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  • Pacific climate cultures : living climate change in Oceania 

    Crook, Tony; Rudiak-Gould, Peter; University of St Andrews. St Andrews Sustainability Institute; University of St Andrews. Social Anthropology; University of St Andrews. Centre for Pacific Studies (De Gruyter Open, 2018-09) - Book
    Low-lying Pacific island nations are experiencing the frontline of lea-level rises and climate change - and are responding creatively and making-sense in their own vernacular terms. Pacific Climate Cultures aims to bring ...
  • Introduction : Pacific climate cultures 

    Crook, Tony; Rudiak-Gould, Peter (De Gruyter Open, 2018-09) - Book item
  • Paradoxes of signification 

    Read, Stephen (2016-11-24) - Journal article
    Ian Rumfitt has recently drawn our attention to a couple of paradoxes of signification, claiming that although Thomas Bradwardine's "multiple-meanings'' account of truth and signification can solve the first of them, it ...
  • Yesterday's Hadaly : on voicing a feminist media archaeology 

    Flaig, Paul (2018-09-01) - Journal article
    This essay offers a feminist critique and correction of media archaeology. Media archaeology has developed over the last two decades as a historiographic response to increasingly advanced contemporary media technologies ...
  • Roma mobility, beyond migration : religious humanitarianism and transnational Roma missionary work as de-constructions of migration 

    Roman, Raluca Bianca (2018-06-28) - Journal article
    Much of the literature concerning the migration of Roma in-between European Union countries has thus far focused extensively (and almost exclusively) on the political and economic consequences of this ’Roma movement’ across ...

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