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    • Integrated modelling of Atlantic mackerel distribution patterns and movements : a template for dynamic impact assessments 

      Heinänen, Stefan; Chudzinska, Magda Ewa; Brandi Mortensen, Jonas; Teo, Theophilus Zhi En; Rong Utne, Kjell; Doksæter Sivle, Lise; Thomsen, Frank (2018-11-10) - Journal article
      Modelling is important for impact assessments of anthropogenic pressures on wildlife. Models are particularly useful when dealing with complex dynamic systems (as pelagic ecosystems) where data are limited and if various ...
    • Multiple sulphur isotope records tracking basinal and global processes in the 1.98 Ga Zaonega Formation, NW Russia 

      Paiste, Kart; Lepland, Aivo; Zerkle, A. L.; Kirsimäe, Kalle; Izon, Gareth James; Patel, Neel; McLean, Fiona; Kreitsmann, T.; Mänd, K; Bui, T; Romashkin, A; Rychanchik, D; Prave, A. R. (2018-11-05) - Journal article
      The exceptionally organic-rich rocks of the 1.98 Ga Zaonega Formation deposited in the Onega Basin, NW Russia, have refined our understanding of Earth System evolution during the Paleoproterozoic rise in atmospheric oxygen. ...
    • A bifunctional MOF catalyst containing metal-phosphine and Lewis acidic active sites 

      Prasad, Ram R. R.; Dawson, Daniel M.; Cox, Paul A.; Ashbrook, Sharon E.; Wright, Paul A.; Clarke, Matthew L. (2018-09-19) - Journal article
      Post‐synthetic modification of the hafnium metal–organic framework MOF‐808(Hf) to include triarylphosphine ligands is reported. Sulfonated phenylphosphines are incorporated without oxidation to give a “MOF ligand” that can ...
    • Title redacted 

      Sarr, Awa (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-28) - Thesis
    • Cloud futurology 

      Varghese, B.; Leitner, P.; Ray, S.; Chard, K.; Barker, A.; Elkhatib, Y.; Herry, H.; Hong, C.; Singer, J.; Tso, F. P.; Yoneki, E.; Zhani, M. (2019-09) - Journal article
      The cloud has become integral to most Internet-based applications and user gadgets. This article provides a brief history of the cloud and presents a researcher's view of the prospects for innovating at the infrastructure, ...