We are a leading centre for scholarship in geography and sustainable development, and aim to integrate the study of the earth system with its landscapes, peoples, places and environments. We teach and research across the breadth of the geography discipline, also bringing together expertise in the social and natural sciences to examine and develop the principles and practice of sustainable development. The school was ranked first in the UK by the Guardian University Guide for 2016.

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Recent Submissions

  • The policy challenge of waste-to-energy : lessons from France 

    McCauley, Darren (2016-08) - Journal article
    National policy-making is increasingly re-orienting towards the common goal of achieving effective renewable energy solutions. This paper focuses on the policy challenges of technological advances in energy recovery from ...
  • A model for tidewater glacier undercutting by submarine melting 

    Slater, D. A.; Nienow, P. W.; Goldberg, D. N.; Cowton, T. R.; Sole, A. J. (2017-03-14) - Journal article
    Dynamic change at the marine-terminating margins of the Greenland Ice Sheet may be initiated by the ocean, particularly where subglacial runoff drives vigorous ice-marginal plumes and rapid submarine melting. Here we model ...
  • Australia : a land of missed opportunities? 

    Greasley, David; McLaughlin, Eoin; Hanley, Nick; Oxley, Les (2017-02-27) - Journal article
    Comprehensive Investment (CI) may provide an indicator of future changes in a country’s per capita consumption. We explore the utility of the CI indicator for Australia by constructing CI data since 1861 and by estimating ...
  • The spatialities of ageing : evidencing increasing spatial polarisation between older and younger adults in England and Wales 

    Sabater, Albert; Graham, Elspeth; Finney, Nissa (2017-03-08) - Journal article
    Background : With the proportion of older adults in Europe expected to grow significantly over the next few decades, a number of pertinent questions are raised about the socio-spatial processes that underlie residential ...
  • Should we pay for ecosystem service outputs, inputs or both? 

    White, Ben; Hanley, Nicholas David (2016-04-01) - Journal article
    Payments for ecosystem service outputs have recently become a popular policy prescription for a range of agri-environmental schemes. The focus of this paper is on the choice of contract instruments to incentivise the ...

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