The School has research strengths across Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. All the Research groups are internationally-leading, and attract researchers, postgraduate students and collaborators from across the world. The School is also well-known for its research in the History of Mathematics.

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  • Theoretical models of charged particle acceleration motivated by solar flares 

    Borissov, Alexei (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-25) - Thesis
    In this thesis we examine non-thermal particle behaviour in the presence of modelled electromagnetic fields motivated by various aspects of solar flares. We first investigate particle dynamics in magnetic reconnection ...
  • Orderings on words and permutations 

    McDevitt, Matthew (University of St Andrews, 2019-12-03) - Thesis
    Substructure orderings are ubiquitous throughout combinatorics and all of mathematics. In this thesis we consider various orderings on words, as well as the consecutive involvement ordering on permutations. Throughout ...
  • Methods in spatially explicit capture-recapture 

    Stevenson, Ben C. (University of St Andrews, 2016-06-24) - Thesis
    Capture-recapture (CR) methods are a ubiquitous means of estimating animal abundance from wildlife surveys. They rely on the detection and subsequent redetection of individuals over a number of sampling occasions. It is ...
  • The statistical development of integrated multi-state stopover models 

    Worthington, Hannah (University of St Andrews, 2016-06-24) - Thesis
    This thesis focusses on the analysis of ecological capture-recapture data and the estimation of population parameters of interest. Many of the common models applied to such data, for example the Cormack-Jolly-Seber model, ...
  • Mathematical modelling of tumour-immune competition tumour growth : discrete and continuum approaches 

    Macfarlane, Fiona Ruth (University of St Andrews, 2019-12-03) - Thesis
    The ability of the human immune system to detect and remove cancer cells is exploited in the development of immunotherapy techniques. However, further understanding of these mechanisms is required and can be achieved through ...

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