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  • Analytical results for directional and quadratic selection gradients for log-linear models of fitness functions 

    Morrissey, Michael B.; Goudie, I. B. J. (2022-05-18) - Journal article
    Log-linear models are widely used for assessing determinants of fitness in empirical studies, for example, in determining how reproductive output depends on trait values or environmental conditions. Similarly, theoretical ...
  • Towards unification of discourse annotation frameworks 

    Fu, Yingxue (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2022-05-25) - Conference item
    Discourse information is difficult to represent and annotate. Among the major frameworks for annotating discourse information, RST, PDTB and SDRT are widely discussed and used, each having its own theoretical foundation ...
  • Research partnerships across international contexts : a practice of unity or plurality? 

    Perry, Mia; Sharp, Jo; Aanyu, Kevin; Robinson, Jude; Duclos, Vanessa; Ferdous, Raihana (2022-04-05) - Journal article
    Partnership is not a benign practice; it is culturally and ethically loaded. The way in which partnerships are construed in international research determines its design, ethics and impacts. Despite this, and the growing ...
  • Two-tier manipulation of holographic information 

    Yan, Libin; Xiao, Jianling; Plaskocinski, Tomasz Tytus; Biabanifard, Mohammad; Persheyev, Saydulla; Askari, Meisam; Di Falco, Andrea (2022-05-23) - Journal article
    Here we demonstrate the two-tier manipulation of holographic information using frequency-selective metasurfaces. Our results show that these devices can diffract light efficiently at designed frequency and environmental ...
  • Desafiandola tradición de país harinero : una mirada económica de la actividad pesquera de Piura,Perú 

    Gozzer-Wuest, Renato; Sueiro, Juan Carlos; Grillo-Núñez, Jorge; De La Puente, Santiago; Correa, Mario; Mendo, Tania; Mendo, Jaime (2022-04-18) - Journal article
    Piura is a region in northern Peru that stands out for its artisanal fisheries, export-oriented processing industry that focuses on products for direct human consumption (DHC), and marine gastronomy. We characterized the ...

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