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Recent Submissions

  • Rate dependent performance related to crystal structure evolution of Na0.67Mn0.8Mg0.2O2 in a sodium-ion battery 

    Sharma, N.; Tapia-Ruiz, N.; Singh, G.; Armstrong, Robert; Pramudita, J.C.; Brand, H.E.A.; Billaud, Juliette; Bruce, FRS, Peter; Rojo, T. (2015-10-27) - Journal article
    Sodium-ion batteries are considered as a favorable alternative to the widely used lithium-ion batteries for applications such as grid-scale energy storage. However, to meet the energy density and reliability that is ...
  • Bulk AlInAs on InP(111) as a novel material system for pure single photon emission 

    Unsleber, Sebastian; Deppisch, Michael; Krammel, Christian M.; Vo, Minh; Yerino, Christopher D.; Simmonds, Paul J.; Lee, Minjoo Larry; Koenraad, Paul M.; Schneider, Christian; Hoefling, Sven (2016-10-03) - Journal article
    In this letter, we report on quantum light emission from bulk AlInAs grown on InP(111) substrates. We observe indium rich clusters in the bulk Al0:48In0:52As (AlInAs), resulting in quantum dot-like energetic traps for ...
  • Toxic metal concentrations in cigarettes obtained from U.S. smokers in 2009 : results from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) United States survey cohort 

    Caruso, Rosalie V.; O'Connor, Richard J.; Stephens, W. Edryd; Cummings, K. Michael; Fong, Geoffrey T. (2013-12-20) - Journal article
    Smoking-related diseases can be attributed to the inhalation of many different toxins, including heavy metals, which have a host of detrimental health effects. The current study reports the levels of arsenic (As), cadmium ...
  • Hybrid photonic crystal lasers 

    Liles, Alexandros A.; Bakoz, Andrei P.; Gonzalez-Fernandez, Alfredo; Habruseva, Tatiana; Persheyev, Saydulla; Huyet, Guillaume; Hegarty, Stephen P.; O'Faolain, Liam (IEEE, 2016-08-23) - Conference item
    Energy efficient Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) is the key to satisfying the future bandwidth requirements of datacentres. As the silicon photonics platform is regarded the only technology able to meet the required ...
  • Control of Q-factor in nanobeam cavities on substrate 

    Panettieri, Danilo; O'Faolain, Liam; Grande, Marco (IEEE, 2016-08-23) - Conference item
    In this paper, we demonstrate how to efficiently control the quality factor of silicon nitride nanobeam cavities, grown on a silica substrate and embedded in an upper cladding, by engineering the nanobeam cross-section and ...

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