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  • The modern invention of ‘dynasty’ : an introduction 

    Afanasyev, Ilya; Banerjee, Milinda (2020-07-22) - Journal article
    Historians tend to take ‘dynasty’ for granted. It is assumed that ‘we’ know what ‘dynasty’ is; and that the concept unproblematically corresponds to the empirical reality of a historical institution present in all ‘pre-modern’ ...
  • Indirect protection by reducing transmission : ending the pandemic with SARS-CoV-2 vaccination 

    Richterman, Aaron; Meyerowitz, Eric A; Cevik, Muge (2022-02-20) - Journal article
  • Nucleotide usage biases distort inferences of the species tree 

    Borges, Rui; Boussau, Bastien; Szöllősi, Gergely J; Kosiol, Carolin (2022-01) - Journal article
    Despite the importance of natural selection in species' evolutionary history, phylogenetic methods that take into account population-level processes typically ignore selection. The assumption of neutrality is often based ...
  • Age of the oldest known Homo sapiens from eastern Africa 

    Vidal, Céline M.; Lane, Christine S.; Asrat, Asfawossen; Barfod, Dan N.; Mark, Darren F.; Tomlinson, Emma L.; Tadesse, Amdemichael Zafu; Yirgu, Gezahegn; Deino, Alan; Hutchison, William; Mounier, Aurélien; Oppenheimer, Clive (2022-01-12) - Journal article
    Efforts to date the oldest modern human fossils in eastern Africa, from Omo-Kibish1,2,3 and Herto4,5 in Ethiopia, have drawn on a variety of chronometric evidence, including 40Ar/39Ar ages of stratigraphically associated ...
  • Controls on lithium concentration and diffusion in zircon 

    Sliwinski, J. T.; Kueter, N.; Marxer, F.; Ulmer, P.; Guillong, M.; Bachmann, O. (2018-11-30) - Journal article
    Thermal annealing of zircons prior to uranium-lead dating by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry is a commonly-implemented procedure which improves data accuracy and precision by partially repairing ...

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