The School has research strengths across Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. All the Research groups are internationally-leading, and attract researchers, postgraduate students and collaborators from across the world. The School is also well-known for its research in the History of Mathematics.

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Recent Submissions

  • Contribution of mode-coupling and phase-mixing of Alfvén waves to coronal heating 

    Pagano, Paolo; De Moortel, Ineke (2017-03-14) - Journal article
    Context. Phase-mixing of Alfvén waves in the solar corona has been identified as one possible candidate to explain coronal heating. While this scenario is supported by observations of ubiquitous oscillations in the corona ...
  • Delphinid echolocation click detection probability on near-seafloor sensors 

    Frasier, Kaitlin E.; Wiggins, Sean M.; Harris, Danielle; Marques, Tiago A.; Thomas, Len; Hildebrand, John A. (2016-09) - Journal article
    The probability of detecting echolocating delphinids on a near-seafloor sensor was estimated using two Monte Carlo simulation methods. One method estimated the probability of detecting a single click (cue counting); the ...
  • Imaging observations of magnetic reconnection in a solar eruptive flare 

    Li, Y.; Sun, X.; Ding, M. D.; Qiu, J.; Priest, E. R. (2017-01-31) - Journal article
    Solar flares are among the most energetic events in the solar atmosphere. It is widely accepted that flares are powered by magnetic reconnection in the corona. An eruptive flare is usually accompanied by a coronal mass ...
  • The effects of resistivity and viscosity on the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in oscillating coronal loops 

    Howson, Thomas Alexander; De Moortel, Ineke; Antolin, Patrick (2017-03-03) - Journal article
    Aims. Investigate the effects of resistivity and viscosity on the onset and growth of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (KHI) in an oscillating coronal loop. Methods. We modelled a standing kink wave in a density-enhanced ...
  • Low tortoise abundances in pine forest plantations in forest-shrubland transition areas 

    Rodríguez-Caro, Roberto C.; Oedekoven, Cornelia S.; Graciá, Eva; Anadón, José D.; Buckland, Stephen T.; Esteve-Selma, Miguel A.; Martinez, Julia; Giménez, Andrés (2017-03-08) - Journal article
    In the transition between Mediterranean forest and the arid subtropical shrublands of the southeastern Iberian Peninsula, humans have transformed habitat since ancient times. Understanding the role of the original mosaic ...

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