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  • Quantifying uncertainty due to fission–fusion dynamics as a component of social complexity 

    Ramos-Fernandez, Gabriel; King, Andrew J.; Beehner, Jacinta C.; Bergman, Thore J.; Crofoot, Margaret C.; Di Fiore, Anthony; Lehmann, Julia; Schaffner, Colleen M.; Snyder-Mackler, Noah; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Aureli, Filippo; Boyer, Denis (2018-05-30) - Journal article
    Groups of animals (including humans) may showflexible grouping patterns, in which temporary aggregations or subgroups come together and split, changing composition over short temporal scales, (i.e. fission and fusion). A ...
  • Surface contact : film design as an exchange of meaning 

    Donaldson, Lucy Fife (2018-06) - Journal article
    Surface has become an important consideration of sensory film theory, conceived of in various forms: the screen itself as less a barrier than a permeable skin, the site of a meaningful interaction between film and audience; ...
  • Activity seascapes highlight central place foraging strategies in marine predators that never stop swimming 

    Papastamatiou, Yannis; Watanabe, Yuuki; Demsar, Urska; Leos-Barajas, Vianey; Bradley, Darcy; Langrock, Roland; Weng, Kevin; Lowe, Christopher; Friedlander, Alan; Caselle, Jennifer (2018-06-21) - Journal article
    Background:  Central place foragers (CPF) rest within a central place, and theory predicts that distance of patches from this central place sets the outer limits of the foraging arena. Many marine ectothermic predators ...
  • The evolution of deep ocean chemistry and respired carbon in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific over the last deglaciation 

    de la Fuente, Maria; Calvo, Eva; Skinner, Luke; Pelejero, Carles; Evans, David; Müller, Wolfgang; Povea, Patricia; Cacho, Isabel (2017-12) - Journal article
    It has been shown that the deep Eastern Equatorial Pacific (EEP) region was poorly ventilated during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) relative to Holocene values. This finding suggests a more efficient biological pump, which ...
  • 1.9 µm waveguide laser fabricated by ultrafast laser inscription in Tm:Lu2O3 ceramic 

    Morris, J.; Stevenson, N. K.; Bookey, H. T.; Kar, A. K.; Brown, C. T. A.; Hopkins, J. -M.; Dawson, M. D.; Lagatsky, A. A. (2017-06-26) - Journal article
    The ultrafast laser inscription technique has been used to fabricate channel waveguides in Tm3+-doped Lu2O3 ceramic gain medium for the first time to our knowledge. Laser operation has been demonstrated using a monolithic ...

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