All of our academic staff are research active, working with a team of post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers and a lively population of research students. Our research focuses on core themes of theoretical and practical computer science: artificial intelligence and symbolic computation, networked and distributed systems, systems engineering, and human computer interaction.

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  • AdaM : adapting multi-user interfaces for collaborative environments in real-time 

    Park, Seonwook; Gebhardt, Christoph; Rädle, Roman; Feit, Anna; Vrzakova, Hana; Dayama, Niraj; Yeo, Hui Shyong; Klokmose, Clemens; Quigley, Aaron John; Oulasvirta, Antti; Hilliges, Otmar (ACM, 2018-04-21) - Conference item
    Developing cross-device multi-user interfaces (UIs) is a challenging problem. There are numerous ways in which content and interactivity can be distributed. However, good solutions must consider multiple users, their roles, ...
  • Change blindness in proximity-aware mobile interfaces 

    Brock, Michael Oliver; Quigley, Aaron John; Kristensson, Per Ola (ACM, 2018-04-21) - Conference item
    Interface designs on both small and large displays can encourage people to alter their physical distance to the display. Mobile devices support this form of interaction naturally, as the user can move the device closer or ...
  • Integration of an active research data system with a data repository to streamline the research data lifecycle : Pure-NOMAD case study 

    Conte, Simone Ivan; Fina, Federica; Psalios, Michalis; Reyal, Shyam Mehraaj; Lebl, Tomas; Clements, Anna (2018-04-19) - Journal article
    Research funders have introduced requirements that expect researchers to properly manage and publicly share their research data, and expect institutions to put in place services to support researchers in meeting these ...
  • Concentration of perfluorinated compounds and cotinine in human foetal organs, placenta, and maternal plasma 

    Mamsen, Linn Salto; Jönsson, Bo A G; Lindh, Christian H; Olesen, Rasmus H; Larsen, Agnete; Ernst, Erik; Kelsey, Thomas W; Andersen, Claus Yding (2017-10-15) - Journal article
    Background: Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are bio-accumulative pollutants, and prenatal exposure to PFASs is believed to impact human foetal development and may have long-term adverse health effects later in life. ...
  • TAPping into mental models with blocks 

    Rough, D.; Quigley, A. (IEEE, 2017-10-10) - Conference item
    Trigger-Action Programming (TAP) has been shown to support end-users' rule-based mental models of context-aware applications. However, when desired behaviours increase in complexity, this can lead to ambiguity that confuses ...

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