Areas of particularly strong research activity are: numerical analysis, plasma physics, solar and magnetospheric theory, and vortex dynamics.

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Recent Submissions

  • Comparison of methods for modelling coronal magnetic fields 

    Goldstraw, E. E.; Hood, A. W.; Browning, P. K.; Cargill, P. J. (2017-11-03) - Journal article
    Aims. Four different approximate approaches used to model the stressing ofcoronal magnetic fields due to an imposed photospheric motion are compared with each other and the results from a full time-dependent magnetohydrodynamic ...
  • Piecewise uniform potential vorticity pancake shielded vortices 

    Reinaud, Jean Noel (2017) - Journal article
    Shielded vortices consist of a core of potential vorticity of a given sign surrounded (or shielded) by a layer of opposite-signed potential vorticity. Such vortices have specific properties and have been the focus of ...
  • JPEG2000 image compression on solar EUV images 

    Fischer, Catherine; Mueller, Daniel; De Moortel, Ineke (2017-01) - Journal article
    For future solar missions as well as ground-based telescopes, efficient ways to return and process data has become increasingly important. Solar Or-biter, e.g., the next ESA/NASA mission to explore the Sun and the ...
  • Energy release in driven twisted coronal loops 

    Bareford, Michael R; Gordovskyy, Mykola; Browning, Philippa; Hood, Alan William (2016-01) - Journal article
    Magnetic reconnection in twisted magnetic flux tubes, representing coronal loops, is investigated. The main goal is to establish the influence of the field geometry and various thermodynamic effects on the stability of ...
  • Study on the tumor-induced angiogenesis using mathematical models 

    Suzuki, Takashi; Minerva, Dhisa; Nishiyama, Koichi; Koshikawa, Naohiko; Chaplain, Mark Andrew Joseph (2017-12-04) - Journal article
    We studied angiogenesis using mathematical models describing the dynamics of tip cells. We reviewed the basic ideas of angiogenesis models and its numerical simulation technique to produce realistic computer graphics images ...

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