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  • Unveiling the multi-step solubilization mechanism of sub-micron size vesicles by detergents 

    Dalgarno, Paul A.; Juan-Colás, José; Hedley, Gordon James; Piñeiro, Lucas; Novo, Mercedes; Perez-Gonzalez, Cibran; Samuel, Ifor D. W.; Leake, Mark; Johnson, Steven; Al-Soufi, Wajih; Penedo-Esteiro, J. Carlos; Quinn, Steven D. (2019-09-09) - Journal article
    The solubilization of membranes by detergents is critical for many technological applications and has become widely used in biochemistry research to induce cell rupture, extract cell constituents, and to purify, reconstitute ...
  • Sulphur isotopes of alkaline magmas unlock long-term records of crustal recycling on Earth 

    Hutchison, William; Babiel, Ranier; Finch, Adrian A.; Marks, Michael; Markl, Gregor; Boyce, Adrian J.; Stüeken, Eva Elisabeth; Friis, Henrik; Borst, Anouk M.; Horsburgh, Nicola J. (2019-09-16) - Journal article
    Earth’s surface and mantle sulphur reservoirs are connected via subduction, crustal recycling and volcanism. Although oceanic hotspot lavas currently provide the best constraints on the deep sulphur cycle, their restricted ...
  • Epistemology and the law : why there is no epistemic mileage in legal cases 

    Backes, Marvin (2019-09-05) - Journal article
    The primary aim of this paper is to defend the Lockean View—the view that a belief is epistemically justified iff it is highly probable—against a new family of objections. According to these objections, broadly speaking, ...
  • Czy Romowie domagają się własnego muzeum? : Pierwsze próby utworzenia kolekcji i muzeum Romów 

    Marushiakova-Popova, Elena Andreevna; Popov, Veselin (2018-12) - Journal article
    In this text we present the first documented ideas of establishing the Roma collections and museums. We argue that behind these ideas there was an assumption that Roma had always been an integral part and constituent element ...
  • Asymmetrical time-to-contact error with two moving objects persists across different vertical separations 

    Bennett, Simon J; Uji, Makoto; Baurès, Robin (2018-04) - Journal article
    When human observers estimate the time-to-contact (TTC) of more than one object there is an asymmetric pattern of error consistent with prioritizing the lead object at the expense of the trail object. Here, we examined TTC ...

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