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    • The early Church 

      Humfress, Caroline (Cambridge University Press, 2022-02) - Book item
      According to a tradition recorded by the second-century Christian writer Hegesippus, the grandsons of Jude, Jesus’ brother, were denounced to the Roman emperor Domitian (81–96) because they, like Jesus himself, were ...
    • Context-dependent changes in maritime traffic activity during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic 

      Loveridge, Alexandra; Elvidge, Christopher D.; Kroodsma, David A.; White, Timothy D.; Evans, Karen; Kato, Akiko; Ropert-Coudert, Yan; Sommerfeld, Julia; Takahashi, Akinori; Patchett, Robert; Robira, Benjamin; Rutz, Christian; Sims, David W. (2024-01) - Journal article
      Rapid implementation of human mobility restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically reduced maritime activity in early 2020. But where and when activity rebounded, or remained low, during the full extent of 2020 ...
    • Mathematical modelling of cancer invasion : phenotypic transitioning provides insight into multifocal foci formation 

      Szymańska, Zuzanna; Lachowicz, Mirosław; Sfakianakis, Nikolaos; Chaplain, Mark A. J. (2024-01) - Journal article
      The transition from the epithelial to mesenchymal phenotype and its reverse (from mesenchymal to epithelial) are crucial processes necessary for the progression and spread of cancer. In this paper, we investigate how ...
    • Re-collecting Empire digital integration 

      Pisani, Sharon (Museums of the University of St Andrews, 2023-06) - Report
    • Multidimensional adjectives 

      D’Ambrosio, Justin; Hedden, Brian (2023-11-28) - Journal article
      Multidimensional adjectives are ubiquitous in natural language. An adjective F is multidimensional just in case whether F applies to an object or pair of objects depends on how those objects stand with respect to multiple ...