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Recent Submissions

  • Sex allocation and the evolution of insemination capacity under local mate competition 

    Martel, V.; Shuker, David Michael; Boulton, Rebecca A.; Damiens, D.; Boivin, G. (2016-05) - Journal article
    Local mate competition (LMC) theory has proved enormously successful in predicting sex ratios across a broad range of organisms when localised mating patches lead to mating competition amongst kin. As such, LMC is a key ...
  • The tectonic and metallogenic framework of Myanmar : a Tethyan mineral system 

    Gardiner, Nicholas J.; Robb, Laurence J.; Morley, Christopher K.; Searle, Michael P.; Cawood, Peter Anthony; Whitehouse, Martin J.; Kirkland, Christopher L.; Roberts, Nick M. W.; Myint, Tin Aung (2016-12) - Journal article
    Myanmar is perhaps one of the world's most prospective but least explored minerals jurisdictions, containing important known deposits of tin, tungsten, copper, gold, zinc, lead, nickel, silver, jade and gemstones. A scarcity ...
  • A causal role for the anterior mid-cingulate cortex in negative affect and cognitive control 

    Tolomeo, S.; Christmas, D.; Jentzsch, Ines; Johnston, B.; Sprengelmeyer, Reiner Heinrich; Matthews, K.; Steele, J.D. (2016-06) - Journal article
    Converging evidence has linked the anterior mid-cingulate cortex to negative affect, pain and cognitive control. Shackman and colleagues proposed this region uses information about punishment to control aversively motivated ...
  • Sex ratios, virginity and local resource enhancement in a quasisocial parasitoid 

    Kapranas, Apostolos; Hardy, Ian C.W.; Tang, Xiuyun; Gardner, Andy; Li, Baoping (2016-05) - Journal item
    Sclerodermus harmandi is an economically beneficial species of parasitoid wasp that also has an unusual level of sociality: groups of female foundresses reproduce on a single host and exhibit cooperative post-ovipositional ...
  • Elongation of flare ribbons 

    Qiu, Jiong; Longcope, Dana W.; Cassak, Paul A.; Priest, Eric R. (2017-03-20) - Journal article
    We present an analysis of the apparent elongation motion of flare ribbons along the polarity inversion line (PIL), as well as the shear of flare loops in several two-ribbon flares. Flare ribbons and loops spread along the ...

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