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    • Analogy, rule-following and meaning 

      Williams, Andrew Simeon (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-28) - Thesis
      In this thesis, I argue that meaning something by a linguistic expression should be thought to consist, not in following a rule, but in drawing an analogy. I argue that using a linguistic expression meaningfully involves ...
    • Vehicle relationism : essays on samethinking and samesaying 

      Vikesdal, Sara Kasin (University of St Andrews, 2019-12-04) - Thesis
      This thesis is about the nature of samethinking and samesaying. These notions are broad and capture various distinct but related phenomena. I will focus on two particular understandings of ‘samethinking’, and on one ...
    • When others fail to comply : Kant on revolution, self-defence, and lying 

      Lo Re, Stefano (University of St Andrews, 2019-12-04) - Thesis
      According to a prominent line of interpretation, Kantians must sometimes choose between leaving individuals defenceless against evil or developing strategies to mitigate the stringency of duties in the face of others’ bad ...
    • Title redacted 

      Bartole, Tomi (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-20) - Thesis
    • Propositional unity and representation : theories of judgement from Kant to Wittgenstein 

      Dankova, Zuzana (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-24) - Thesis
      The aim of the thesis is to provide a fresh look at the beginning of the British analytic tradition, represented by early G. E. Moore and B. Russell and later by a young L. Wittgenstein, and emphasize especially the way ...