Social Anthropology at St Andrews is internationally renowned for our innovative teaching and cutting-edge research. The Department has a number of academic specialisations, backed up by field work conducted across the globe.

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  • European development strategy in the Pacific 

    Borrevik, Camilla; Crook, Tony; Hviding, Edvard; Lind, Craig Thomas (European Union, Directorate-General for External Policies of the Union, 2014-07-29) - Report
    Development in the Pacific region is uneven, multi-layered and challenging. The European Union’s development cooperation with the Pacific is significant; in fact the EU is the second largest donor of development assistance ...
  • EU-Pacific Climate Change Policy and Engagement : a Social Science and Humanities review 

    Crook, Tony; Lind, Craig Thomas (University of St Andrews, 2013) - Report
    This short report provides an overview and review of EU-Pacific Climate Change Policy and Engagement from a Social Science and Humanities perspective. Alongside an outline of the historical background and contemporary ...
  • Understanding gender inequality actions in the Pacific : ethnographic case-studies & policy options 

    Crook, Tony; Farran, Susan; Roëll, Emilie (European Union, Publications Office of the European Union, 2016) - Report
    The prevalence of violence against women in the Pacific region is among the highest in the world. Countries across the Pacific region have put in place policy strategies, legal frameworks and a raft of initiatives, but ...
  • Cosmopolitics : collected papers of the Open Anthropology Cooperative, volume I 

    Shaffner, Justin; Wardle, Huon; University of St Andrews. Social Anthropology (Open Anthropology Cooperative Press, 2017-01-07) - Book
    Edited papers of the Open Anthropology Cooperative, an open-access, non-copyright, open-membership forum for anthropological discussion.
  • Report to the dancefloor : journeys by experience and writing into raving and anthropology 

    Reeves, Barry (University of St Andrews, 1998) - Thesis
    This work is an ethnography about raving. As such, it is based on the author's actual, inter-subjective and historical experience of that contemporary international social phenomenon in Britain and in Goa (India) during ...

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