The School has research strengths across Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. All the Research groups are internationally-leading, and attract researchers, postgraduate students and collaborators from across the world. The School is also well-known for its research in the History of Mathematics.

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  • Three dimensional MHD simulations of the dynamics and energetics of coronal flux tubes 

    Howson, Thomas Alexander (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-25) - Thesis
    In this thesis we present the results of three-dimensional MHD simulations of the evolution of magnetic flux tubes within the solar atmosphere. We consider the dynamics and energetics of coronal loops that are perturbed ...
  • Semigroup congruences : computational techniques and theoretical applications 

    Torpey, Michael (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-25) - Thesis
    Computational semigroup theory is an area of research that is subject to growing interest. The development of semigroup algorithms allows for new theoretical results to be discovered, which in turn informs the creation ...
  • Maser radiation from collisionless shocks 

    Speirs, D. C.; Ronald, K.; Phelps, A. D. R.; Koepke, M. E.; Cairns, Robert Alan; Rigby, A.; Cruz, F.; Trines, R. M. G. M.; Bamford, R.; Kellet, B. J.; Albertazzi, B.; Cross, J. E.; Fraschetti, F.; Graham, P.; Kozlowski, P. M.; Kuramitsu, Y.; Miniati, F.; Morita, T.; Oliver, M.; Reville, B.; Sakawa, Y.; Sarkar, S.; Spindloe, C.; Koenig, M.; Silva, L. O.; Lamb, D. Q.; Tzeferacos, P.; Lebedev, S.; Gregori, G.; Bingham, R. (2019) - Journal article
    This paper describes a model of electron energization and cyclotron-maser emission applicable to astrophysical magnetized collisionless shocks. It is motivated by the work of Begelman, Ergun and Rees [Astrophys. J. 625 , ...
  • Modelling the immune response to cancer : an individual-based approach accounting for the difference in movement between inactive and activated T cells 

    Macfarlane, Fiona R.; Lorenzi, Tommaso; Chaplain, Mark A. J. (2018-06) - Journal article
    A growing body of experimental evidence indicates that immune cells move in an unrestricted search pattern if they are in the pre-activated state, whilst they tend to stay within a more restricted area upon activation ...
  • A capacity approach to box and packing dimensions of projections of sets and exceptional directions 

    Falconer, Kenneth John (2019-03-12) - Journal article
    Dimension profiles were introduced in [8,11] to give a formula for the box-counting and packing dimensions of the orthogonal projections of a set E in ℝn onto almost all m-dimensional subspaces. However, these definitions ...

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