Areas of particularly strong research activity are: numerical analysis, plasma physics, solar and magnetospheric theory, and vortex dynamics.

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  • Above the noise : the search for periodicities in the inner heliosphere 

    Threlfall, James William; De Moortel, Ineke; Conlon, Thomas Michael (2017-11) - Journal article
    Remote sensing of coronal and heliospheric periodicities can provide vital insight into the local conditions and dynamics of the solar atmosphere. We seek to trace long (one hour or longer) periodic oscillatory signatures ...
  • Vortex scaling ranges in two-dimensional turbulence 

    Burgess, B. H.; Dritschel, D. G.; Scott, R. K. (2017-11) - Journal article
    We survey the role of coherent vortices in two-dimensional turbulence, including formation mechanisms, implications for classical similarity and inertial range theories, and characteristics of the vortex populations. We ...
  • Preserving invariance properties of reaction-diffusion systems on stationary surfaces 

    Frittelli, Massimo; Madzvamuse, Anotide; Sgura, Ivonne; Venkataraman, Chandrasekhar (2017-10-27) - Journal article
    We propose and analyse a lumped surface finite element method for the numerical approximation of reaction–diffusion systems on stationary compact surfaces in ℝ3. The proposed method preserves the invariant regions of the ...
  • Bifurcations and chaotic dynamics in a tumour-immune-virus system 

    Eftimie, R.; Macnamara, C. K.; Dushoff, Jonathan; Bramson, J. L.; Earn, D. J. D. (2016-12-07) - Journal article
    Despite mounting evidence that oncolytic viruses can be effective in treating cancer, understanding the details of the interactions between tumour cells, oncolytic viruses and immune cells that could lead to tumour control ...
  • On interfaces between cell populations with different mobilities 

    Lorenzi, Tommaso; Lorz, Alexander; Perthame, Benoit (2017-03) - Journal article
    Partial differential equations describing the dynamics of cell population densities from a fluid mechanical perspective can model the growth of avascular tumours. In this framework, we consider a system of equations that ...

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