The University of St Andrews has been a centre for Classical studies since its foundation in 1413, and the School of Classics continues to build on its reputation for both teaching and research. Current concentrations of expertise include (among many others) classical and post-classical Greek literature; Platonic and post-classical philosophy; the archaeology of Rome and the Roman provinces, Roman Imperial literature and history, Late Antiquity and Renaissance and later engagement with the Classics.

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Recent Submissions

  • What it means to be a man : elite masculinity and warfare in Cisalpine Gaul c. 400-50 BC 

    Lumsden, Alastair Richard (2023-06-16) - Thesis
    This thesis explores Cisalpine masculinity and warfare over the period c. 400-50 BC and seeks to demonstrate that material cultural changes reflected broader socio-political and military developments. A statistical analysis ...
  • Birth, death, and rebirth in Nonnus' Dionysiaca and Paraphrase 

    Gerlach, Oliver George (2023-06-16) - Thesis
    This thesis explores a new way to approach the Dionysiaca and the Paraphrase of Nonnus, reading the two texts in parallel and identifying the relationship between the poems and the cultural and religious contexts of their ...
  • Mind, emotion, and responsibility : studies in Homeric psychology 

    Crofts, Joshua Charles John (2022-11-30) - Thesis
    I examine several aspects of Homeric psychology, deploying a variety of theoretical approaches, whilst orienting my discussion around the ideas of three classical scholars: Bruno Snell, Eric Dodds, and Arthur Adkins. After ...
  • The construction(s) of the public image of the Emperor Julian 

    Gabbardo, Gabriel (2022-11) - Thesis
    This thesis deals with the construction(s) of the public image of the Emperor Julian. The unusual abundance of sources for Julian’s short reign as sole emperor of the Roman world (361-363) allows for biographical studies ...
  • The togata and the construction of 'Roman' identity in the mid Republic 

    Rallo, Giuseppe Eugenio (2022-06-16) - Thesis
    This thesis aims to be the first monograph in English on the togata, a ‘Roman’ dramatic genre, which I analyse as a source for the construction of ‘Roman’ identity in the mid Republic, that is to say, for the definition ...

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