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  • Target product profiles : tests for tuberculosis treatment monitoring and optimization 

    Gupta-Wright, Ankur; den Boon, Saskia; MacLean, Emily L; Cirillo, Daniela; Cobelens, Frank; Gillespie, Stephen H; Kohli, Mikashmi; Ruhwald, Morten; Savic, Rada; Brigden, Grania; Gidado, Mustapha; Goletti, Delia; Hanna, Debra; Hasan, Rumina; Hewison, Cathy; Koura, Kobto G; Lienhardt, Christian; Lungu, Patrick; McHugh, Timothy D; McKenna, Lindsay; Scott, Cherise; Scriba, Thomas; Sekaggya-Wiltshire, Christine; Kasaeva, Tereza; Zignol, Matteo; Denkinger, Claudia M; Falzon, Dennis (2023-11-01) - Journal article
    The World Health Organization has developed target product profiles containing minimum and optimum targets for key characteristics for tests for tuberculosis treatment monitoring and optimization. Tuberculosis treatment ...
  • Cosmological constraints from measurements of type Ia supernovae discovered during the first 1.5 yr of the Pan-STARRS1 survey 

    Rest, A.; Scolnic, D.; Foley, R. J.; Huber, M. E.; Chornock, R.; Narayan, G.; Tonry, J. L.; Berger, E.; Soderberg, A. M.; Stubbs, C. W.; Riess, A.; Kirshner, R. P.; Smartt, S. J.; Schlafly, E.; Rodney, S.; Botticella, M. T.; Brout, D.; Challis, P.; Czekala, I.; Drout, M.; Hudson, M. J.; Kotak, R.; Leibler, C.; Lunnan, R.; Marion, G. H.; McCrum, M.; Milisavljevic, D.; Pastorello, A.; Sanders, N. E.; Smith, K.; Stafford, E.; Thilker, D.; Valenti, S.; Wood-Vasey, W. M.; Zheng, Z.; Burgett, W. S.; Chambers, K. C.; Denneau, L.; Draper, P. W.; Flewelling, H.; Hodapp, K. W.; Kaiser, N.; Kudritzki, R.-P.; Magnier, E. A.; Metcalfe, N.; Price, P. A.; Sweeney, W.; Wainscoat, R.; Waters, C. (2014-11-01) - Journal article
    We present grizP1 light curves of 146 spectroscopically confirmed Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia 0.03 < z < 0.65) discovered during the first 1.5 yr of the Pan-STARRS1 Medium Deep Survey. The Pan-STARRS1 natural photometric ...
  • Global constitutionalism and outer space governance 

    Bower, Adam S. (Edward Edgar Publishing, 2023-11-17) - Book item
  • The English School and global constitutionalism 

    Costa Buranelli, Filippo (Edward Edgar Publishing, 2023-11-23) - Book item
    The English School of International Relations (ES) is a theoretical approach that strongly emphasises the role that international law, ethics and morality, as well as informal norms, rules, and institutions have played ...
  • Benchmarking DFT functionals for excited-state calculations of donor–acceptor TADF emitters : insights on the key parameters determining reverse inter-system crossing 

    Hall, David; Sancho-García, Juan Carlos; Pershin, Anton; Beljonne, David; Zysman-Colman, Eli; Olivier, Yoann (2023-06-01) - Journal article
    The importance of intermediate triplet states and the nature of excited states has gained interest in recent years for the thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) mechanism. It is widely accepted that simple ...

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