The Department of Scottish History offers a range of degree programmes and other study opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The history of Scotland during the mediaeval and modern periods is taught with an emphasis on the European and British contexts which have shaped the indigenous culture and institutions of the country.

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  • Scottish colonization before Darien : opportunities and opposition in the union of the crowns 

    Wagner, Joseph (University of St Andrews, 2020-12-02) - Thesis
    This thesis aims to provide a detailed account of Scottish colonisation efforts in the seventeenth century. In the first place, it seeks to provide an update to the only book-length study of the topic, George Pratt Insh’s ...
  • Robert Burns in Scottish politics (1914-2014) 

    Malgrati, Paul Edmond André (University of St Andrews, 2020-07-30) - Thesis
    The present thesis considers the political legacy of Robert Burns in twentieth and twenty-first century Scotland, explaining how iconoclastic, left-wing, and nationalist interpretations of the poet have grown in prominence ...
  • 'An ugly epoch' : male sexual violence in interwar Scotland, 1918-1930 

    Heren, Louise (University of St Andrews, 2020-12-02) - Thesis
    This thesis examines social and judicial attitudes towards sexual violence in Scotland between November 1918 and December 1930. Based on a survey of over 700 sexual violence cases prosecuted at the High Court of Justiciary, ...
  • The Episcopal Church of Scotland, 1660-1685 

    Carter, Andrew Paterson (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-27) - Thesis
    The restoration of episcopacy in the Church of Scotland in 1661 was a deeply divisive event, sparking the resignation of around a quarter of the clergy and initiating a large dissenting movement of presbyterians. This ...
  • Principal Sir James Donaldson : education and political patronage in Victorian Scotland 

    Scott Lowson, Albert (University of St Andrews, 1988-07-07) - Thesis
    This thesis evaluates the career of James Donaldson whose life spans the long ascendancy of the Liberal Party in Scotland. Particular attention is accorded his contribution to Scottish education - at primary, secondary ...

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