The Department of Scottish History offers a range of degree programmes and other study opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The history of Scotland during the mediaeval and modern periods is taught with an emphasis on the European and British contexts which have shaped the indigenous culture and institutions of the country.

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  • Dynasticism and diplomacy : the political career of Marie de Guise in Scotland, 1548-1560 

    Ritchie, Pamela E. (University of St Andrews, 1999) - Thesis
    This thesis examines the political career of Marie de Guise in Scotland during the period 1548-1560. Challenging the conventional interpretation of Guise as the defender of Catholicism whose régime climaxed with the ...
  • People and parliament in Scotland, 1689-1702 

    Patrick, Derek J. (University of St Andrews, 2002) - Thesis
    In Scotland the Revolution of 1688 - 1689 has received little academic attention - considered little more than an adjunct of events in England. Traditionally, the political elite have been seen as reluctant to rebel, the ...
  • Broadly speaking : Scots language and British imperialism. 

    Murphy, Sean (University of St Andrews, 2017-01) - Thesis
    This thesis offers a three-pronged perspective on the historical interconnections between Lowland Scots language(s) and British imperialism. Through analyses of the manifestation of Scots linguistic varieties outwith ...
  • The political role of the Three Estates in Parliament and General Council in Scotland, 1424-1488 

    Tanner, Roland J. (University of St Andrews, 1999) - Thesis
    This thesis examines the political role of the three estates in the Scottish parliament and general council between 1424 and 1488. Previous histories of the Scottish parliament have judged it to be weak and constitutionally ...
  • The Union of 1707 in Scottish historiography, ca.1800 - 1914 

    Iwazumi, Kino (University of St Andrews, 1996) - Thesis
    In the nineteenth century, Scottish patriotic aspirations, unlike other nationalist movements in Europe, were not defined as a demand for the re-establishment of a nation-state. Rather, Scots considered that the most ...

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