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  • The Roma bibliography = Ŗomano pustikango đaj 

    Rergo, Niko; Semenovi, Elena; Mysyki, Irina (Ŗomenvadesko đanitIan Odesate, 2013) - Book
    We are delighted to introduce readers and online users to the Ŗomani pustikango đaj / Roma Bibliography. This is the first-ever comprehensive and multilingual bibliography of works on the Roma and all the aspects of their ...
  • Farm and family in early nineteenth-century Fife : the diary of Thomas Graham Bonar of Greigston 

    Bonar, Thomas Graham; Robinson, Marie (2017-01-17) - Book
    The Greigston diary was written by Thomas Graham Bonar between 1824 and 1833. It is mainly a record of happenings on the small family estate of Greigston in east Fife, which comprised two farms and subsidiary holdings for ...
  • The green economy : pushes and pulls on corporate China 

    Loh, Christine (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, 2012-10) - Report
    While China’s rapid growth has provided great opportunity and prosperity to many, it has not come without costs. Environmental damage and social tensions are common throughout the country – problems that the Chinese ...
  • Disclosures on water 

    ACCA Australia and New Zealand; Net Balance Foundation; Sustainable Investment Research Institute (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, 2010-06-08) - Report
    Part of a series of research projects which analyses disclosures on areas of non-financial performance by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) companies. This report examines the reporting quality of 32 companies from the ...
  • Disclosure practices and policies of UK charities 

    Jetty, Juliana; Beattie, Vivien (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, 2009) - Report
    This study examined the narrative disclosure practices and policies of a sample of large fund-raising and grant-making charities within the UK. Through a combination of holistic content analysis of the form and content of ...

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