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  • A randomised, controlled, observer-masked trial of corneal cross-linking for progressive keratoconus in children : the KERALINK protocol 

    Chowdhury, Kashfia; Dore, Caroline; Burr, Jennifer M.; Bunce, Catey; Raynor, Mathew; Edwards, Matthew; Larkin, Daniel F. P. (2019-09-12) - Journal article
    Introduction: The KERALINK trial tests the hypothesis that corneal cross-linking (CXL) treatment reduces the progression of keratoconus in comparison to standard care in patients under 17 years old. KERALINK is a randomised ...
  • PrimeStore MTM and OMNIgene sputum for the preservation of sputum for Xpert MTB/RIF testing in Nigeria 

    Bimba, John S; Lawson, Lovett; Kontogianni, Konstantina; Edwards, Thomas; Ekpenyong, Bassey Emanna; Dodd, James; Adams, Emily R; Sloan, Derek James; Cresswell, Jacob; Dominguez, Jose; Cuevas, Luis E (2019-12-04) - Journal article
    Background: Xpert MTB/RIF (GX) for tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis is often located in reference laboratories, and sputum needs to be transported using a cold chain. Transport media to preserve sputum are available, but ...
  • Ensemble-based modeling of the NMR spectra of solid solutions : cation disorder in Y2(Sn,Ti)2O7 

    Moran, Robert F.; McKay, David; Tornstrom, Paulynne; Aziz, Alex; Fernandes, Arantxa; Grau-Crespo, Ricardo; Ashbrook, Sharon E. (2019-11-06) - Journal article
    The sensitivity of NMR to the local environment, without the need for any long-range order, makes it an ideal tool for the characterisation of disordered materials. Computational prediction of NMR parameters can be of ...
  • The role of active case finding in reducing patient incurred catastrophic costs for tuberculosis in Nepal 

    Gurung, Suman Chandra; Dixit, Kritika; Rai, Bhola; Caws, Maxine; Paudel, Puskar Raj; Dhital, Raghu; Acharya, Shraddha; Budhathoki, Gangaram; Malla, Deepak; Levy, Jens W.; van Rest, Job; Lönnroth, Knut; Viney, Kerri; Ramsay, Andrew; Wingfield, Tom; Basnyat, Buddha; Thapa, Anil; Squire, Bertie; Wang, Duolao; Mishra, Gokul; Shah, Kashim; Shrestha, Anil; de Siqueira-Filha, Noemia Teixeira (2019-12-03) - Journal article
    Background The World Health Organization (WHO) End TB Strategy has established a milestone to reduce the number of tuberculosis (TB)- affected households facing catastrophic costs to zero by 2020. The role of active case ...
  • Genetic and morphological divergence in the warm-water planktonic foraminifera genus Globigerinoides 

    Morard, Raphaël; Füllberg, Angelina; Brummer, Geert-Jan A.; Greco, Mattia; Jonkers, Lukas; Wizemann, André; Weiner, Agnes K. M.; Darling, Kate; Siccha, Michael; Ledevin, Ronan; Kitazato, Hiroshi; de Garidel-Thoron, Thibault; de Vargas, Colomban; Kucera, Michal (2019-12-05) - Journal article
    The planktonic foraminifera genus Globigerinoides provides a prime example of a species-rich genus in which genetic and morphological divergence are uncorrelated. To shed light on the evolutionary processes that lead to ...

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