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    • New observational constraints on the winds of M dwarf stars 

      Wood, Brian E.; Muller, Hans-Reinhard; Redfield, Seth; Konow, Fallon; Vannier, Hunter; Linsky, Jeffrey L.; Youngblood, Allison; Vidotto, Aline A.; Jardine, Moira; Alvarado-Gomez, Julian D.; Drake, Jeremy J. (2021-07-01) - Journal article
      High resolution UV spectra of stellar H I Lyα lines from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) provide observational constraints on the winds of coronal main sequence stars, thanks to an astrospheric absorption signature created ...
    • Pensioner employment, well-being, and gender : lessons from Russia 

      Ashwin, Sarah; Keenan, Katherine; Kozina, Irina M. (2021-07-01) - Journal article
      Encouraging pensioner employment is one answer to the challenge of aging societies. Employment positively influences the subjective well-being (SWB) of working-age populations, but the implications for pensioners, including ...
    • Wide-bite-angle disphosphine ligands in thermally activated delayed fluorescent copper(I) complexes : impact on the performance of electroluminescence applications 

      Li, Chenfei; Mackenzie, Campbell Frank Ross; Said, Said A.; Pal, Amlan Kumar; Haghighatbin, Mohammed A.; Babaei, Azin; Sessolo, Michele; Cordes, David Bradford; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Kamer, Paul C J; Bolink, Henk; Hogan, Conor F.; Zysman-Colman, Eli (2021-07-01) - Journal article
      We report a series of seven cationic heteroleptic copper(I) complexes of the form [Cu(P^P)(dmphen)]BF4, where dmphen is 2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline and P^P is a diphosphine chelate, in which the effect of the bite ...
    • Impermissible yet praiseworthy 

      Pummer, Theron (2021-07-01) - Journal article
      It is commonly held that unexcused impermissible acts are necessarily blameworthy, not praiseworthy. I argue that unexcused impermissible acts can be not only pro tanto praiseworthy but also overall praiseworthy—and even ...
    • Understanding singular terms 

      Dickie, Imogen (2020-07-01) - Journal article
      This paper uses a puzzle arising from cases of felicitous underspecification in uses of demonstratives to motivate a new model of communication using singular terms.