St Andrews is one of the leading international centres for philosophy in Britain. We offer graduate teaching at a level that matches the best graduate programmes elsewhere in the world, in a wide area of philosophy and the history of philosophy.

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Recent Submissions

  • Knowledge for nothing 

    Greenough, Patrick Michael (Oxford University Press, 2018) - Book item
  • The notion of continuity in Parmenides 

    Sattler, Barbara Michaela (2017-10-26) - Journal article
  • A bitter pill for closure 

    Backes, Marvin (2017-11-18) - Journal article
    The primary objective of this paper is to introduce a new epistemic paradox that puts pressure on the claim that justification is closed under multi premise deduction. The first part of the paper will consider two well-known ...
  • Kant über Mitleidenschaft 

    Timmermann, Jens (2016-12-21) - Journal article
    In his discussion of sympathetic participation in § 34 of the Doctrine of Virtue, Kant twice uses an unusual word that does not reappear anywhere in his writings: Mitleidenschaft. So far, the significance of this has gone ...
  • Review of The Myth of the Intuitive, by Max Deutsch 

    Ball, Derek Nelson (2017) - Journal item

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