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    • Abstract machine design for increasingly more powerful ALGOL-languages 

      Gunn, Hamish Iain Elston (University of St Andrews, 1985) - Thesis
      This thesis presents the work and results of an investigation into language implementation. Some work on language design has also been undertaken. Three languages have been implemented which may be described as members of ...
    • An academic’s observations from a sabbatical at Google 

      Barker, Adam David (2018-09) - Journal article
      How experiences gained in industry can improve academic research and teaching.
    • Achieving stable subspace clustering by post-processing generic clustering results 

      Pham, Duc-Son; Arandjelovic, Ognjen; Venkatesh, Svetha (IEEE, 2016-10-31) - Conference item
      We propose an effective subspace selection scheme as a post-processing step to improve results obtained by sparse subspace clustering (SSC). Our method starts by the computation of stable subspaces using a novel random ...
    • An active-architecture approach to COTS integration 

      Warboys, B.C.; Snowdon, R.; Greenwood, R.M.; Seet, W.; Robertson, I.; Morrison, Ronald; Balasubramaniam, Dharini; Kirby, Graham Njal Cameron; Mickan, K. (2005-07) - Journal article
      Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software products are increasingly used as standard components within integrated information systems. This creates challenges since both their developers and source code are not usually ...
    • Adaptive dissemination of network state knowledge in structured peer-to-peer networks 

      Hajiarabderkani, Masih (University of St Andrews, 2015-06-24) - Thesis
      One of the fundamental challenges in building Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications is to locate resources across a dynamic set of nodes without centralised servers. Structured overlay networks solve this challenge by proving a ...
    • Adaptive network traffic management for multi user virtual environments 

      Oliver, Iain Angus (University of St Andrews, 2011-11-30) - Thesis
      Multi User Virtual Environments (MUVE) are a new class of Internet application with a significant user base. This thesis adds to our understanding of how MUVE network traffic fits into the mix of Internet traffic, and how ...
    • Adaptive pattern recognition in a real-world environment 

      Bairaktaris, Dmitrios (University of St Andrews, 1991) - Thesis
      This thesis introduces and explores the notion of a real-world environment with respect to adaptive pattern recognition and neural network systems. It then examines the individual properties of a real-world environment ...
    • Adult dental anxiety : recent assessment approaches and psychological management in a dental practice setting 

      Humphris, Gerald Michael; Spyt, James; Herbison, Alice; Kelsey, Tom (2016-05) - Journal article
      Dental Anxiety of patients is a common feature of the everyday experience of dental practice. This article advocates the use of regular assessment of this psychological construct to assist in patient management. Various ...
    • AIF-EL - an OWL2-EL-compliant AIF ontology 

      Cerutti, Federico; Toniolo, Alice; Norman, Timothy J.; Bex, Floris; Rahwan, Iyad; Reed, Chris (IOS Press, 2018-09-11) - Conference item
      This paper briefly describes AIF-EL, an OWL2-EL compliant ontology for the Argument Interchange Format.
    • Algorithms for optimising heterogeneous Cloud virtual machine clusters 

      Thai, Long Thanh; Varghese, Blesson; Barker, Adam David (IEEE, 2016-12-12) - Conference item
      It is challenging to execute an application in a heterogeneous cloud cluster, which consists of multiple types of virtual machines with different performance capabilities and prices. This paper aims to mitigate this challenge ...
    • All across the circle : using auto-ordering to improve object transfer between mobile devices 

      Li, Chengzhao; Gutwin, Carl; Stanley, Kevin; Nacenta, Miguel (Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society, 2016-06-01) - Conference item
      People frequently form small groups in many social and professional situations: from conference attendees meeting at a coffee break, to siblings gathering at a family barbecue. These ad-hoc gatherings typically form into ...
    • The ambient loo - caught short when nature calls? 

      Haddadi, Hamed; Henderson, Tristan; Crowcroft, Jon (2010-04) - Journal article
      On numerous occasions, trips to the facilities coincide with an important mobile phone call. Due to the sleek and polished nature of modern phones, attempting to promptly deal with such calls can occasionally lead to the ...
    • Analysing the history of autism spectrum disorder using topic models 

      Beykikhoshk, Adham; Phung, Dinh; Arandelovic, Ognjen; Venkatesh, Svetha (IEEE, 2016-10-17) - Conference item
      We describe a novel framework for the discovery of underlying topics of a longitudinal collection of scholarly data,and the tracking of their lifetime and popularity over time. Unlike the social media or news data, as the ...
    • Analyticity, balance and non-admissibility of Cut in Stoic Logic 

      Bobzien, Susanne; Dyckhoff, Roy (2018-04-20) - Journal article
      This paper shows that, for the Hertz-Gentzen Systems of 1933 (without Thinning), extended by a classical rule T1 (from the Stoics) and using certain axioms (also from the Stoics), all derivations are analytic: every cut ...
    • Anomaly-based network intrusion detection enhancement by prediction threshold adaptation of binary classification models 

      Al Tobi, Amjad Mohamed (University of St Andrews, 2018-10-19) - Thesis
      Network traffic exhibits a high level of variability over short periods of time. This variability impacts negatively on the performance (accuracy) of anomaly-based network Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) that are built ...
    • The application of message passing to concurrent programming 

      Harland, David M. (University of St Andrews, 1981) - Thesis
      The development of concurrency in computer systems will be critically reviewed and an alternative strategy proposed. This is a programming language designed along semantic principles, and it is based upon the treatment of ...
    • Applications of Lie methods to computations with polycyclic groups 

      Assmann, Björn (University of St Andrews, 2007-11-30) - Thesis
      In this thesis we demonstrate the algorithmic usefulness of the so-called Mal'cev correspondence for computations with infinite polycyclic groups. This correspondence between Q-powered nilpotent groups and rational ...
    • Applications of real number theorem proving in PVS 

      Gottliebsen, Hanne; Hardy, Ruth; Lightfoot, Olga; Martin, Ursula (2013-11) - Journal article
      Real number theorem proving has many uses, particularly for verification of safety critical systems and systems for which design errors may be costly. We discuss a chain of developments building on real number theorem ...
    • Applying contextual integrity to the study of social network sites 

      Hutton, Luke (University of St Andrews, 2015-11-30) - Thesis
      Social network sites (SNSs) have become very popular, with more than 1.39 billion people using Facebook alone. The ability to share large amounts of personal information with these services, such as location traces, ...
    • An approach to compliance in software architectures 

      Morrison, Ronald; Balasubramaniam, Dharini; Greenwood, RM; Kirby, Graham Njal Cameron; Mayes, K; Munro, DS; Warboys, B (2000-08) - Journal article
      Software architectures are designed to meet the needs of the applications that use them. With conventional architectures this is done by predicting the average needs of the majority of the applications they support. In ...