The Department of Geography & Sustainable Development at St Andrews conducts international, agenda-setting research within three broadly focused research groupings: Environmental Change; Environment and Society; and Population, Health and Welfare.

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  • Drivers of public attitudes towards small wind turbines in the UK 

    Tatchley, Cerian; Paton, Heather; Robertson, Emma; Minderman, Jeroen; Hanley, Nicholas David; Park, Kirsty (2016-03-24) - Journal article
    Small Wind Turbines (SWTs) are a growing micro-generation industry with over 870,000 installed units worldwide. No research has focussed on public attitudes towards SWTs, despite evidence the perception of such attitudes ...
  • Briefing No 8. The case for property investment 

    Soaita, Adriana Mihaela (University of St Andrews, 2016-03-31) - Report
    The private rental sector (PRS) has seen a steady increase since 2000. This reflects complex societal changes which are taking place across the UK and beyond, not least increased demand from students, mobile professionals, ...
  • Energy security, equality and justice 

    Jenkins, Kirsten Elizabeth Harrison; McCauley, Darren (2015-04-01) - Journal item
  • Capitalising on the Irish land question : land reform and state banking in Ireland, 1891–1938 

    Foley-Fisher, Nathan; McLaughlin, Eoin (2016-03-18) - Journal article
    Land reform and its financial arrangements are central elements of modern Irish history. Yet to date, the financial mechanisms underpinning Irish land reform have been overlooked. The article outlines the mechanisms of ...
  • Valuing the commons : an international study on the recreational benefits of the Baltic Sea 

    Czajkowski, M.; Ahtiainen, H.; Artell, J.; Budziński, W.; Hasler, B.; Hasselström, L.; Meyerhoff, J.; Nõmmann, T.; Semeniene, D.; Söderqvist, T.; Tuhkanen, H.; Lankia, T.; Vanags, A.; Zandersen, M.; Zylicz, T.; Hanley, Nicholas David (2015-06-01) - Journal article
    The Baltic Sea provides benefits to all of the nine nations along its coastline, with some 85 million people living within the catchment area. Achieving improvements in water quality requires international cooperation. The ...

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