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  • Architecture and permeability of post-cytokinesis plasmodesmata lacking cytoplasmic sleeves 

    Nicolas, William J.; Grison, Magali S.; Trépout, Sylvain; Gaston, Amélia; Fouché, Mathieu; Cordelières, Fabrice P.; Oparka, Karl; Tilsner, Jens; Brocard, Lysiane; Bayer, Emmanuelle M. (2017-06-12) - Journal article
    Plasmodesmata are remarkable cellular machines responsible for the controlled exchange of proteins, small RNAs and signalling molecules between cells. They are lined by the plasma membrane (PM), contain a strand of tubular ...
  • Hindered erosion : the biological mediation of noncohesive sediment behavior 

    Chen, X. D.; Zhang, C. K.; Paterson, D. M.; Thompson, C. E. L.; Townend, I. H.; Gong, Z.; Zhou, Z.; Feng, Q. (2017-06-13) - Journal article
    Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) are ubiquitous on tidal flats but their impact on sediment erosion has not been fully understood. Laboratory-controlled sediment beds were incubated with Bacillus subtilis for 5, ...
  • Successful suction-cup tagging of a small delphinid species, Stenella attenuata : insights into whistle characteristics 

    Silva, Tammy L.; Aran Mooney, T.; Sayigh, Laela S.; Baird, Robin W.; Tyack, Peter L. (2017-04-13) - Journal article
  • A biocatalytic approach towards the stereoselective synthesis of protected inositols 

    Sayer, Lloyd H.; Florence, Gordon J.; Smith, Terry (2017-02-01) - Journal article
    A biocatalytic flow system utilising Trypanosoma brucei L-myo-inositol 1-phosphate synthase has been developed to prepare significant quantities of L-myo-inositol 1-phosphate. Using this highly valuable biochemical, we ...
  • Orion revisited : III. The Orion Belt population 

    Kubiak, K.; Alves, J.; Bouy, H.; Sarro, L. M.; Ascenso, J.; Burkert, A.; Forbrich, J.; Großschedl, J.; Hacar, A.; Hasenberger, B.; Lombardi, M.; Meingast, S.; Köhler, R.; Teixeira, P. S. (2017-02-13) - Journal article
    Aims: This paper continues our study of the foreground population to the Orion molecular clouds. The goal is to characterize the foreground population north of NGC 1981 and to investigate the star formation history in the ...