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  • Towards polariton blockade of confined exciton–polaritons 

    Delteil, Aymeric; Fink, Thomas; Schade, Anne; Höfling, Sven; Schneider, Christian; Imamoğlu, Ataç (2019-03) - Journal article
    Cavity–polaritons in semiconductor microstructures have emerged as a promising system for exploring non-equilibrium dynamics of many-body systems1. Key advances in this field, including the observation of polariton ...
  • The influence of mood and attitudes towards eating on cognitive and autobiographical memory flexibility in female university students 

    Mang, Luisa; Ridout, Nathan; Dritschel, Barbara (2018-11) - Journal article
    Cognitive flexibility, as measured through set-shifting ability, appears to be impaired in patients with eating disorders (EDs). Thus, it is important to determine if the switching deficit seen in clinical eating disorders ...
  • Should a Christian adopt methodological naturalism? 

    Torrance, Andrew B. (2017-09) - Journal article
    It has become standard practice for scientists to avoid the possibility of references to God by adopting methodological naturalism: a method that requires scientists to assume that the natural world is all that exists. In ...
  • Pervasive aerobic nitrogen cycling in the surface ocean across the Paleoproterozoic Era 

    Kipp, Michael A.; Stüeken, Eva E.; Yun, Misuk; Bekker, Andrey; Buick, Roger (2018-10-15) - Journal article
    Nitrogen isotope ratios in marine sedimentary rocks have become a widely used biogeochemical proxy that records information about nutrient cycling and redox conditions in Earth's distant past. While the past two decades ...
  • Sperm is a sexual ornament in rose bitterling 

    Smith, Carl Hendrik; Spence, Rowena Grace Alison; Reichard, Martin (2018-08-17) - Journal article
    In many taxa, odour cues mediate mating decisions. A key question is what these odours comprise, where they are produced, and what they signal. Using rose bitterling, fish that spawn in the gills of freshwater mussels, we ...

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