Multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches have been central to the continued success of medical research in St Andrews. Internationally recognised research programmes in various aspects of molecular medicine, psychology and community health sciences are currently being promoted and extended. Our research themes include: Medical Photonics; Molecular Biology, encompassing Infection, Genomics, and Cell Signalling; and People and Populations, encompassing Health Psychology, Violence Reduction, and Child and Adolescent Health.

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  • Moxifloxacin replacement in contemporary tuberculosis drug regimens is ineffective against persistent Mycobacterium tuberculosis : in the Cornell mouse model 

    Liu, Yingjun; Pertinez, Henry; Davies, Geraint R; Gillespie, Stephen H; Coates, Anthony R; Hu, Yanmin (2018-07) - Journal article
    Tuberculosis (TB), which is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, remains a leading killer worldwide, and disease control is hampered by the ineffective control of persistent infections. Substitution of moxifloxacin for ...
  • Sequencing of prostate cancers identifies new cancer genes, routes of progression and drug targets 

    Wedge, David C.; Gundem, Gunes; Mitchell, Thomas; Woodstock, Dan J.; Martincorena, Inigo; Ghori, Mohammed; Zamora, Jorge; Butler, Adam; Whitaker, Hayley; Kote-Jarai, Zsofia; Alexandrov, Lumil B.; Van Loo, Peter; Massie, Charlie E.; Dentro, Stefan; Warren, Anne Y.; Verrill, Clare; Berney, Dan M.; Dennis, Nening; Merson, Sue; Hawkins, Steve; Howat, William; Lu, Yong-Jie; Lambert, Adam; Kay, Jonathan; Kremeyer, Barbara; Karaszi, Katalin; Camacho, Niedzica; Luxton, Hayley; Marsden, Luke; Edwards, Sandra; Matthews, Lucy; Bo, Valeria; Leongamornlert, Daniel; McLaren, Stuart; Ng, Anthony; Yu, Yongwei; Zhang, Hongwei; Dadaev, Tokhir; Thomas, Sarah; Easton, Douglas F.; Ahmed, Mahbubl; Bancroft, Elizabeth; Fisher, Cyril; Livni, Naomi; Nicol, David; Tavaré, Simon; Gill, Pelvender; Greenman, Christopher; Khoo, Vincent; Van As, Nicholas; Kumar, Pardeep; Ogden, Christopher; Cahill, Declan; Thompson, Alan; Mayer, Erik; Rowe, Edward; Dudderidge, Tim; Gnanapragasam, Vincent; Shah, Nimish C.; Raine, Keiran; Jones, David; Menzies, Andrew; Stebbings, Lucy; Teague, Jon; Hazell, Steven; Corbishley, Cathy; CamCaP Study Group; de Bono, Johann; Attard, Gerhardt; Isaacs, William; Visakorpi, Tapio; Fraser, Michael; Boutros, Paul C.; Bristow, Robert G.; Workman, Paul; Sander, Chris; The TCGA Consortium; Hamdy, Freddie C.; Futreal, Andrew; McDermott, Ultan; Al-Lazikani, Bissan; Lynch, Andy; Bova, G. Steven; Foster, Christopher S.; Brewer, Daniel S.; Neal, David E.; Cooper, Colin S.; Eeles, Rosalind A. (2018-04-16) - Journal article
    Prostate cancer represents a substantial clinical challenge because it is difficult to predict outcome and advanced disease is often fatal. We sequenced the whole genomes of 112 primary and metastatic prostate cancer ...
  • Wide-field multiphoton imaging through scattering media without correction 

    Escobet-Montalbán, Adrià; Spesyvtsev, Roman; Chen, Mingzhou; Saber, Wardiya Afshar; Andrews, Melissa; Herrington, C. Simon; Mazilu, Michael; Dholakia, Kishan (2018-10-12) - Journal article
    Optical approaches to fluorescent, spectroscopic and morphological imaging have made exceptional advances in the last decade. Super-resolution imaging and wide-field multiphoton imaging are now underpinning major advances ...
  • The functional outcome of total knee replacements in young patients : A 10-year matched case control study 

    Wood, AM; Keenan, ACM; Arthur, CHC; Aitken, SA; Walmsley, Phil; Brenkel, IJ (2013-06) - Journal article
  • Whole genome sequencing identifies zoonotic transmission of MRSA isolates with the novel mecA homologue mecC 

    Harrison, Ewan M.; Paterson, Gavin K.; Holden, Matthew Thomas Geoffrey; Larsen, Jesper; Stegger, Marc; Larsen, Anders Rhod; Petersen, Andreas; Skov, Robert L.; Christensen, Judit Marta; Zeuthen, Anne Bak; Heltberg, Ole; Harris, Simon R.; Zadoks, Ruth N.; Parkhill, Julian; Peacock, Sharon J.; Holmes, Mark A. (2013-04) - Journal article
    Several methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) lineages that carry a novel mecA homologue (mecC) have recently been described in livestock and humans. In Denmark, two independent human cases of mecC-MRSA infection ...

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