The School has four major components: Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Film Studies and Academic Music.

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Recent Submissions

  • The consequences of anthropological writing 

    Rapport, Nigel Julian (2015-09) - Journal item
    Review essay: Michael Jackson’s The other shore: Essays on writers and writing
  • Memory, belief and time 

    Weatherson, Brian James (2016-01-08) - Journal article
    I argue that what evidence an agent has does not supervene on how she currently is. Agents do not always have to infer what the past was like from how things currently seem; sometimes the facts about the past are retained ...
  • Modality and paradox 

    Uzquiano, Gabriel (2015-04-06) - Journal article
    Philosophers often explain what could be the case in terms of what is, in fact, the case at one possible world or another. They may differ in what they take possible worlds to be or in their gloss of what is for something ...
  • Reply to Eaton and Pickavance 

    Weatherson, Brian James (2016-03-11) - Journal item
    David Eaton and Timothy Pickavance argued that interest-relative invariantism has a surprising and interesting consequence. They take this consequence to be so implausible that it refutes interest-relative invariantism. ...
  • Being undisciplined : doing justice to the immensity of human experience 

    Rapport, Nigel (2017-03-27) - Journal article
    This monograph has been an appraisal of the anthropology of Britain as a project. In this final piece, the volume is reviewed and an argument is made along Kierkegaardian lines. Human life is an inward, personal adventure, ...

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