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Recent Submissions

  • Islands and resilience : Christianization processes in the Cyclades 

    Sweetman, Rebecca Jane (Oxbow, 2019) - Book item
    Commonly perceived as pawns in wider imperial machinations, the Cyclades have often been side-lined as peripheral due to their assumed seclusion. Conversely, even a brief analysis of the archaeological evidence indicates ...
  • Drivers of human-wildlife impact events involving mammals in Southeastern Brazil 

    Hilário, R. R.; Carvalho, W. D.; Gheler-Costa, C.; Rosalino, L. M.C.; Marques, T. A.; Adania, C. H.; Paulino, J. S.; Almeida, P. M.; Mustin, K. (2021-11-10) - Journal article
    Annually millions of animals are killed as a result of human-wildlife impacts. Each year the NGO Associação Mata Ciliar (NGOMC), in Southeastern Brazil, receives and rehabilitates thousands of animals. We evaluated how ...
  • Bycatch and discards in the artisanal shrimp trawl fishery in Northern Peru 

    Mendo, Jaime; Mendo, Tania; Gil-Kodaka, Patricia; Martina, Jimmy; Gómez, Iván; Delgado, Ruggeri; Fernández, Jhenifer; Travezaño, Alejandra; Arroyo, Ruggeri; Loza, Karla; James, Mark A. (2022-06-22) - Journal article
    This study analyses the bycatch composition of an artisanal shrimp trawl fleet operating between Cabo Blanco and Máncora in Northern Peru between April 2019 and March 2020. A total of 300 hauls were analysed with respect ...
  • Do capuchin monkeys (Sapajus apella) use exploration to form intuitions about physical properties? 

    Jordan, Eleanor; Voelter, Christoph Johannes; Seed, Amanda Madeleine (2022-06-22) - Journal article
    Humans’ flexible innovation relies on our capacity to accurately predict objects’ behaviour. These predictions may originate from a “physics-engine” in the brain which simulates our environment. To explore the evolutionary ...
  • Spatial and temporal variations in interspecific interaction : impact of a recreational landscape 

    Marion, Solène; Demšar, Urška; Davies, Althea; Stephens, Philip A.; Irvine, R. Justin; Long, Jed (2022-05-17) - Journal article
    Anthropogenic activities, such as outdoor recreation, have the potential to change complex interactions between wildlife and livestock, with further consequences for the management of both animals, the environment, and ...

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