St Andrews is one of the leading international centres for philosophy in Britain. We offer graduate teaching at a level that matches the best graduate programmes elsewhere in the world, in a wide area of philosophy and the history of philosophy.

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Recent Submissions

  • Normalcy, justification, and the easy-defeat problem 

    Backes, Marvin (2018-08-20) - Journal article
    Recent years have seen the rise of a new family of non-probabilistic accounts of epistemic justification. According to these views—we may call them Normalcy Views—a belief in P is justified only if, given the evidence, ...
  • Comments on Brian Epstein's The Ant Trap 

    Hawley, Katherine (2017-02-13) - Journal item
    The Ant Trap is a terrific book, which opens up new opportunities to use philosophical methods in the social realm, by drawing on the tools and techniques of contemporary metaphysics. Epstein uses concepts of dependence, ...
  • Reasons, oughts, and requirements 

    Snedegar, Justin (Oxford University Press, 2016-08-04) - Book item
    This paper raises a challenge for the recently popular reasons first approach to normativity, according to which all normative notions can be explained in terms of reasons. The reasons first theorist owes us an account of ...
  • Intellectual skill and the Rylean regress 

    Weatherson, Brian James (2017-04-01) - Journal article
    Intelligent activity requires the use of various intellectual skills. While these skills are connected to knowledge, they should not be identified with knowledge. There are realistic examples where the skills in question ...
  • How should utilitarians think about the future? 

    Mulgan, Tim (2017) - Journal article
    Utilitarians must think collectively about the future because many contemporary moral issues require collective responses to avoid possible future harms. But current rule utilitarianism does not accommodate the distant ...

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