Areas of particularly strong research activity are: numerical analysis, plasma physics, solar and magnetospheric theory, and vortex dynamics.

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Recent Submissions

  • Maser radiation from collisionless shocks 

    Speirs, D. C.; Ronald, K.; Phelps, A. D. R.; Koepke, M. E.; Cairns, Robert Alan; Rigby, A.; Cruz, F.; Trines, R. M. G. M.; Bamford, R.; Kellet, B. J.; Albertazzi, B.; Cross, J. E.; Fraschetti, F.; Graham, P.; Kozlowski, P. M.; Kuramitsu, Y.; Miniati, F.; Morita, T.; Oliver, M.; Reville, B.; Sakawa, Y.; Sarkar, S.; Spindloe, C.; Koenig, M.; Silva, L. O.; Lamb, D. Q.; Tzeferacos, P.; Lebedev, S.; Gregori, G.; Bingham, R. (2019) - Journal article
    This paper describes a model of electron energization and cyclotron-maser emission applicable to astrophysical magnetized collisionless shocks. It is motivated by the work of Begelman, Ergun and Rees [Astrophys. J. 625 , ...
  • Robustness of vortex populations in the two-dimensional inverse energy cascade 

    Burgess, Belle Helen; Scott, Richard Kirkness (2018-09-10) - Journal article
    We study how the properties of forcing and dissipation affect the scaling behaviour of the vortex population in the two-dimensional turbulent inverse energy cascade. When the flow is forced at scales intermediate between ...
  • The merger of geophysical vortices at finite Rossby and Froude number 

    Reinaud, Jean N.; Dritschel, David G. (2018-08-10) - Journal article
    We investigate the merger of two co-rotating geophysical vortices at finite Rossby and Froude number.  The initial conditions consist of two uniform potential vorticity vortices in near equilibrium and in a near 'balanced' ...
  • The interaction of two co-rotating quasi-geostrophic vortices in the vicinity of a surface buoyancy filament 

    Reinaud, Jean Noel (2018) - Journal article
    In this paper, we investigate the interaction between two like-signed quasi-geostrophic uniform potential vorticity internal vortices in the vicinity of a surface buoyancy anomaly filament in a three dimensional, stably ...
  • Three-dimensional solutions of the magnetohydrostatic equations for rigidly rotating magnetospheres in cylindrical coordinates 

    Wilson, Fiona; Neukirch, Thomas (2018) - Journal article
    We present new analytical three-dimensional solutions of the magnetohydrostatic equations, which are applicable to the co-rotating frame of reference outside a rigidly rotating cylindrical body, and have potential applications ...

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