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  • What is impostor syndrome? 

    Hawley, Katherine Jane (2019) - Journal article
    People are described as suffering from impostor syndrome when they feel that their external markers of success are unwarranted, and fear being revealed as a fraud. Impostor syndrome is commonly framed as a troubling ...
  • Occasion setters determine responses of putative DA neurons to discriminative stimuli 

    Aquili, Luca; Bowman, Eric M.; Schmidt, Robert (2020-09) - Journal article
    Midbrain dopamine (DA) neurons are involved in the processing of rewards and reward-predicting stimuli, possibly analogous to reinforcement learning reward prediction errors. Here we studied the activity of putative DA ...
  • Reclaiming the land : belonging, landscape, and in situ displacement on the plain of Karditsa (Greece) 

    Halstead, Huw (2019-12-02) - Journal article
    Land reform on the Karditsa plain in the late 1960s/early 1970s greatly alleviated poverty for local farmers, but also disrupted their traditional way of life and relationship with the landscape. This in situ displacement ...
  • First-dose ChAdOx1 and BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccines and thrombocytopenic, thromboembolic and hemorrhagic events in Scotland 

    Simpson, C R; Shi, T; Vasileiou, E; Katikireddi, S V; Kerr, S; Moore, E; McCowan, C; Agrawal, U; Shah, S A; Ritchie, L D; Murray, J; Pan, J; Bradley, D T; Stock, S J; Wood, R; Chuter, A; Beggs, J; Stagg, H R; Joy, M; Tsang, R S M; de Lusignan, S; Hobbs, R; Lyons, R A; Torabi, F; Bedston, S; O'Leary, M; Akbari, A; McMenamin, J; Robertson, C; Sheikh, A (2021-06-09) - Journal article
    Reports of ChAdOx1 vaccine-associated thrombocytopenia and vascular adverse events have led to some countries restricting its use. Using a national prospective cohort, we estimated associations between exposure to first-dose ...
  • An ultra-short-period transiting super-Earth orbiting the M3 dwarf TOI-1685 

    Bluhm, P.; Palle, E.; Molaverdikhani, K.; Kemmer, J.; Hatzes, A. P.; Kossakowski, D.; Stock, S.; Caballero, J. A.; Lillo-Box, J.; Bejar, V. J. S .; Soto, M. G.; Amado, P. J.; Brown, P.; Cadieux, C.; Cloutier, R.; Collins, K. A.; Collins, K. I.; Cortes-Contreras, M.; Doyon, R.; Dreizler, S.; Espinoza, N.; Fukui, A.; Gonzalez-Alvarez, E.; Henning, Th; Horne, K.; Jeffers, S. V.; Jenkins, J. M.; Jensen, E. L. N.; Kaminski, A.; Kielkopf, J. F.; Kusakabe, N.; Kuerster, M.; Lafreniere, D.; Luque, R.; Murgas, F.; Montes, D.; Morales, J. C.; Narita, N.; Passegger, V. M.; Quirrenbach, A.; Schoefer, P.; Reffert, S.; Reiners, A.; Ribas, I.; Ricker, G. R.; Seager, S.; Schweitzer, A.; Schwarz, R. P.; Tamura, M.; Trifonov, T.; Vanderspek, R.; Winn, J.; Zechmeister, M.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R. (2021-06-08) - Journal article
    Dynamical histories of planetary systems, as well as the atmospheric evolution of highly irradiated planets, can be studied by characterizing the ultra-short-period planet population, which the TESS mission is particularly ...

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