Our research is focused around three broad themes: conflict, peace and security; the evolving character of global and supra-national institutions; and the interpenetration of civil societies and international relations. In addition we have major strengths in area studies which help to ground our research into these broad thematic areas. Some of this activity is carried out under the umbrella of our various research centres, some within other collaborative contexts both within and outside the university, and some by individual researchers.

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Recent Submissions

  • From political friendship to befriending the world 

    Hayden, Patrick (2015-08) - Journal article
    Political friendship is typically portrayed as a dyadic relationship. In this traditional model, friendship is conceived as a positive intersubjective experience of relation-to-self and relation-to-other, assuming the ...
  • Feminist Christian realism : vulnerability, obligation, and power politics 

    Gentry, Caron Eileen (2015) - Journal article
    While Christianity and feminism may seem at odds with one another, both make normative claims about justice and addressing the needs of those on the margins of power. This paper explores what feminism contributes to Christian ...
  • Existence and political order : Carl Schmitt's concept of enmity 

    Archambault, Emil (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-20) - Thesis
    This thesis provides a comprehensive study of the development of the concept of enmity in the thought of Carl Schmitt. I argue that the concept of enmity provides the foundation upon which all of Schmitt's writings on ...
  • Nature and artifice in Hobbes’s international political thought 

    Jaede, Maximilian (2015) - Journal article
    This article argues that the artificiality of Hobbesian states facilitates their coexistence and reconciliation. In particular, it is suggested that international relations may be characterised by an artificial equality, ...
  • The sectarian revolution in the Middle East 

    Hinnebusch, Raymond (2016-12-18) - Journal article
    This paper seeks to explain the dramatic rise of sectarianism in the Middle East. It distinguishes types of sectarianism and their drivers; looks at the rapid diffusion of sectarianism across the region, and analyses its ...

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