Our research is focused around three broad themes: conflict, peace and security; the evolving character of global and supra-national institutions; and the interpenetration of civil societies and international relations. In addition we have major strengths in area studies which help to ground our research into these broad thematic areas. Some of this activity is carried out under the umbrella of our various research centres, some within other collaborative contexts both within and outside the university, and some by individual researchers.

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Recent Submissions

  • Seeking ontological security in the Horn of Africa : biographical narratives and imagining peace in Ethiopia’s engagement in Somalia 

    Newbery, Katharina Mathilde Bettine (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-25) - Thesis
    In the Horn of Africa prevailing ideas of the state continue to be heavily contested both within and across formal borders. This thesis explores how the post-1991 Ethiopian government has given meaning to the Ethiopian ...
  • Identity, history, and political violence 

    Brooke, Nick (2018-04) - Journal item
    Confounding Powers: Anarchy and International Society from the Assassins to Al Qaeda. By William J. Brenner. The Taliban’s Virtual Emirate: The Culture and Psychology of an Online Militant Community. By Neil Krishan Aggarwal. ...
  • Evil as a crime against humanity : confronting mass atrocities in a plural world 

    Royer, Christof (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-23) - Thesis
    This thesis represents an attempt to reimagine why and how to confront mass atrocities in world politics. Drawing on Hannah Arendt’s conception of evil, it interprets and understands mass atrocities as ‘evil’ in an ‘Arendtian’ ...
  • Jihadism and crime in Spain : a convergence settings approach 

    Argomaniz, Javier; Bermejo, Rut (2019-02-13) - Journal article
    This article explores the melting pot of jihadists and criminals that has featured in some of the most significant jihadist attacks and plots foiled in Spain over the last 15 years. Applying Felson?s offender convergence ...
  • Indian soft power towards Southeast Asia 

    Soikham, Piyanat (University of St Andrews, 2018) - Thesis
    This thesis explores the normative sources of India’s post-independence soft power towards Southeast Asia. The core aspect is to understand how a norms-based approach helps to explain the development of Indian soft power, ...

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