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Recent Submissions

  • Optically manipulated micromirrors for precise excitation of WGM microlasers 

    Plaskocinski, Tomasz T.; Yan, Libin; Schubert, Marcel; Gather, Malte C.; Di Falco, Andrea (2023-12-07) - Journal article
    Whispering gallery mode microlasers are highly sensitive refractive index sensors widely explored for biophotonic and biomedical applications. Microlaser excitation and collection of the emitted light typically utilize ...
  • Out of time? Eternity, christology and Justinianic law 

    Humfress, Caroline (Cambridge University Press, 2023-08-31) - Book item
    The essay explores the distinctive relationship between sacred (Christian) temporality and (Western) ‘hermeneutics of the state’, through a focus upon the founding texts of the Civilian legal tradition: the sixth-century ...
  • CD -27°11535 : evidence for a triple system in the β Pictoris moving group 

    Thomas, Andrew D.; Nielsen, Eric L.; Rosa, Robert J. De; Peck, Anne E.; Macintosh, Bruce; Chilcote, Jeffrey; Kalas, Paul; Wang, Jason J.; Blunt, Sarah; Greenbaum, Alexandra; Konopacky, Quinn M.; Ireland, Michael J.; Tuthill, Peter; Ward-Duong, Kimberly; Hirsch, Lea A.; Czekala, Ian; Marchis, Franck; Marois, Christian; Millar-Blanchaer, Max A.; Roberson, William; Smith, Adam; Gallamore, Hannah; Klusmeyer, Jessica (2023-12-01) - Journal article
    We present new spatially resolved astrometry and photometry of the CD –27°11535 system, a member of the β Pictoris moving group consisting of two resolved K-type stars on a ∼20 yr orbit. We fit an orbit to relative astrometry ...
  • Association schemes with given stratum dimensions : on a paper of Peter M. Neumann 

    Anagnostopoulou-Merkouri, Marina; Cameron, Peter J. (2023) - Journal article
    In January 1969, Peter M. Neumann wrote a paper entitled "Primitive permutation groups of degree 3p". The main theorem placed restrictions on the parameters of a primitive but not 2 -transitive permutation group of degree ...
  • A surprising abundance of massive quiescent galaxies at 3 < z < 5 in the first data from JWST CEERS 

    Carnall, A C; McLeod, D J; McLure, R J; Dunlop, J S; Begley, R; Cullen, F; Donnan, C T; Hamadouche, M L; Jewell, S M; Jones, E W; Pollock, C L; Wild, V (2023-04-01) - Journal article
    We report a robust sample of 10 massive quiescent galaxies at redshift, z > 3, selected using the first data from the JWST CEERS programme. Three of these galaxies are at 4 < z < 5, constituting the best evidence to date ...

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