All of our academic staff are research active, working with a team of post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers and a lively population of research students. Our research focuses on core themes of theoretical and practical computer science: artificial intelligence and symbolic computation, networked and distributed systems, systems engineering, and human computer interaction.

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Recent Submissions

  • Estimating capacity and resource allocation in healthcare settings using business process modelling and simulation 

    Redeker, Guilherme; Webber, Thais; Czekster, Ricardo; Quickert, Sandra; Bowles, Juliana Kuster Filipe (Sociedade Brasileira de Computação (SBC), 2017-04-24) - Conference item
    Healthcare involves complex decision making from planning to resource management. Resources in hospitals are usually allocated by experienced managers,however, due to an inherent process complexity, decisions are surrounded ...
  • Aptamer-conjugated, fluorescent gold nanorods as potential cancer theradiagnostic agents 

    Gallina, Maria Elena; Zhou, Yu; Johnson, Christopher J; Harris-Birtill, David; Singh, Mohan; Zhao, Hailin; Ma, Daqing; Cass, Tony; Elson, Daniel S (2016-02-01) - Journal article
    GNRs are emerging as a new class of probes for theradiagnostic applications thanks to their unique optical properties. However, the achievement of proper nanoconstructs requires the synthesis of highly pure GNRs with ...
  • Linking data, services and human know-how 

    Pareti, Paolo; Klein, Ewan; Barker, Adam David (Springer, 2016) - Conference item
    An increasing number of everyday tasks involve a mixture of human actions and machine computation. This paper presents the first framework that allows non-programmer users to create and execute workflows where each task ...
  • Investigating tilt-based gesture keyboard entry for single-handed text entry on large devices 

    Yeo, Hui Shyong; Phang, Xiao-Shen; Castellucci, Steven J.; Kristensson, Per Ola; Quigley, Aaron John (ACM, 2017-05-02) - Conference item
    The popularity of mobile devices with large screens is making single-handed interaction difficult. We propose and evaluate a novel design point around a tilt-based text entry technique which supports single handed usage. ...
  • Visualization of patient specific disease risk prediction 

    Osuala, Richard; Arandelovic, Ognjen (IEEE, 2017-02-16) - Conference item
    The increasing trend of systematic collection of medical data (diagnoses, hospital admission emergencies, blood test results, scans etc) by health care providers offers an unprecedented opportunity for the application of ...

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