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Recent Submissions

  • Enterprise discourses in Dutch urban policies; a comparison between two cities in the Netherlands 

    Al Sader, Nuha; Kleinhaus, Reinout; van Ham, Maarten (2020-01-22) - Journal article
    Local governments make use of ‘enterprise language’ to encourage citizens to adopt entrepreneurial behaviour in managing their daily lives and solving problems that emerge in their neighbourhood. In this paper, we examine ...
  • The age, origin and emplacement of the Tsiknias Ophiolite, Tinos, Greece 

    Lamont, Thomas N.; Roberts, Nick M.W.; Searle, Michael P.; Gopon, Phillip; Waters, David J.; Miller, Ian (2020-01-20) - Journal article
    The Tsiknias Ophiolite, exposed at the highest structural levels of Tinos, Greece, represents a thrust sheet of Tethyan oceanic crust and upper mantle emplaced onto the Attic-Cycladic Massif. We present new field observations ...
  • Transcriptional changes in the aphid species Myzus cerasi under different host and environmental conditions 

    Thorpe, P.; Escudero-Martinez, C. M.; Eves-van den Akker, S.; Bos, J. I. B. (2020-01-13) - Journal article
    Aphids feature complex life cycles, which in the case of many agriculturally important species involve primary and secondary host plant species. Whilst host alternation between primary and secondary host can occur in the ...
  • Envisioning SLO-driven service selection in multi-cloud applications 

    Elhabbash, Abdessalam; Elkhatib, Yehia; Blair, Gordon S.; Lin, Yuhui; Barker, Adam; Thomson, John (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc, 2019-12-02) - Conference item
    The current large selection of cloud instances that are functionally equivalent makes selecting the right cloud service a challenging decision. We envision a model driven engineering (MDE) approach to raise the level of ...
  • Fluctuating asymmetry in brain structure and general intelligence in 73-year-olds 

    Moodie, Joanna E.; Ritchie, Stuart J.; Cox, Simon R.; Harris, Mathew A.; Maniega, Susana Munoz; Hernandez, Maria C. Valdes; Pattie, Alison; Corley, Janie; Bastin, Mark E.; Starr, John M.; Wardlaw, Joanna M.; Deary, Ian J. (2020-01) - Journal article
    Fluctuating body asymmetry is theorized to indicate developmental instability, and to have small positive associations with low socioeconomic status (SES). Previous studies have reported small negative associations between ...

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