All of our academic staff are research active, working with a team of post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers and a lively population of research students. Our research focuses on core themes of theoretical and practical computer science: artificial intelligence and symbolic computation, networked and distributed systems, systems engineering, and human computer interaction.

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Recent Submissions

  • An integrated framework for verifying multiple care pathways 

    Bowles, Juliana Kuster Filipe; Caminati, Marco Bright; Cha, Suhyun (IEEE Computer Society, 2017-09-13) - Conference item
    Common chronic conditions are routinely treated following standardised procedures known as clinical pathways. For patients suffering from two or more chronic conditions, referred to as multimorbidities, several pathways ...
  • Paridad de género en estudios de postgrado en ciencias de la computación en Venezuela 

    León, Claudia; Wilde, Adriana (2014-09) - Conference paper
    In order to successfully complete postgraduate studies in Computer Science, women overcome additional barriers to those inherent to the learning of the discipline: those related to their gender. This paper presents a ...
  • Adapting to class sizes : what feedback fits best? 

    Wilde, Adriana (2014-02-27) - Conference item
  • Comparing attrition prediction in FutureLearn and edX MOOCs 

    Cobos, Ruth; Wilde, Adriana; Zaluska, Ed (2017-03-13) - Conference paper
    There are a number of similarities and differences between FutureLearn MOOCs and those offered by other platforms, such as edX. In this research we compare the results of applying machine learning algorithms to predict ...
  • Reprogramming embedded systems at run-time 

    Oliver, Richard; Wilde, Adriana; Zaluska, Ed (2014-09-02) - Conference item
    The dynamic re-programming of embedded systems is a long-standing problem in the field. With the advent of wireless sensor networks and the 'Internet of Things' it has now become necessary to be able to reprogram at run-time ...

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