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  • Dilemmas of fundamentalist non-state actors in international relations 

    Finnegan, Patrick; Rauta, Vladimir (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2022-05-25) - Book item
    This chapter addresses fundamentalism by placing it within international relations broadly and the interactive strategic environment more narrowly. By comparing the role played by fundamentalism within two ethno-nationalist ...
  • N-symmetric interaction of N hetons. II : analysis of the case of arbitrary N 

    Koshel, Konstantin; Sokolovkiy, Mikhail; Dritschel, David Gerard; Reinaud, Jean Noel (2024-05-24) - Journal article
    This paper seeks and examines N-symmetric vortical solutions of the two-layer geostrophic model for the special case when the vortices (or eddies) have vanishing summed strength (circulation anomaly). This study is an ...
  • Non-thermal broadening of coronal lines in a 3D MHD loop model 

    Breu, Cosima Alexandra; Peter, Hardi; Solanki, Sami Khan; Cameron, Robert; De Moortel, Ineke (2024-05) - Journal article
    Observed spectral profiles of emission lines from the corona are found to have widths exceeding the thermal line width. To investigate the physical mechanism, we run a 3D MHD model of a single, straightened loop in which ...
  • The C-terminus of the prototypical M2 muscarinic receptor localizes to the mitochondria and regulates cell respiration under stress conditions 

    Fasciani, Irene; Petragnano, Francesco; Wang, Ziming; Edwards, Ruairidh; Telugu, Narasimha; Pietrantoni, Ilaria; Zabel, Ulrike; Zauber, Henrik; Grieben, Marlies; Terzenidou, Maria E; Di Gregorio, Jacopo; Pellegrini, Cristina; Santini, Silvano; Taddei, Anna R; Pohl, Bärbel; Aringhieri, Stefano; Carli, Marco; Aloisi, Gabriella; Marampon, Francesco; Charlesworth, Eve; Roman, Alexandra; Diecke, Sebastian; Flati, Vincenzo; Giorgi, Franco; Amicarelli, Fernanda; Tobin, Andrew B; Scarselli, Marco; Tokatlidis, Kostas; Rossi, Mario; Lohse, Martin J; Annibale, Paolo; Maggio, Roberto (2024-04-29) - Journal article
    Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors are prototypical G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), members of a large family of 7 transmembrane receptors mediating a wide variety of extracellular signals. We show here, in cultured ...
  • Common dolphin whistle response to experimental mid-frequency sonar 

    Casey, Caroline; Fregosi, Selene; Oswald, Julie Nicola; Janik, Vincent M.; Visser, Fleur; Southall, Brandon (2024-04-26) - Journal article
    Oceanic delphinids that occur in and around Navy operational areas are regularly exposed to intense military sonar broadcast within the frequency range of their hearing. However, empirically measuring the impact of sonar ...

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