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  • AdaM : adapting multi-user interfaces for collaborative environments in real-time 

    Park, Seonwook; Gebhardt, Christoph; Rädle, Roman; Feit, Anna; Vrzakova, Hana; Dayama, Niraj; Yeo, Hui Shyong; Klokmose, Clemens; Quigley, Aaron John; Oulasvirta, Antti; Hilliges, Otmar (ACM, 2018-04-21) - Conference item
    Developing cross-device multi-user interfaces (UIs) is a challenging problem. There are numerous ways in which content and interactivity can be distributed. However, good solutions must consider multiple users, their roles, ...
  • Change blindness in proximity-aware mobile interfaces 

    Brock, Michael Oliver; Quigley, Aaron John; Kristensson, Per Ola (ACM, 2018-04-21) - Conference item
    Interface designs on both small and large displays can encourage people to alter their physical distance to the display. Mobile devices support this form of interaction naturally, as the user can move the device closer or ...
  • ST3268 : a geographically widespread primate MRSA clone 

    Hsu, Li-Yang; Holden, Matthew T. G.; Koh, Tse Hsien; Pettigrew, Kerry A.; Cao, Delphine; Hon, Pei Yun; Sergio, Darvi M.; Pena, Edgar; Ogden, Bryan E. (2017-08-01) - Journal item
  • Investigation of the relationship between the structure and conductivity of the novel oxide ionic conductor Ba3MoNbO8.5 

    Fop, Sacha; Wildman, Eve J.; Irvine, John T. S.; Connor, Paul A.; Skakle, Janet M. S.; Ritter, Clemens; McLaughlin, Abbie C. (2017-05-09) - Journal article
    A variable temperature neutron diffraction study of the novel oxide ion conductor Ba3MoNbO8.5 has been performed between 25 and 600 °C. Nonmonotonic behavior of the cell parameters, bond lengths, and angles are observed ...
  • Homochiral self-sorted and emissive IrIII metallo-cryptophanes 

    Pritchard, Victoria E.; Rota Martir, Diego; Oldknow, Samuel; Kai, Shumpei; Hiraoka, Shuichi; Cookson, Nikki J.; Zysman-Colman, Eli; Hardie, Michaele J. (2017-05-05) - Journal article
    The racemic ligands (±)-tris(isonicotinoyl)-cyclotriguaiacylene (L1), or (±)-tris(4-pyridyl-methyl)-cyclotriguaiacylene (L2) assemblewith racemic (Λ, Δ)- [Ir(ppy)2(MeCN)2]+, in which ppy = 2-phenylpyridinato to form ...