Multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches have been central to the continued success of medical research in St Andrews. Internationally recognised research programmes in various aspects of molecular medicine, psychology and community health sciences are currently being promoted and extended. Our research themes include: Medical Photonics; Molecular Biology, encompassing Infection, Genomics, and Cell Signalling; and People and Populations, encompassing Health Psychology, Violence Reduction, and Child and Adolescent Health.

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Recent Submissions

  • Whole genome sequencing for surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae 

    Bossé, Janine T.; Li, Yanwen; Rogers, Jon; Crespo, Roberto Fernandez; Li, Yinghui; Chaudhuri, Roy R.; Holden, Matthew T. G.; Maskell, Duncan J.; Tucker, Alexander W.; Wren, Brendan W.; Rycroft, Andrew N.; Langford, Paul R.; BRaDP1T Consortium (2017-03-06) - Journal article
    The aim of this study was to evaluate the correlation between antimicrobial resistance (AMR) profiles of 96 clinical isolates of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, an important porcine respiratory pathogen, and the identification ...
  • Does dental undergraduate education and postgraduate training enable intention to provide inhalation sedation in primary dental care? A path analytical exploration 

    Yuan, S.; Carson, S. J.; Rooksby, M.; McKerrow, J.; Lush, C.; Humphris, Gerald Michael; Freeman, R. (2016-03-23) - Journal article
    Aim: To examine how quality standards of dental undergraduate education, postgraduate training and qualifications together with confidence and barriers could be utilised to predict intention to provide inhalation sedation. ...
  • Pathway analysis in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder : an ensemble approach 

    Mooney, Michael A; McWeeney, Shannon K; Faraone, Stephen V; Hinney, Anke; Hebebrand, Johannes; Nigg, Joel T; Wilmot, Beth; Kent, Lindsey (2016-09) - Journal article
    Despite a wealth of evidence for the role of genetics in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), specific and definitive genetic mechanisms have not been identified. Pathway analyses, a subset of gene-set analyses, ...
  • Changing trends in total knee replacement 

    Goudie, Ewan; Robinson, Cal; Walmsley, Phil; Brenkel, Ivan (2017-03-09) - Journal article
    Introduction:  This study evaluates a possible change in the demographics and surgical practice observed in a large cohort of patients undergoing total knee replacement (TKR). Patients and methods:  We performed a retrospective ...
  • Alcohol and disadvantaged men : a feasibility trial of an intervention delivered by mobile phone 

    Crombie, Iain K.; Irvine, Linda; Falconer, Donald W.; Williams, Brian; Ricketts, Ian W.; Jones, Claire; Humphris, Gerry; Norrie, John; Slane, Peter; Rice, Peter (2017-03-13) - Journal article
    Introduction and Aims:  Disadvantaged men suffer substantial harm from heavy drinking. This feasibility study developed and evaluated the methods for a trial of a brief intervention delivered by text messages to disadvantaged ...

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