The School of History in the University of St Andrews is one of the country's leading centres for historical research. The School has particular research strengths in the following areas: Mediaeval History, Middle Eastern History (incl. Iranian History), French History, German History, Scottish History, Reformation History and Intellectual History.

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  • Current trends in the social-economic integration of Gypsy migrants in the European Union 

    Marushiakova-Popova, Elena Andreevna; Popov, Veselin (2017-08-08) - Journal article
    Gypsies are not an isolated group, they have a multifaceted identity and national individuality. In order to identify the nature and determinants of Roma migrations, they should be given attention as an ethnically specific ...
  • Reading Paul and Dante in the fourteenth century 

    Gustaw, Chantal (University of St Andrews, 2015-09) - Thesis
    Given the importance of Paul for Dante’s characterization of the pilgrim, and his invocation of the Pauline Epistles throughout the Commedia, this thesis began by asking how important Paul was to Dante’s fourteenth-century ...
  • The work of Hans Aarsleff : a brief introduction 

    Haakonssen, Knud (2016-04-13) - Journal article
    The essay provides an overview of the main lines of argument that run through the work of Hans Aarsleff. The emphasis is on the history of language theory as an integral part of intellectual history.
  • Three Arabic Letters from North Sumatra of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries 

    Peacock, Andrew Charles Spencer (2016) - Journal article
    This article examines three Arabic documents, one from the Sultanate of Samudera-Pasai dated 1516, and two from the Sultanate of Aceh, dated 1602 and 1603, written in the name of Sultan Alauddin Riayat Syah (r.1589–1604). ...
  • Saints, dedications and cults in mediaeval Fife 

    Dove, Giles W. (University of St Andrews, 1988) - Thesis
    A good deal has been written about the history of the Scottish Church, about Scottish saints and about church dedications in Scotland. Much of this has, however, been written by antiquarians who have often had a denominational ...

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