The School has four major components: Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Film Studies and Academic Music.

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  • What is a schema? : Invited contribution to symposium on Philippe Descola 

    Toren, Christina (2014) - Journal item
    Comment on Descola, Philippe. 2013. Beyond nature and culture. Translated by Janet Lloyd with a foreword by Marshall Sahlins. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  • Reply to Blackson 

    Weatherson, Brian James (2016-07-01) - Journal article
    Thomas Blackson argues that interest-relative epistemologies cannot explain the irrationality of certain choices when the agent has three possible options. I argue that his examples only refute a subclass of interest-relative ...
  • Feminist methodologies in moral philosophy 

    Markey, Bren April (University of St Andrews, 2016-06-23) - Thesis
    This thesis develops a critique of the methodology of mainstream academic moral philosophy, based on insights from feminist and more generally anti-oppressive political thought. The thesis consists of two parts. In ...
  • Shine 

    Williams, Bede; Weijmans, Anne-Marie; McGuire, Eddie; Fitzpatrick, Tim (2016-06-29) - Journal article
  • Energy talk, temporality, and belonging in austerity Greece 

    Knight, Daniel Martyn (2016-03-10) - Journal article
    Dramatic changes in the energy landscape provide a lens through which to understand local perceptions of temporality, modernity, and belonging in austerity Greece. Re-launched in 2011, the European Union supported solar ...

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