The School of History in the University of St Andrews is one of the country's leading centres for historical research. The School has particular research strengths in the following areas: Mediaeval History, Middle Eastern History (incl. Iranian History), French History, German History, Scottish History, Reformation History and Intellectual History.

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Recent Submissions

  • Lord Bolingbroke’s theory of party and opposition 

    Skjoensberg, Max (2016-12) - Journal article
    Bolingbroke has been overlooked by intellectual historians in the last few decades, at least in comparison with ‘canonical’ thinkers. This article examines one of the most important but disputable aspects of his political ...
  • Pathways and practice : the general practitioner in nineteenth-century Dundee 

    Campbell, Morag Allan (2018-08-17) - Journal article
    Although the care of the basic medical needs of much of the population, or what might be termed general medicine, accounted by the mid nineteenth century for the work of the majority of medical men in Britain, those who ...
  • The body of Mahomet : Pierre Bayle on war, sex, and Islam 

    van der Lugt, Mara (2017-01-01) - Journal article
    This paper discusses Pierre Bayle’s article on Muhammad in his Dictionnaire historique et critique (1696), especially with regard to its two main themes: the role of force in the establishment of Islam, and sexual morality ...
  • The Anglo-Scottish war of 1558 and the Scottish Reformation 

    Blakeway, Amy Louise (2017-04) - Journal article
    The year 1558 was one of open war between England and Scotland. Previous scholarly accounts of this period have glossed over this conflict. This article first establishes the contours of the war. The failure of peace ...
  • Magna Carta, canon law and pastoral care : excommunication and the church's publication of the charter 

    Hill, Felicity Gemma (2016-11) - Journal article
    This article argues that the church's strenuous efforts to publicize Magna Carta can only be fully understood when viewed in the context of canon law and pastoral care. The automatic sentence of excommunication that fell ...

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