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  • Reasons for and reasons against 

    Snedegar, Justin (2017-03-03) - Journal article
    What an agent ought to do is determined by competition between reasons bearing on the options open to her. The popular metaphor of balancing or weighing reasons on a scale to represent this competition encourages a focus ...
  • Realities of an 'Orkney way' : communicating perceptions of renewable energy in Orkney, Scotland 

    Friend, Sara (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-22) - Thesis
    Orkney is currently home to over 400 wind turbines and a growing marine energy industry, developing cutting edge technology for what could be called a global energy transition. Situated off the north tip of the Scottish ...
  • Reply to Eaton and Pickavance 

    Weatherson, Brian James (2016-03-11) - Journal item
    David Eaton and Timothy Pickavance argued that interest-relative invariantism has a surprising and interesting consequence. They take this consequence to be so implausible that it refutes interest-relative invariantism. ...
  • Feeling and filmmaking : the design and affect of film sound 

    Donaldson, Lucy Fife (2017-03) - Journal article
    Discussion of cinematic affect most typically attends to response, the impact of the film as we experience it. In this vein, various writers have drawn attention to the physicality of hearing (Sobchack 2005; Cubitt 1998), ...
  • The realm of the Earth : simultaneous broadcast and world politics in interwar cinema 

    Cowan, Michael (2014) - Journal article
    This article discusses intermedial relations between film and new technologies of broadcast—telegraph, radio and television—in interwar Europe, culminating in a reading of Abel Gance’s largely forgotten radio film La fin ...

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