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  • Thought and predication in Frege and Russell 

    Pereira Mestre Da Conceicao, Jose Manuel (2023-06-12) - Thesis
    This dissertation offers a reappraisal of how Russell’s views about thought and predication around the time of his Principles of Mathematics relate to Frege’s own theorizing about those topics. It does so by telling a story ...
  • The bad guys with the good solutions? Energy elites, transitions, and the 'good life' in Norway 

    Seeger, Anna Raphaela Kyra Katharina (2023-06-12) - Thesis
    In this thesis I examine how strategically situated energy industry professionals conceptualise and act upon energy transitions in Norway. Analytically I refer to interlocutors as ‘energy elites’. This allows me to highlight ...
  • Time, self-consciousness, and categorial unity 

    Satija, Atul (2023-06-12) - Thesis
    These essays are an attempt to elucidate the notion of a category, which, broadly speaking, is a concept that accounts for the manner in which the constituents of experience are combined or held together. The relation of ...
  • Respectful witness : a midwife adopts an anthropological view on her practice 

    McHugh, Nessa Mary (2023-06-12) - Thesis
    This thesis explores midwifery in the United Kingdom (UK) from my perspective both as a midwife and a member of the Association of Radical Midwives (ARM). The rhetoric of contemporary midwifery and the ARM speaks to a ...
  • From evidence to underdetermination : essays in the way of scepticism 

    Savino, Paolo (2023-06-12) - Thesis
    Scepticism about justification is the view that justification is impossible. Underdetermination scepticism is scepticism that turns on the idea that our beliefs are underdetermined by the evidence relative to certain ...

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