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  • An introduction to presentations of monoid acts : quotients and subacts 

    Miller, Craig; Ruskuc, Nikola (2019-01-27) - Journal article
    The purpose of this paper is to introduce the theory of presentations of monoids acts. We aim to construct ‘nice’ general presentations for various act constructions pertaining to subacts and Rees quotients. More precisely, ...
  • A super-Earth and two sub-Neptunes transiting the nearby and quiet M dwarf TOI-270 

    Günther, Maximilian N.; Pozuelos, Francisco J.; Dittmann, Jason A.; Dragomir, Diana; Kane, Stephen R.; Daylan, Tansu; Feinstein, Adina D.; Huang, Chelsea X.; Morton, Timothy D.; Bonfanti, Andrea; Bouma, L. G.; Burt, Jennifer; Collins, Karen A.; Lissauer, Jack J.; Matthews, Elisabeth; Montet, Benjamin T.; Vanderburg, Andrew; Wang, Songhu; Winters, Jennifer G.; Ricker, George R.; Vanderspek, Roland K.; Latham, David W.; Seager, Sara; Winn, Joshua N.; Jenkins, Jon M.; Armstrong, James D.; Barkaoui, Khalid; Batalha, Natalie; Bean, Jacob L.; Caldwell, Douglas A.; Ciardi, David R.; Collins, Kevin I.; Crossfield, Ian; Fausnaugh, Michael; Furesz, Gabor; Gan, Tianjun; Gillon, Michaël; Guerrero, Natalia; Horne, Keith; Howell, Steve B.; Ireland, Michael; Isopi, Giovanni; Jehin, Emmanuël; Kielkopf, John F.; Lepine, Sebastien; Mallia, Franco; Matson, Rachel A.; Myers, Gordon; Palle, Enric; Quinn, Samuel N.; Relles, Howard M.; Rojas-Ayala, Bárbara; Schlieder, Joshua; Sefako, Ramotholo; Shporer, Avi; Suárez, Juan C.; Tan, Thiam-Guan; Ting, Eric B.; Twicken, Joseph D.; Waite, Ian A. (2019-07-29) - Journal article
    One of the primary goals of exoplanetary science is to detect small, temperate planets passing (transiting) in front of bright and quiet host stars. This enables the characterization of planetary sizes, orbits, bulk ...
  • N-Alkyl-α-amino acids in Nature and their biocatalytic preparation 

    Hyslop, Julia F.; Lovelock, Sarah L.; Watson, Allan J. B.; Sutton, Peter W.; Roiban, Gheorghe-Doru (2019-03-10) - Journal article
    N-alkylated-α-amino acids are useful building blocks for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. Enantioselective methods of N-alkylated-α-amino acid synthesis are therefore highly valuable and widely investigated. ...
  • Reimagining the postwar international order : the world federalism of Ozaki Yukio and Kagawa Toyohiko 

    Lawson, Konrad Mitchell (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2018-07-26) - Book item
  • Dolphin echolocation behaviour during active long-range target approaches 

    Ladegaard, Michael; Mulsow, Jason; Houser, Dorian S.; Jensen, Frants Havmand; Johnson, Mark; Madsen, Peter Teglberg; Finneran, James J. (2019-01-25) - Journal article
    Echolocating toothed whales generally adjust click intensity and rate according to target range to ensure that echoes from targets of interest arrive before a subsequent click is produced, presumably facilitating range ...

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