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Recent Submissions

  • Generating optical orbital angular momentum at visible wavelengths using a plasmonic metasurface 

    Karimi, Ebrahim; Schulz, Sebastian A; De Leon, Israel; Qassim, Hammam; Upham, Jeremy; Boyd, Robert W (2014-05-09) - Journal article
    Light beams with a helical phase-front possess orbital angular momentum along their direction of propagation in addition to the spin angular momentum that describes their polarisation. Until recently, it was thought that ...
  • A femtometer-resolved all-fiber speckle wavemeter (Conference Presentation) 

    Bruce, Graham David; Chen, Mingzhou; Dholakia, Kishan (SPIE, 2018-03-14) - Conference item
    The speckle pattern produced when a laser illuminates a random medium can, with appropriate analysis, be used to uniquely identify the wavelength of the illuminating source. We have demonstrated that principal component ...
  • Strong, spectrally-tunable chirality in diffractive metasurfaces 

    De Leon, Israel; Horton, Matthew J.; Schulz, Sebastian A.; Upham, Jeremy; Banzer, Peter; Boyd, Robert W. (2015-10) - Journal article
    Metamaterials and metasurfaces provide a paradigm-changing approach for manipulating light. Their potential has been evinced by recent demonstrations of chiral responses much greater than those of natural materials. Here, ...
  • Lower bound for the spatial extent of localized modes in photonic-crystal waveguides with small random imperfections 

    Faggiani, Rémi; Baron, Alexandre; Zang, Xiaorun; Lalouat, Loïc; Schulz, Sebastian A.; O’regan, Bryan; Vynck, Kevin; Cluzel, Benoît; De Fornel, Frédérique; Krauss, Thomas F.; Lalanne, Philippe (2016-07-01) - Journal article
    Light localization due to random imperfections in periodic media is paramount in photonics research. The group index is known to be a key parameter for localization near photonic band edges, since small group velocities ...
  • Overcoming the crisis : the changing profile and trajectories of Latvian migrants 

    McCollum, David; Apsite-Berina, Elina; Berzins, Maris; Krisjane, Zaiga (2017) - Journal article
    Taking mobility between Latvia and Western Europe as an empirical lens, this analysis explores the complex relationship between spatial disparities in earning potential and migration. The very dramatic shifts in the economic ...

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