; Caruana, Andrew J.; Kinane, Christian J.; Langridge, Sean; Bradshaw, Harry; Moorsom, Timothy; Ali, Mannan; Burnell, Gavin; Hickey, Bryan J.; Cespedes, Oscar (2021-04-08) - Journal article
    Combining magnetic and superconducting functionalities enables lower energy spin transfer and magnetic switching in quantum computing and information storage, owing to the dissipationless nature of quasi-particle mediated ...
  • Seascape ecology : identifying research priorities for an emerging ocean sustainability science 

    Pittman, SJ; Yates, KL; Bouchet, PJ; Alvarez-Berastegui, D; Andréfouët, S; Bell, SS; Berkström, C; Boström, C; Brown, CJ; Connolly, RM; Devillers, R; Eggleston, D; Gilby, BL; Gullström, M; Halpern, BS; Hidalgo, M; Holstein, D; Hovel, K; Huettmann, F; Jackson, EL; James, WR; Kellner, JB; Kot, CY; Lecours, V; Lepczyk, C; Nagelkerken, I; Nelson, J; Olds, AD; Santos, RO; Scales, KL; Schneider, DC; Schilling, HT; Simenstad, C; Suthers, IM; Treml, EA; Wedding, LM; Yates, P; Young, M (2021-03-31) - Journal article
    Seascape ecology, the marine-centric counterpart to landscape ecology, is rapidly emerging as an interdisciplinary and spatially explicit ecological science with relevance to marine management, biodiversity conservation, ...
  • Drop when the stakes are high : adaptive, flexible use of dropping behaviour by aphids 

    Humphreys, Rosalind K.; Ruxton, Graeme D.; Karley, Alison J. (2021-03-30) - Journal article
    For herbivorous insects, dropping from the host plant is a commonly-observed antipredator defence. The use of dropping compared to other behaviours and its timing in relation to contact with a predator was explored in both ...

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