St Andrews is one of the leading international centres for philosophy in Britain. We offer graduate teaching at a level that matches the best graduate programmes elsewhere in the world, in a wide area of philosophy and the history of philosophy.

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Recent Submissions

  • A pluralistic solution to the relationalism versus representationalism debate 

    Black, Paul Andrew (University of St Andrews, 2018-12-07) - Thesis
    A great deal of philosophy of perception literature has been concerned with determining the fundamental philosophical account of perception. The overwhelming majority of contemporary work in this area has advocated for ...
  • Title redacted 

    Randall, Leonard Avery (University of St Andrews, 2016) - Thesis
  • Essentialism in Aristotle, Kripke and Fine : differences in explanatory purposes 

    Sattler, Wolfgang (University of St Andrews, 2017) - Thesis
    In this dissertation I compare the different forms of essentialism that we find in Aristotle, Saul Kripke and Kit Fine. I argue that there is a clear difference in explanatory purpose between Aristotle’s essentialism on ...
  • Taking meaning out of context : essays on the foundations of natural language semantics 

    Cameron, Matthew Dunbar (University of St Andrews, 2018) - Thesis
    David Lewis articulated minimal constraints on a formal theory of natural language semantics that have been widely adopted by subsequent theorists: compositionality and sentence truth in a given context. In the process, ...
  • Kant's concept of the good 

    Tonissen, Bas Ben Martien; Snedegar, Justin (University of St Andrews, 2018) - Thesis
    This dissertation asks what Kant means when he talks about the good, and what role this concept plays in his ethical theory. It is divided into three chapters. The first examines the context in which this question was first ...

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