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  • Climate change, cryosphere and impacts in the Indian Himalayan Region 

    Dimri, A. P.; Allen, S.; Huggel, C.; Mal, S.; Ballesteros-Canovas, J. A.; Rohrer, M.; Shukla, A.; Tiwari, P.; Maharana, P.; Bolch, T.; Thayyen, R. J.; Stoffel, M.; Pandey, Aayushi (2021-03-10) - Journal article
    Climate change and related impacts over the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) remains poorly quantified. The present study reviews observed and modelled changes in the climate, cryosphere and impacts related to hazards, ...
  • Eusociality through conflict dissolution 

    Gonzalez Forero, Mauricio; Peña, Jorge (2021-04-28) - Journal article
    Eusociality, where largely unreproductive offspring help their mothers reproduce, is a major form of social organization. An increasingly documented feature of eusociality is that mothers induce their offspring to help by ...
  • Effect of fluoroalkyl-substituent in bistolane-based photoluminescence liquid crystals on their physical behavior 

    Yamada, Shigeyuki; Wang, Yizhou; Morita, Masato; Zhang, Qingzhi; O'Hagan, David; Nagata, Masakazu; Agou, Tomohiro; Fukumoto, Hiroki; Kubota, Toshio; Hara, Mitsuo; Konno, Tsutomu (2021-04-20) - Journal article
    Photoluminescentliquid crystals (PLLCs) have attracted significant attention owing to their broad applicabilityin thermosensing and PL switching. Extensive efforts have been madeto develop bistolane-based PLLCs containing ...
  • Severity scoring of behavioral responses of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) to novel continuous versus conventional pulsed active sonar 

    Curé, Charlotte; Isojunno, Saana; Siemensma, Marije J.; Wensveen, Paul; Buisson, Célia; Sivle, Lise D.; Benti, Benjamin; Roland, Rune; Kvadscheim, Petter H.; Lam, Frans-Peter A.; Miller, Patrick James (2021-04-19) - Journal article
    Controlled exposure experiments (CEEs) have demonstrated that naval pulsed active sonar (PAS) can induce costly behavioral responses in cetaceans similar to antipredator responses. New generation continuous active sonars ...
  • Indicative conditionals : probabilities and relevance 

    Berto, Franz; Özgün, Aybüke (2021-04-19) - Journal article
    We propose a new account of indicative conditionals, giving acceptability and logical closure conditions for them. We start from Adams’ Thesis: the claim that the acceptability of a simple indicative equals the corresponding ...

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