All of our academic staff are research active, working with a team of post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers and a lively population of research students. Our research focuses on core themes of theoretical and practical computer science: artificial intelligence and symbolic computation, networked and distributed systems, systems engineering, and human computer interaction.

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Recent Submissions

  • Descriptor transition tables for object retrieval using unconstrained cluttered video acquired using a consumer level handheld mobile device 

    Rieutort-Louis, Warren; Arandelovic, Ognjen (IEEE, 2016-03-15) - Conference item
    Visual recognition and vision based retrieval of objects from large databases are tasks with a wide spectrum of potential applications. In this paper we propose a novel recognition method from video sequences suitable for ...
  • Control plane handoff analysis for IP mobility 

    Phoomikiattisak, Ditchaphong; Bhatti, Saleem Noel (IEEE, 2016-07-11) - Conference item
    Seamless host mobility is vital to future network mobility, and has been an active research area for a long time. Much research focuses on the performance of the data plane. In this paper, we present comprehensive analyses ...
  • The ASPECTA toolkit : affordable Full Coverage Displays 

    Petford, Julian; Nacenta, Miguel; Gutwin, Carl; Eremondi, Joseph; Ede, Cody (ACM Press - Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-06-20) - Conference item
    Full Coverage Displays (FCDs) cover the interior surface of an entire room with pixels. FCDs make possible many new kinds of immersive display experiences - but current technology for building FCDs is expensive and complex, ...
  • Gaze-contingent manipulation of color perception 

    Mauderer, Michael; Flatla, David R.; Nacenta Sanchez, Miguel Angel (ACM Press - Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-05-07) - Conference item
    Using real time eye tracking, gaze-contingent displays can modify their content to represent depth (e.g., through additional depth cues) or to increase rendering performance (e.g., by omitting peripheral detail). However, ...
  • iVoLVER : Interactive Visual Language for Visualization Extraction and Reconstruction 

    Mendez, Gonzalo Gabriel; Nacenta, Miguel; Vandenheste, Sebastien (ACM, 2016-05-07) - Conference item
    We present the design and implementation of iVoLVER, a tool that allows users to create visualizations without textual programming. iVoLVER is designed to enable flexible acquisition of many types of data (text, colors, ...

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