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  • Skill-based acquaintance : a non-causal account of reference 

    Gové, Jean (2024-12-04) - Thesis
    This thesis provides an account of acquaintance with abstract objects. The notion of acquaintance is integral to theorising on reference and singular thought, since it is generally taken to be the relation that must exist ...
  • Voluntarism and virtue in Hume's moral philosophy 

    Galvagni, Enrico (2024-06-10) - Thesis
    The nature of morality and its foundations are prominent subjects of debate in the history of early modern ethics. A standard characterisation of the early eighteenth-century dispute opposes moral rationalism to moral ...
  • Conceptual baggage and how to unpack it 

    Wilson, Emilia Lynette (2024-06-10) - Thesis
    Our interpretive resources enable us to make sense of, navigate, and communicate about our shared world. These resources not only carve the world up into categories, but also guide how we, individually and collectively, ...
  • Essays on indiscernibility 

    Nizzardo, Matteo (2024-06-10) - Thesis
    This Thesis is a collection of essays on qualitatively indiscernible entities, i.e. entities which agree with respect to all the qualitative properties they instantiate. In Chapter 1 I introduce various accounts of ...
  • Aristotle on the limits of final causes. The case of extended teleology 

    Hernández Villarreal, Andrés (University of St Andrews, 2021-12-01) - Thesis
    In this thesis, I discuss the concept of Aristotelian extended teleology (i.e., non-theistic teleological causation in which more than one substance is involved). I argue that some passages of Aristotle’s corpus and ...

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