The School of Geography and Geosciences conducts international-calibre, agenda-setting research spanning both social and physical environments, focused mainly within its four research groups, the Environmental Change Research Group, Environment and Society Research Group, Earth Sciences and the Population, and the Health & Welfare Research Group.

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  • Tectonics and crustal evolution 

    Hawkesworth, Chris J.; Cawood, Peter A.; Dhuime, Bruno (2016-09-01) - Journal article
    The continental crust is the archive of Earth's history. Its rock units record events that are heterogeneous in time with distinctive peaks and troughs of ages for igneous crystallization, metamorphism, continental margins, ...
  • The evolution of solar flux from 0.1 nm to 160 μm : quantitative estimates for planetary studies 

    Claire, Mark W.; Sheets, John; Cohen, Martin; Ribas, Ignasi; Meadows, Victoria S.; Catling, David C. (2012-09-06) - Journal article
    Understanding changes in the solar flux over geologic time is vital for understanding the evolution of planetary atmospheres because it affects atmospheric escape and chemistry, as well as climate. We describe a numerical ...
  • Using biogenic sulfur gases as remotely detectable biosignatures on anoxic planets 

    Domagal-Goldman, S.; Meadows, V. S.; Claire, M.W.; Kasting, J. F. (2011-06-27) - Journal article
    We used one-dimensional photochemical and radiative transfer models to study the potential of organic sulfur compounds (CS2, OCS, CH3SH, CH3SCH3, and CH3S2CH3) to act as remotely detectable biosignatures in anoxic exoplanetary ...
  • Debt amnesia: homeowners’ discourses on the financial costs and gains of homebuying 

    Soaita, Adriana Mihaela; Searle, Beverley Ann (2016-06) - Journal article
    In Anglo-Saxon societies, homeowners expect to create synergies between the owned house seen as a space of shelter, a place of home, a store of wealth and increasingly, an investment vehicle (and an object of debt). Drawing ...
  • Socioeconomic segregation in European capital cities. Increasing separation between poor and rich 

    Musterd, Sako; Marcińczak, Szymon; Ham, Maarten van; Tammaru, Tiit (2016-09-16) - Journal article
    Socioeconomic inequality is on the rise in major European cities, as are concerns over it, since it is seen as a threat to social cohesion and stability. Surprisingly, relatively little is known about the spatial dimensions ...

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