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  • Validity of willingness to pay measures under preference uncertainty 

    Braun, Carola; Rehdanz, Katrin; Schmidt, Ulrich (2016-04-20) - Journal article
    Recent studies in the marketing literature developed a new method for eliciting willingness to pay (WTP) with an open-ended elicitation format: the Range-WTP method. In contrast to the traditional approach of eliciting WTP ...
  • Green perovskite distributed feedback lasers 

    Harwell, Jonathon Robert; Whitworth, Guy Luke; Turnbull, Graham Alexander; Samuel, Ifor David William (2017-09-15) - Journal article
    A visible perovskite distributed feedback laser is fabricated for the first time. Through the use of nanocrystal pinning, highly luminescent methylammonium lead bromide films are used to produce stable lasers emitting at ...
  • Fine-scale harbour seal usage for informed marine spatial planning 

    Jones, Esther Lane; Sparling, Carol Elizabeth; McConnell, Bernie J; Morris, Christopher; Smout, Sophie Caroline (2017-09-14) - Journal article
    High-resolution species distribution maps are required for marine spatial planning, consenting, and licensing to assess interactions between anthropogenic activities and ecosystems. This approach can inform conservation ...
  • Kyrgyzstan 2015 : a country adrift? 

    Fumagalli, Matteo (2016-03-01) - Journal article
    In August 2015 Kyrgyzstan completed the accession process to the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). Bishkek now firmly gravitates in Russia’s orbit. In October parliamentary elections returned a six-party national assembly, ...
  • Ocean observations using tagged animals 

    Roquet, Fabien; Boehme, Lars; Block, Barbara; Charrasin, Jean Benoit; Costa, Daniel; Guinet, Christophe; Harcourt, Robert G.; Hindell, Mark A.; Hückstädt, Luis A.; McMahon, Clive R.; Woodward, Bill; Fedak, Michael Andre (2017-06) - Journal article
    “Biologging” through temporary attachment of miniaturized data loggers on marine animals is revolutionizing the science of marine ecology (Block et al., 2011; Hussey et al., 2015). It also offers new capabilities to observe ...

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