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  • Why does fertility remain high among certain UK-born ethnic minority women? 

    Kulu, Hill; Hannemann, Tina (2016-12-02) - Journal article
    Background : Previous research has shown high total fertility among certain UK-born ethnic minorities, but the reasons behind their high fertility have remained far from clear. Some researchers attribute their elevated ...
  • On The Lq dimensions of measures on Heuter-Lalley type self-affine sets 

    Fraser, Jonathan MacDonald; Kempton, Tom (2017-01-21) - Journal article
    We study the Lq-dimensions of self-affine measures and the Käenmäki measure on a class of self-affine sets similar to the class considered by Hueter and Lalley. We give simple, checkable conditions under which the Lq-dimensions ...
  • Delineating and characterizing the boundary of the Cathaysia Block and the Jiangnan orogenic belt in South China 

    Yao, Jinlong; Shu, Liangshu; Cawood, Peter Anthony; Li, Jinyi (2016-04) - Journal article
    The Jiangshan-Shaoxing fault zone lies along the SE margin of the Jiangnan belt, and delineates the northeastern margin of the Cathaysia Block of the South China Craton. At Shijiao in NE Zhejiang, the fault zone consists ...
  • All-optical manipulation of photonic membranes 

    Kirkpatrick, Blair C.; Ploschner, Martin; Čižmár, Tomas; Di Falco, Andrea (SPIE, 2016-08-28) - Conference item
    Photonic membranes (PMs) are thin, highly-flexible, membranes which can be imbued with specific photonic functionalities when used to play host to plasmonic features.1-3 PMs can then take that photonic functionality and ...
  • Commonsense, skeptical theism, and different sorts of closure of inquiry defeat 

    Rutledge, Jonathan (2016-10-14) - Journal article
    Trent Dougherty argues (contra Jonathan Matheson) that when taking into consideration the probabilities involving skeptical theism (ST) and gratuitous evils, an agent may reasonably affirm both ST and that gratuitous evils ...

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