Our research is focused around three broad themes: conflict, peace and security; the evolving character of global and supra-national institutions; and the interpenetration of civil societies and international relations. In addition we have major strengths in area studies which help to ground our research into these broad thematic areas. Some of this activity is carried out under the umbrella of our various research centres, some within other collaborative contexts both within and outside the university, and some by individual researchers.

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Recent Submissions

  • The Group of 7 and international terrorism: the snowball effect that never materialised 

    Blumenau, Bernhard (2016-04-01) - Journal article
    The article looks at the Group of 7 (G7) efforts to fight international terrorism in the 1970s and early 1980s. It examines the G7 statement against hijacking, the Bonn Declaration of 1978, and assesses how the G7 dealt ...
  • Taking other people’s money : development and the political economy of Asian casinos 

    Vlcek, William (2015-07) - Journal article
    This article analyses Macau’s casinos as an example for accumulation by dispossession, in which they serve to transfer wealth from Mainland China to Macau and the casinos’ foreign investors. They also represent a model for ...
  • Shared political responsibiilty 

    Lang, Anthony (Cambridge University Press, 2015-10) - Book item
    This chapter explores the nature of political responsibilty in relation to climate change. It argues that rather than identify specific agents responsible for climate change - an approach that dominates legal and moral ...
  • Overcoming ‘Gnosticism’? Realism as political theology 

    Paipais, V. (2015-01-03) - Journal article
    This paper takes issue with approaches that relate realist political theology exclusively back to its Schmittian and neo-orthodox roots. While not entirely denying those influences, it argues that realist thought is more ...
  • ¿Es eficaz el terrorismo? Consideraciones, problemas y marco de investigación futura 

    English, Richard (2016-04-01) - Journal article
    For both intellectual and practical reasons, the question "Does terrorism work?'' is vital. And yet it has largely been eclipsed by other debates within the scholarly literature on terrorism. This article considers some ...

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