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  • The demandingness of Scanlon's contractualism 

    Ashford, Elizabeth (2003-01) - Journal article
  • Justifications and excuses 

    Baron, Marcia (2005) - Journal article
    The distinction between justifications and excuses is a familiar one to most of us who work either in moral philosophy or legal philosophy. But exactly how it should be understood is a matter of considerable disagreement. ...
  • Virtue ethics, Kantian ethics, and the 'one thought too many' objection 

    Baron, Marcia (de Gruyter, 2008) - Book item
  • True, false, paranormal, and 'designated'? : a reply to Jenkins 

    Caret, Colin Ready; Cotnoir, Aaron (2008-07) - Journal article
  • The provocation defense and the nature of justification 

    Baron, Marcia (2009) - Journal article
  • Generic truth and mixed conjunctions : some alternatives 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2009-07) - Journal article
  • Extortion and the ethics of "topping up" 

    Sachs, Benjamin (2009-10) - Journal item
  • Morality, adapted 

    Sachs, Benjamin Alan (2010) - Journal article
    Over the last few decades, scientists have been busy debunking the myth that nonhuman animals relate to each other in a primarily competitive, aggressive way. What they have found is that many species of animal, including ...
  • Anti-symmetry and non-extensional mereology 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2010-04) - Journal article
    I examine the link between extensionality principles of classical mereology and the anti-symmetry of parthood. Varzi’s most recent defence of extensionality depends crucially on assuming anti-symmetry. I examine the notions ...
  • Consequentialism's double-edged aword 

    Sachs, Benjamin (2010-09) - Journal article
    Recent work on consequentialism has revealed it to be more flexible than previously thought. Consequentialists have shown how their theory can accommodate certain features with which it has long been considered incompatible, ...
  • Miller, Bradwardine and the Truth 

    Read, Stephen (2011-06) - Journal article
    In his article "Verdades antiguas y modernas" (in the same issue, pp. 207-27), David Miller criticised Thomas Bradwardine’s theory of truth and signification and my defence of Bradwardine’s application of it to the semantic ...
  • Property identities and modal arguments 

    Ball, Derek Nelson (2011-11) - Journal article
    Many physicalists about the mind are committed to claims about property identities. Following Kripke's well-known discussion, modal arguments have emerged as major threats to such claims. This paper argues that modal ...
  • Solvitur Ambulando. Meaning-constitutive Principles and the Inscrutability of Inference 

    Pedriali, Walter B. (King's College Publications, 2012) - Book item
  • Non-wellfounded mereology 

    Cotnoir, Aaron; Bacon, Andrew (2012-06) - Journal article
    This paper is a systematic exploration of non-wellfounded mereology. Motivations and applications suggested in the literature are considered. Some are exotic like Borges’ Aleph, and the Trinity; other examples are less so, ...
  • Why coercion is wrong when it’s wrong 

    Sachs, Benjamin Alan (2013) - Journal article
    It is usually thought that wrongful acts of threat-involving coercion are wrong because they involve a violation of the freedom or autonomy of the targets of those acts. I argue here that this cannot possibly be right, and ...
  • Beyond atomism 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2013-03) - Journal article
    Contemporary metaphysicians have been drawn to a certain attractive picture of the structure of the world. This picture consists in classical mereology, the priority of parts over wholes, and the well-foundedness of ...
  • Kantian dilemmas? Moral conflict in Kant’s ethical theory 

    Timmermann, Jens (2013-03-20) - Journal article
    This paper explores the possibility of moral conflict in Kant’s ethics. An analysis of the only explicit discussion of the topic in his published writings confirms that there is no room for genuine moral dilemmas. Conflict ...
  • Validity for strong pluralists 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2013-05) - Journal article
  • Strange parts : the metaphysics of non-classical mereologies 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2013-09) - Journal article
    The dominant theory of parts and wholes – classical extensional mereology – has faced a number of challenges in the recent literature. This article gives a sampling of some of the alleged counterexamples to some of the ...
  • Parts as counterparts 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2013-09) - Journal article
    Mereological nihilists are faced with a difficult challenge: explaining ordinary talk about material objects. Popular paraphrase strategies involve plurals, arrangements of particles, or fictions. In this paper, a new ...