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  • Sosa on epistemic value : a Kantian obstacle 

    McGrath, Matthew (2018-02-17) - Journal item
    In recent work, Sosa proposes a comprehensive account of epistemic value based on an axiology for attempts. According to this axiology, an attempt is better if it succeeds, better still if it is apt (i.e., succeeds through ...
  • Festiwale filmowe poza filmami : glamour, grupy interesów, korporacje 

    Iordanova, Dina (2018-01-20) - Journal article
    In order to understand the way a film festival operates, one has to switch the attention away from films, especially in the case of the glamour-driven festivals with their focus on red carpet, photo-ops etc. Films matter, ...
  • Lewisian scorekeeping and the future 

    Ball, Derek (2019) - Journal article
    The purpose of this paper is to draw out a little noticed, but (I think) correct and important, consequence of David Lewis’s theory of how the values of contextual parameters are determined. According to Lewis (1979), these ...
  • Some results on the limits of thought 

    Bacon, Andrew; Uzquiano, Gabriel (2018-01-31) - Journal article
    Generalizing on some arguments due to Arthur Prior and Dmitry Mirimanoff, we provide some further limitative results on what can be thought.
  • Артистичната личност и балканското кино : Подозрение и отчуждение 

    Iordanova, Dina (2018-11-30) - Journal article
    As represented in Balkan cinema – and here we mainly look at cinematic texts created in the context of former Yugoslavia’s constituent republics -- the artist is suspect. The presence of the artist is awkwardly tolerated ...