The School of Geography and Geosciences conducts international-calibre, agenda-setting research spanning both social and physical environments, focused mainly within its four research groups, the Environmental Change Research Group, Environment and Society Research Group, Earth Sciences and the Population, and the Health & Welfare Research Group.

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  • Crustal growth during island arc accretion and transcurrent deformation, Natal Metamorphic Province, South Africa : new isotopic constraints 

    Spencer, Christopher J.; Thomas, Robert J.; Roberts, Nick M.W.; Cawood, Peter A.; Millar, Ian; Tapster, Simon (2015-08) - Journal article
    The Natal Metamorphic Province consists of, from north to south, the Tugela, Mzumbe, and Margate terranes. These were accreted to the southeastern margin of the Kaapvaal Craton in the late Mesoproterozoic, and followed by ...
  • Neoproterozoic crustal growth of the Southern Yangtze Block : Geochemical and zircon U–Pb geochronological and Lu-Hf isotopic evidence of Neoproterozoic diorite from the Ailaoshan zone 

    Cai, Yongfeng; Wang, Yuejun; Cawood, Peter A.; Zhang, Yuzhi; Zhang, Aimei (2015-09) - Journal article
    Abstract Neoproterozoic felsic igneous rocks associated with mafic-ultramafic bodies along the margins of the Yangtze Block, South China, can be used to constrain the continental crustal growth and secular evolution of the ...
  • Defects in sodalite-group minerals determined from X-ray-induced luminescence 

    Finch, Adrian Anthony; Mortensen, Henrik Friis; Maghrabi, Mufeed (2016-05-17) - Journal article
    The luminescence spectra of a suite of natural sodium framework silicates including four different sodalite variants and tugtupite have been collected during X-ray irradiation as a function of temperature between 20 and ...
  • Vegetation structure influences the retention of airfall tephra in a sub-Arctic landscape 

    Cutler, Nick; Bailey, Richard; Hickson, Katie; Streeter, Richard Thomas; Dugmore, Andrew J (2016-04-19) - Journal article
    Vegetation cover mediates a number of important geomorphological processes. However, the effect of different vegetation types on the retention of fine aeolian sediment is poorly understood. We investigated this phenomenon, ...
  • The need for laboratory work to aid in the understanding of exoplanetary atmospheres 

    Fortney, Jonathan J.; Robinson, Tyler D.; Domagal-Goldman, Shawn; Amundsen, David Skålid; Brogi, Matteo; Claire, Mark; Crisp, David; Hebrard, Eric; Imanaka, Hiroshi; Kok, Remco de; Marley, Mark S.; Teal, Dillon; Barman, Travis; Bernath, Peter; Burrows, Adam; Charbonneau, David; Freedman, Richard S.; Gelino, Dawn; Helling, Christiane; Heng, Kevin; Jensen, Adam G.; Kane, Stephen; Kempton, Eliza M. -R.; Kopparapu, Ravi Kumar; Lewis, Nikole K.; Lopez-Morales, Mercedes; Lyons, James; Lyra, Wladimir; Meadows, Victoria; Moses, Julianne; Pierrehumbert, Raymond; Venot, Olivia; Wang, Sharon X.; Wright, Jason T. (Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS), 2016-02-23) - Working or discussion paper
    Advancements in our understanding of exoplanetary atmospheres, from massive gas giants down to rocky worlds, depend on the constructive challenges between observations and models. We are now on a clear trajectory for ...

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