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    • Rapid ocean acidification and protracted Earth system recovery followed the end-Cretaceous Chicxulub impact 

      Henehan, Michael J.; Ridgwell, Andy; Thomas, Ellen; Zhang, Shuang; Alegret, Laia; Schmidt, Daniela N.; Rae, James W. B.; Witts, James D.; Landman, Neil H.; Greene, Sarah E.; Huber, Brian T.; Super, James R.; Planavsky, Noah J.; Hull, Pincelli M. (2019-10-21) - Journal article
      Mass extinction at the Cretaceous–Paleogene (K-Pg) boundary coincides with the Chicxulub bolide impact and also falls within the broader time frame of Deccan trap emplacement. Critically, though, empirical evidence as to ...
    • Multiple Late Holocene surges of a High-Arctic tidewater glacier system in Svalbard 

      Lovell, Harold; Benn, Douglas I.; Lukas, Sven; Ottesen, Dag; Luckman, Adrian; Hardiman, Mark; Barr, Lestyn D.; Boston, Clare M.; Sevestre, Heidi (2018-12-01) - Journal article
      Most large tidewater glaciers in Svalbard are known to have surged at least once in the last few hundred years. However, very little information exists on the frequency, timing or magnitude of surges prior to the Little ...
    • The Tonian Embu Complex in the Ribeira Belt (Brazil) : revision, depositional age and setting in Rodinia and West Gondwana 

      Campanha, G.A.C.; Faleiros, F.M.; Cawood, P. A.; Cabrita, D.I.G.; Ribeiro, B.V.; Basei, M.A.S. (2018-10-23) - Journal article
      The Embu Complex in the Neoproterozoic Ribeira Belt of Brazil provides a record of sedimentation associated with the Rodinia supercontinent and its subsequent deformation and metamorphism during assembly of West Gondwana. ...
    • p-type doped AlAsSb/GaSb resonant tunneling diode photodetector for the mid-infrared spectral region 

      Pfenning, Andreas; Hartmann, Fabian; Weih, Robert; Emmerling, Monika; Worschech, Lukas; Höfling, Sven (2018-10-23) - Journal article
      Mid‐infrared (MIR) resonant tunneling diode (RTD) photodetectors based on a p‐type doped AlAsSb/GaSb double‐barrier quantum well (DBQW) are proposed and investigated for their optoelectronic transport properties. At room ...
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      Chavez Cardenas, Hirepan (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-26) - Thesis