Social Anthropology at St Andrews is internationally renowned for our innovative teaching and cutting-edge research. The Department has a number of academic specialisations, backed up by field work conducted across the globe.

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Recent Submissions

  • Following the Bear : the revival of Plough Monday traditions and the performance of rural identity in the East Anglian fenlands 

    Irvine, Richard D. G. (2018-08-13) - Journal article
    In Whittlesey and Ramsey, two market towns in the East Anglian fenlands, farm labourers led a ‘Straw Bear’ through the streets; one of an array of Plough Monday customs marking the start of the agricultural year. The ...
  • Anthropocene East Anglia 

    Irvine, Richard D.G. (2017-03-01) - Journal article
    As we find ourselves in a geological epoch of our own making, it becomes necessary to reconsider the temporal scale of ethnographic enquiry; the effect of human behaviour is shown as a mark in deep time. Focusing on the ...
  • Seeing environmental violence in deep time : perspectives from contemporary Mongolian literature and music 

    Irvine, Richard D. G. (2018-05-01) - Journal article
    What does it mean to do violence in deep time? How is deep time evoked in our understanding of environmental harm? Environmental transformations have figured prominently in the recent history of Mongolia. Shifts in land-use ...
  • Anthropology and the study of contradictions 

    Berliner, David; Lambek, Michael; Schweder, Richard; Irvine, Richard; Piette, Albert (2016-07-10) - Journal item
    Contradictions constitute one fundamental aspect of human life. Humans are steeped in contradictory thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. In this debate, five anthropologists adopt an individual-centered and phenomenological ...
  • Scaling a river 

    Harris, Mark (Institut für Ethnologie, Universität zu Köln, 2018) - Book item
    How can we know a watery space? This contribution to the ‘hydrosocial Anthropocene’ focuses on techniques and methodologies for the ethnographic and historical investigation of riverine societies. Here I examine three ...

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