The Department of Scottish History offers a range of degree programmes and other study opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The history of Scotland during the mediaeval and modern periods is taught with an emphasis on the European and British contexts which have shaped the indigenous culture and institutions of the country.

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  • Making an Atlantic North Carolina : Scottish networks in the eighteenth century 

    Sherman, Kimberly (University of St Andrews, 2018) - Thesis
    This thesis examines the transatlantic networks of Scottish families who settled in North Carolina in the eighteenth century. Traditional historiography has characterized early North Carolina as an isolated and underdeveloped ...
  • Title redacted 

    Eberlin, Amy (University of St Andrews, 2017-02-10) - Thesis
  • Scottish unionist ideology, 1886-1965 

    Wales, Jonathan Mason (University of St Andrews, 2018-12-07) - Thesis
    This dissertation examines Scottish unionist political thought and intellectual history in the period from 1885-1886 to 1965. It provides an analytical examination of unionist positions examining such areas as political ...
  • Coalminers' housing in Fife : company housing and social relations in Fife mining communities, 1870-1930 

    O' Halloran, Veronica Anne (University of St Andrews, 1993-07) - Thesis
    Fife coal-owners owned their workers houses and controlled the processes of housing provision and allocation. They were both employers and landlords. As a result the spheres of home and work were inextricably linked. This ...
  • The Glasgow tobacco merchants and the American Revolution, 1770-1800 

    Butler, Stuart M. (University of St Andrews, 1978-03) - Thesis
    The tobacco trade formed the basis of the Chesapeake economy during the Eighteenth Century. Tobacco was shipped to Britain during the -colonial period, in accordance with the Navigation Acts, and then sold in European ...

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