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    • 2,6-­exo-­8,12-­exo-­10-­Butyl-­13-­oxa-­3,5-­dithia-10-azatetracyclo[,6.08,12]tridecane-­9,11-­dione 

      Aitken, R Alan; Fotherby, Fiona M.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z. (2020-04-02) - Journal article
      The title compound was obtained in low yield and spectroscopically characterised. Its x-­ray structure was compared with those of other crystallographically characterised 2-­unsubstituted 1,3-­dithiolanes.
    • Personal and non-personal worship 

      Cockayne, Joshua (2020-03-26) - Journal article
      Is it possible to worship a non-personal God? According to some, the answer is no: worship necessarily involves addressing the object of one’s worship. Since non-personal gods cannot acknowledge or respond to address, it ...
    • Reversible spin storage in metal oxide-fullerene heterojunctions 

      Moorsom, T.; Rogers, M.; Scivetti, I.; Bandaru, S.; Teobaldi, G.; Valvidares, M.; Flokstra, M.; Lee, S.; Stewart, R.; Prokscha, T.; Gargiani, P.; Alosaimi, N.; Stefanou, G.; Ali, M.; Al Ma'Mari, F.; Burnell, G.; Hickey, B. J.; Cespedes, O. (2020-03-20) - Journal article
      We show that hybrid MnOx/C60 heterojunctions can be used to design a storage device for spin-polarized charge: a spin capacitor. Hybridization at the carbon-metal oxide interface leads to spin-polarized charge trapping ...
    • Viral DNA binding protein SUMOylation promotes PML nuclear body localization next to viral replication centers 

      Stubbe, Miona; Mai, Julia; Paulus, Christina; Stubbe, Hans Christian; Berscheminski, Julia; Karimi, Maryam; Hofmann, Samuel; Weber, Elisabeth; Hadian, Kamyar; Hay, Ron; Groitl, Peter; Nevels, Michael; Dobner, Thomas; Schreiner, Sabrina (2020-03) - Journal article
      Human adenoviruses (HAdVs) have developed mechanisms to manipulate cellular antiviral measures to ensure proper DNA replication, with detailed processes far from being understood. Host cells repress incoming viral genomes ...
    • Benzothiazolyl ureas are low micromolar and uncompetitive inhibitors of 17β-HSD10 with implications to Alzheimer’s disease treatment 

      Schmidt, Monika; Benek, Ondrej; Vinklarova, Lucie; Hrabinova, Martina; Zemanova, Lucie; Chribek, Matej; Kralova, Vendula; Hroch, Lukas; Dolezal, Rafael; Lycka, Antonin; Prchal, Lukas; Jun, Daniel; Aitken, Laura; Gunn-Moore, Frank; Kuca, Kamil; Musilek, Kamil (2020-03-17) - Journal article
      Human 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 10 is a multifunctional protein involved in many enzymatic and structural processes within mitochondria. This enzyme was suggested to be involved in several neurological diseases, ...