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    • Mutual interventions in Africa 

      Duursma, Allard; Tamm, Henning (2021-12) - Journal article
      Global datasets on interstate armed conflict suggest that African states clash with each other rarely and only for short periods. This research note shows that existing datasets paint a misleading picture. In fact, African ...
    • Re-examining Hrabanus Maurus’ letter on incest and magic 

      Edholm, Matthew (2023-03-24) - Journal article
      This article offers a reanalysis of Hrabanus’ mid-ninth-century text De magicis artibus. Often read and studied as a complete work, the De magicis artibus is in fact one portion of a longer text that also discusses incest ...
    • Title redacted 

      O'Connor, Anna (2023-06-13) - Thesis
      Abstract redacted
    • Digital life as a cabaret, old chum : a dramaturgical analysis of older digitalised home residents and their wider caring networks 

      Creaney, Rachel Sarah; Reid, Louise Anne; Currie, Margaret (2023-06) - Journal article
      The use of smart and assistive devices for remote healthcare monitoring is becoming increasingly popular for older people in their homes. However, the lived and long-term experiences of such technology, for the older ...
    • Totemic outsiders : ontological transformation among the Makushi 

      Whitaker, James Andrew (2021-09-01) - Journal article
      This article examines how sociological totemism mediates the co-existence of animism and an emerging naturalism among the Makushi in Surama Village (Guyana) within contexts of interactions with outsiders. Since the 1830s, ...