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  • Writing with twisted cords : the inscriptive capacity of Andean khipu texts 

    Hyland, Sabine Patricia (2017) - Journal article
    Two newly discovered khipu (Andean twisted cord) epistles are presented as evidence that khipus could constitute an intelligible writing system, accessible to decipherment. Recent scholars have asserted that khipus were ...
  • A 'suitable soil' : plague's breeding grounds at the dawn of the third pandemic 

    Lynteris, Christos (2017-07) - Journal article
    A pressing question during the first half-decade of the third plague pandemic (1894–9) was what was a ‘suitable soil’ for the disease. The question related to plague’s perceived ability to disappear from a given city only ...
  • Why are indexicals essential? 

    Prosser, Simon James (2015-12-01) - Journal article
    Despite recent challenges, it is commonly held that certain indexical terms such as ‘I’, ‘here’ and ‘now’ have a necessary or ‘essential’ role in certain kinds of action. I argue that this is correct, and I offer an ...
  • Frege's case for the logicality of his basic laws 

    Yates, Alexander (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-22) - Thesis
    Frege wanted to show that arithmetical truths are logical by proving them from purely logical basic laws. But how do we know that these basic laws are logical? Frege uses generality and undeniability to make a prima facie ...
  • Mnemonic communities : politics of World War II memory in Thai screen culture 

    Prasannam, Natthanai (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-28) - Thesis
    This thesis examines the politics of World War II memory in Thai screen culture with special reference to films and television series produced between the 1970s and the 2010s. Framed by memory studies and film studies ...

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