Areas of particularly strong research activity are: numerical analysis, plasma physics, solar and magnetospheric theory, and vortex dynamics.

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  • The moist parcel-in-cell method for modelling moist convection 

    Dritschel, D. G.; Böing, S. J.; Parker, D. J.; Blyth, A. M. (2018-10-04) - Journal article
    We describe a promising alternative approach to modelling moist convection and cloud development in the atmosphere. Rather than using a conventional grid‐based approach, we use Lagrangian “parcels” to represent key dynamical ...
  • Broadening of the DEM by multi-shelled and turbulent loops 

    Van Doorsselaere, Tom; Antolin, Patrick; Karampelas, Kostas (2018-10-02) - Journal article
    Context. Broad differential emission measure (DEM) distributions in the corona are a sign of multi-thermal plasma along the line-of-sight.Traditionally, this is interpreted as evidence of multi-stranded loops. Recently, ...
  • The role of flux cancellation in eruptions from bipolar ARs 

    Yardley, S. L.; Green, L. M.; Driel-Gesztelyi, L. Van; Williams, D. R.; Mackay, D. H. (2018-10-10) - Journal article
    The physical processes or trigger mechanisms that lead to the eruption of coronal mass ejections (CMEs), the largest eruptive phenomenon in the heliosphere, are still undetermined. Low-altitude magnetic reconnection ...
  • Role of extracellular matrix and microenvironment in regulation of tumor growth and LAR-mediated invasion in glioblastoma 

    Kim, Yangjin; Kang, Hyunji; Powathil, Gibin; Kim, Hyeongi; Trucu, Dumitru; Lee, Wanho; Lawler, Sean; Chaplain, Mark (2018-10-04) - Journal article
    The cellular dispersion and therapeutic control of glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of primary brain cancer, depends critically on the migration patterns after surgery and intracellular responses of the individual ...
  • Entrapping of a vortex pair interacting with a fixed point vortex revisited. I. Point vortices 

    Koshel, Konstantin V.; Reinaud, Jean N.; Riccardi, Giogio; Ryzhov, Eugene A. (2018-09-28) - Journal article
    The problem of a pair of point vortices impinging on a fixed point vortex of arbitrary strengths [E. Ryzhov and K. Koshel, “Dynamics of a vortex pair interacting with a fixed point vortex,” Europhys. Lett. 102, 44004 (2013)] ...

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