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  • The erasure of race : cosmopolitanism and the illusion of Kantian hospitality 

    Gani, J. K. (2017-06-29) - Journal article
    This article explores three key arguments: Firstly, it seeks to demonstrate the contradictions and limits within Kantian hospitality, and its links to colonialism and practices of racialisation. The acclaimed universalism ...
  • The #LondonIsOpen campaign : desecuritizing Brexit? 

    Donnelly, Faye; Gani, Jasmine Kamrun Nahar (E-International Relations, 2017-06-21) - Journal article
  • Thomas Hobbes and a chastened “global” constitution : the contested boundaries of the law 

    Lang, Anthony (2016) - Journal article
    Hobbes’ account of politics, law and obligation has long been read, especially by realists in international affairs, as leaving no space for international law or institutions. This paper argues that a more nuanced reading ...
  • Hobbes on the making and unmaking of citizens 

    Jaede, Maximilian (2016) - Journal article
    This article examines Thomas Hobbes’s views on legal citizenship in view of sovereign prerogative powers and the conditions of rule by law. It is argued that the authority of Hobbesian sovereigns includes the right to ...
  • Thomas Hobbes: theorist of the law 

    Lang, Anthony F.; Slomp, Gabriella (2015-12-28) - Journal article
    This short article introduces the papers that follow on the topic of Hobbes as a theorist of the law. It provides an overview of Hobbes reputation as a theorist of law in both domestic and international theory. The paper ...