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  • The geography of business angel investments in the UK : does local bias (still) matter? 

    Cowling, Marc; Brown, Ross; Lee, Neil (2021-01-20) - Journal article
    Business angels (BAs) - high net worth individuals who provide informal risk capital to firms - are seen as important providers of entrepreneurial finance. Theory and conventional wisdom suggest that the need for face-to-face ...
  • Sparse designs for estimating variance components of nested random factors 

    Bailey, R. A.; Fernandes, Célia; Ramos, Paulo (2021-01-20) - Journal article
    A new class of designs is introduced for both estimating the variance components of nested factors and testing hypotheses about those variance components. These designs are flexible, and can be chosen so that the degrees ...
  • A latent capture history model for digital aerial surveys 

    Borchers, David L.; Nightingale, Peter; Stevenson, Ben C.; Fewster, Rachel M. (2020-12-10) - Journal article
    We anticipate that unmanned aerial vehicles will become popular wildlife survey platforms. Because detecting animals from the air is imperfect, we develop a mark‐recapture line transect method using two digital cameras, ...
  • Landscape-scale forest loss as a catalyst of population and biodiversity change 

    Daskalova, Gergana N.; Myers-Smith, Isla H.; Bjorkman, Anne D.; Blowes, Shane A.; Supp, Sarah R.; Magurran, Anne E.; Dornelas, Maria (2020-06-19) - Journal article
    Global biodiversity assessments have highlighted land-use change as a key driver of biodiversity change. However, there is little empirical evidence of how habitat transformations such as forest loss and gain are reshaping ...
  • Attraction to men and women predicts sexual dimorphism preferences 

    Batres, Carlota; Jones, Benedict C.; Perrett, David Ian (2020-01-21) - Journal article
    Objectives: Sexual orientation categories are commonly differentiated in the partner preference literature. Yet little is known about how the variability within each category influences partner preferences. Methods: We ...

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