The School has four major components: Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Film Studies and Academic Music.

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Recent Submissions

  • Review essay: Michael Jackson’s Harmattan: A Philosophical Fiction 

    Rapport, Nigel Julian (2016) - Journal item
  • Schellenberg on the epistemic force of experience 

    McGrath, Matthew (2016-04) - Journal article
    According to Schellenberg, our perceptual experiences have the epistemic force they do because they are exercises of certain sorts of capacity, namely capacities to discriminate particulars—objects, property-instances and ...
  • Perceptual reasons 

    Comesana, Juan; McGrath, Matthew (2016-04) - Journal article
    The two main theories of perceptual reasons in contemporary epistemology can be called Phenomenalism and Factualism. According to Phenomenalism, perceptual reasons are facts about experiences conceived of as phenomenal ...
  • How khipus indicated labour contributions in an Andean village: an explanation of colour banding, seriation and ethnocategories 

    Hyland, Sabine Patricia (2016-08-10) - Journal article
    New archival and ethnographic evidence reveals that Inka style khipus were used in the Andean community of Santiago de Anchucaya to record contributions to communal labour obligations until the 1940s. Archival testimony ...
  • Reply to Blackson 

    Weatherson, Brian James (2016-07-01) - Journal article
    Thomas Blackson argues that interest-relative epistemologies cannot explain the irrationality of certain choices when the agent has three possible options. I argue that his examples only refute a subclass of interest-relative ...

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