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  • Hutcheson and Kant : moral sense and moral feeling 

    Walschots, Michael (Routledge, 2017-07-14) - Book item
  • Is Weak Supplementation analytic? 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2018-12-27) - Journal article
    Mereological principles are often controversial; perhaps the most stark contrast is between those who claim that Weak Supplementation is analytic—constitutive of our notion of proper parthood—and those who argue that the ...
  • Conspiracy Theories, Impostor Syndrome, and Distrust 

    Hawley, Katherine Jane (2019-01-02) - Journal article
    Conspiracy theorists believe that powerful agents are conspiring to achieve their nefarious aims and also to orchestrate a cover-up. People who suffer from impostor syndrome believe that they are not talented enough for ...
  • Some myths about Ethnocentrism 

    Etinson, Adam (2018) - Journal article
    Ethnocentrism, it is said, involves believing certain things to be true: that one's culture is superior to others, more deserving of respect, or at the 'centre' of things. On the alternative view defended in this article, ...
  • The knowledge unacknowledged in the Theaetetus 

    Broadie, Sarah Jean (2016-12-22) - Journal article