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  • Machine-learning-assisted insight into spin ice Dy2Ti2O7 

    Samarakoon, Anjana M.; Barros, Kipton; Li, Ying Wai; Eisenbach, Markus; Zhang, Qiang; Ye, Feng; Sharma, V.; Dun, Z. L.; Zhou, Haidong; Grigera, Santiago A.; Batista, Cristian D.; Tennant, D. Alan (2020-02-14) - Journal article
    Complex behavior poses challenges in extracting models from experiment. An example is spin liquid formation in frustrated magnets like Dy2Ti2O7. Understanding has been hindered by issues including disorder, glass formation, ...
  • Neutralism and conceptual engineering 

    Greenough, Patrick Michael (Oxford University Press, 2020-01-23) - Book item
  • Knowledge for nothing 

    Greenough, Patrick Michael (Oxford University Press, 2020-02-19) - Book item
    Let Entitlement Epistemology be the theory of knowledge which says that entitlement—a special kind of unearned warrant to accept or believe—can help us successfully address a range of sceptical arguments. Prominent versions ...
  • The genetic diversity, morphology, biogeography, and taxonomic designations of Ammonia (Foraminifera) in the Northeast Atlantic 

    Bird, Clare; Schweizer, Magali; Roberts, Angela; Austin, William E.N.; Knudsen, Karen Luise; Evans, Katharine M.; Filipsson, Helena L.; Sayer, Martin D.J.; Geslin, Emmanuelle; Darling, Kate F. (2019-02-19) - Journal article
    The genetic diversity, morphology and biogeography of Ammonia specimens was investigated across the Northeast (NE) Atlantic margins, to enhance the regional (palaeo)ecological studies based on this genus. Living specimens ...
  • Risk factors associated with poor clinical outcome in pyogenic spinal infections : 5-years’ intensive care experience 

    Milosevic, Branko; Cevik, Muge; Urosevic, Aleksandar; Nikolic, Natasa; Poluga, Jasmina; Jovanovic, Milica; Milosevic, Ivana; Micic, Jelena; Paglietti, Bianca; Barac, Aleksandra (2020-01-31) - Journal article
    Introduction: Management of pyogenic spinal infections (PSI) after the development of neurological deficit has not been specifically addressed in the literature. We aimed to describe real-life clinical outcomes of PSI in ...

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