The School has research strengths across Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. All the Research groups are internationally-leading, and attract researchers, postgraduate students and collaborators from across the world. The School is also well-known for its research in the History of Mathematics.

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  • Particle acceleration due to coronal non-null magnetic reconnection 

    Threlfall, James William; Neukirch, Thomas; Parnell, Clare Elizabeth (2017-03) - Journal article
    Various topological features, for example magnetic null-points and separators, have been inferred as likely sites of magnetic reconnection and particle acceleration in the solar atmosphere. In fact, magnetic reconnection ...
  • Blockage of saline intrusions in restricted, two-layer exchange flows across a submerged sill obstruction 

    Cuthbertson, Alan; Laanearu, Janek; Carr, Magda; Sommeria, Joel; Viboud, Samuel (2017-03-23) - Journal article
    Results are presented from a series of large-scale experiments investigating the internal and near-bed dynamics of bi-directional stratified flows with a net-barotropic component across a submerged, trapezoidal, sill ...
  • On the generating graph of a simple group 

    Lucchini, Andrea; Maroti, Attila; Roney-Dougal, Colva Mary (2016-09-26) - Journal article
    The generating graph Γ(H) of a finite group H is the graph defined on the elements of H, with an edge between two vertices if and only if they generate H. We show that if H is a sufficiently large simple group with Γ(G) ≅ ...
  • Contribution of mode-coupling and phase-mixing of Alfvén waves to coronal heating 

    Pagano, Paolo; De Moortel, Ineke (2017-03-14) - Journal article
    Context. Phase-mixing of Alfvén waves in the solar corona has been identified as one possible candidate to explain coronal heating. While this scenario is supported by observations of ubiquitous oscillations in the corona ...
  • Delphinid echolocation click detection probability on near-seafloor sensors 

    Frasier, Kaitlin E.; Wiggins, Sean M.; Harris, Danielle; Marques, Tiago A.; Thomas, Len; Hildebrand, John A. (2016-09) - Journal article
    The probability of detecting echolocating delphinids on a near-seafloor sensor was estimated using two Monte Carlo simulation methods. One method estimated the probability of detecting a single click (cue counting); the ...

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