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    • 50-Year Anniversary of Papers by Cormack, Jolly and Seber 

      Buckland, Stephen Terrence; Morgan, Byron J T (2016-05) - Journal item
    • Above the noise : the search for periodicities in the inner heliosphere 

      Threlfall, James William; De Moortel, Ineke; Conlon, Thomas Michael (2017-11) - Journal article
      Remote sensing of coronal and heliospheric periodicities can provide vital insight into the local conditions and dynamics of the solar atmosphere. We seek to trace long (one hour or longer) periodic oscillatory signatures ...
    • Adaptive distance sampling 

      Pollard, John (University of St Andrews, 2002) - Thesis
      We investigate mechanisms to improve efficiency for line and point transect surveys of clustered populations by combining the distance methods with adaptive sampling. In adaptive sampling, survey effort is increased when ...
    • Adaptive multivariate global testing 

      Minas, Giorgos; Aston, John A D; Stallard, Nigel (2014-06) - Journal article
      We present a methodology for dealing with recent challenges in testing global hypotheses using multivariate observations. The proposed tests target situations, often arising in emerging applications of neuroimaging, where ...
    • Adventures in applying iteration lemmas 

      Pfeiffer, Markus Johannes (University of St Andrews, 2013-06-28) - Thesis
      The word problem of a finitely generated group is commonly defined to be a formal language over a finite generating set. The class of finite groups has been characterised as the class of finitely generated groups that ...
    • Affine rigidity and conics at infinity 

      Connelly, Robert; Gortler, Steven J.; Theran, Louis (2018-07) - Journal article
      We prove that if a framework of a graph is neighborhood affine rigid in d-dimensions (or has the stronger property of having an equilibrium stress matrix of rank n — d — 1) then it has an affine flex (an affine, but non ...
    • Alfvén waves in low-mass star-forming regions 

      Martin, Clare E. (University of St Andrews, 1999) - Thesis
      Low-mass star-forming regions have a lifetime which is greater than their dynamical time and must therefore be, in an average sense, in mechanical equilibrium. The work presented here proposes that an equilibrium exists ...
    • An algebraic formulation of asmptotically separable quantum mechanics 

      McLean, R. G. Derek (University of St Andrews, 1984) - Thesis
      This thesis explores the possibility of an algebraic formulation of non-relativistic quantum theory in which certain paradoxes associated with non-locality may be resolved. It is shown that the localisation of a free quantum ...
    • Algorithms for subgroup presentations: computer implementation and applications 

      Heggie, Patricia, M. (University of St Andrews, 1991) - Thesis
      One of the main algorithms of computational group theory is the Todd-Coxeter coset enumeration algorithm, which provides a systematic method for finding the index of a subgroup of a finitely presented group. This has been ...
    • Alternating direction implicit methods for partial differential equations 

      Fairweather, Graeme (University of St Andrews, 1966) - Thesis
    • Alternating direction methods for hyperbolic systems 

      Gourlay, A. R. (University of St Andrews, 1966) - Thesis
    • Analysing mark-recapture-recovery data in the presence of missing covariate data via multiple imputation 

      Worthington, Hannah; King, Ruth; Buckland, Stephen Terrence (2015-03) - Journal article
      We consider mark–recapture–recovery data with additional individual time-varying continuous covariate data. For such data it is common to specify the model parameters, and in particular the survival probabilities, as a ...
    • An analytical, phenomenological and numerical study of geophysical and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in two dimensions 

      Blackbourn, Luke A. K. (University of St Andrews, 2013-11-29) - Thesis
      In this thesis I study a variety of two-dimensional turbulent systems using a mixed analytical, phenomenological and numerical approach. The systems under consideration are governed by the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes ...
    • Animal Counting Toolkit : a practical guide to small-boat surveys for estimating abundance of coastal marine mammals 

      Williams, Rob; Ashe, Erin Elizabeth; Gaut, Katie; Gryba, Rowenna; Moore, Jeffrey E.; Rexstad, Eric; Sandilands, Doug; Steventon, Justin; Reeves, Randall (2017-08-10) - Journal article
      Small cetaceans (dolphins and porpoises) face serious anthropogenic threats in coastal habitats. These include bycatch in fisheries; exposure to noise, plastic and chemical pollution; disturbance from boaters; and climate ...
    • Animal population estimation using mark-recapture and plant-capture 

      Gormley, Richard (University of St Andrews, 2012) - Thesis
      Mark-recapture is a method of population estimation that involves capturing a number of animals from a population of unknown size on several occasions, and marking those animals that are caught each time. By observing ...
    • The appearance, motion, and disappearance of three-dimensional magnetic null points 

      A. Murphy, Nicholas; Parnell, Clare Elizabeth; Haynes, Andrew Lewis (2015-10-30) - Journal article
      While theoretical models and simulations of magnetic reconnection often assume symmetry such that the magnetic null point when present is co-located with a flow stagnation point, the introduction of asymmetry typically ...
    • Application of stochastic differential equations and real option theory in investment decision problems 

      Chavanasporn, Walailuck (University of St Andrews, 2010-11-30) - Thesis
      This thesis contains a discussion of four problems arising from the application of stochastic differential equations and real option theory to investment decision problems in a continuous-time framework. It is based on ...
    • Application of the Todd-Coxeter coset enumeration algorithm 

      Campbell, C. M. (Colin Matthew) (University of St Andrews, 1975) - Thesis
      This thesis is concerned with a topic in combinatorial group theory and, in particular, with a study of some groups with finite presentations. After preliminary definitions and theorems we describe the Todd-Coxeter coset ...
    • Applications of statistics in flood frequency analysis 

      Ahmad, Muhammad Idrees (University of St Andrews, 1989) - Thesis
      Estimation of the probability of occurrence of future flood events at one or more locations across a river system is frequently required for the design of bridges, culverts, spillways, dams and other engineering works. ...
    • Approximate methods in high speed flow 

      Burnside, Robert R. (University of St Andrews, 1962) - Thesis
      In many problems arising in the theory of compressible flow, the equations characterising the solution of the system are so intractable that recourse must be made to some approximate method which allows the essential ...