The School has research strengths across Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. All the Research groups are internationally-leading, and attract researchers, postgraduate students and collaborators from across the world. The School is also well-known for its research in the History of Mathematics.

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  • John W. Arthur, Brilliant Lives: the Clerk Maxwells and the Scottish Enlightenment 

    Falconer, Isobel Jessie (2017-11) - Journal item
  • Sequencing of prostate cancers identifies new cancer genes, routes of progression and drug targets 

    Wedge, David C.; Gundem, Gunes; Mitchell, Thomas; Woodstock, Dan J.; Martincorena, Inigo; Ghori, Mohammed; Zamora, Jorge; Butler, Adam; Whitaker, Hayley; Kote-Jarai, Zsofia; Alexandrov, Lumil B.; Van Loo, Peter; Massie, Charlie E.; Dentro, Stefan; Warren, Anne Y.; Verrill, Clare; Berney, Dan M.; Dennis, Nening; Merson, Sue; Hawkins, Steve; Howat, William; Lu, Yong-Jie; Lambert, Adam; Kay, Jonathan; Kremeyer, Barbara; Karaszi, Katalin; Camacho, Niedzica; Luxton, Hayley; Marsden, Luke; Edwards, Sandra; Matthews, Lucy; Bo, Valeria; Leongamornlert, Daniel; McLaren, Stuart; Ng, Anthony; Yu, Yongwei; Zhang, Hongwei; Dadaev, Tokhir; Thomas, Sarah; Easton, Douglas F.; Ahmed, Mahbubl; Bancroft, Elizabeth; Fisher, Cyril; Livni, Naomi; Nicol, David; Tavaré, Simon; Gill, Pelvender; Greenman, Christopher; Khoo, Vincent; Van As, Nicholas; Kumar, Pardeep; Ogden, Christopher; Cahill, Declan; Thompson, Alan; Mayer, Erik; Rowe, Edward; Dudderidge, Tim; Gnanapragasam, Vincent; Shah, Nimish C.; Raine, Keiran; Jones, David; Menzies, Andrew; Stebbings, Lucy; Teague, Jon; Hazell, Steven; Corbishley, Cathy; CamCaP Study Group; de Bono, Johann; Attard, Gerhardt; Isaacs, William; Visakorpi, Tapio; Fraser, Michael; Boutros, Paul C.; Bristow, Robert G.; Workman, Paul; Sander, Chris; The TCGA Consortium; Hamdy, Freddie C.; Futreal, Andrew; McDermott, Ultan; Al-Lazikani, Bissan; Lynch, Andy; Bova, G. Steven; Foster, Christopher S.; Brewer, Daniel S.; Neal, David E.; Cooper, Colin S.; Eeles, Rosalind A. (2018-04-16) - Journal article
    Prostate cancer represents a substantial clinical challenge because it is difficult to predict outcome and advanced disease is often fatal. We sequenced the whole genomes of 112 primary and metastatic prostate cancer ...
  • The role of flux cancellation in eruptions from bipolar ARs 

    Yardley, S. L.; Green, L. M.; Driel-Gesztelyi, L. Van; Williams, D. R.; Mackay, D. H. (2018-10-10) - Journal article
    The physical processes or trigger mechanisms that lead to the eruption of coronal mass ejections (CMEs), the largest eruptive phenomenon in the heliosphere, are still undetermined. Low-altitude magnetic reconnection ...
  • Role of extracellular matrix and microenvironment in regulation of tumor growth and LAR-mediated invasion in glioblastoma 

    Kim, Yangjin; Kang, Hyunji; Powathil, Gibin; Kim, Hyeongi; Trucu, Dumitru; Lee, Wanho; Lawler, Sean; Chaplain, Mark (2018-10-04) - Journal article
    The cellular dispersion and therapeutic control of glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of primary brain cancer, depends critically on the migration patterns after surgery and intracellular responses of the individual ...

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