All of our academic staff are research active, working with a team of post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers and a lively population of research students. Our research focuses on core themes of theoretical and practical computer science: artificial intelligence and symbolic computation, networked and distributed systems, systems engineering, and human computer interaction.

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Recent Submissions

  • A reference architecture and model for sensor data warehousing 

    Dobson, Simon Andrew; Golfarelli, Matteo; Graziani, Simone; Rizzi, Stefano (2018-07-31) - Journal article
    Sensor data is becoming far more available thanks to the growth in both sensor systems and Internet of Things devices. Much of the value of sensor data comes from examining trends that occur over long timescales, ranging ...
  • Finding parallel functional pearls : automatic parallel recursion scheme detection in Haskell functions via anti-unification 

    Barwell, Adam D.; Brown, Christopher; Hammond, Kevin (2018-02) - Journal article
    This paper describes a new technique for identifying potentially parallelisable code structures in functional programs. Higher-order functions enable simple and easily understood abstractions that can be used to implement ...
  • Sensors in smart homes for independent living of elderly 

    Pirzada, Pireh; White, Neil; Wilde, Adriana Gabriela (2018-04-25) - Conference paper
    A rapidly ageing population requires support systems which would enable them to preserve dwellers’ independence without compromising on their safety or their quality of life. Smart homes for the elderly have the potential ...
  • Complexity of n-Queens completion (extended abstract) 

    Gent, Ian Philip; Jefferson, Christopher Anthony; Nightingale, Peter William (International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence, 2018-07-13)
    The n-Queens problem is to place n chess queens on an n by n chessboard so that no two queens are on the same row, column or diagonal. The n-Queens Completion problem is a variant, dating to 1850, in which some queens are ...
  • A framework for constraint based local search using ESSENCE 

    Akgun, Ozgur; Attieh, Saad Wasim A; Gent, Ian Philip; Jefferson, Christopher Anthony; Miguel, Ian James; Nightingale, Peter William; Salamon, András Z.; Spracklen, Patrick; Wetter, James Patrick (International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence, 2018-07-13)
    Structured Neighbourhood Search (SNS) is a framework for constraint-based local search for problems expressed in the Essence abstract constraint specification language. The local search explores a structured neighbourhood, ...

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