The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences currently has four main research themes: co-evolution of life and Earth, coastal sedimentary systems, geobiology, and marine geophysics.

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  • Landscape response to late Pleistocene climate change in NW Argentina : sediment flux modulated by basin geometry and connectivity 

    Schildgen, Taylor F.; Robinson, Ruth A. J.; Savi, Sara; Phillips, William M.; Spencer, Joel Q. G.; Bookhagen, Bodo; Scherler, Dirk; Tofelde, Stefanie; Alonso, Ricardo N.; Kubik, Peter W.; Binnie, Steven A.; Strecker, Manfred R. (2016-02) - Journal article
    Fluvial fill terraces preserve sedimentary archives of landscape responses to climate change, typically over millennial timescales. In the Humahuaca Basin of NW Argentina (Eastern Cordillera, southern Central Andes), our ...
  • Pliocene-Quaternary crustal melting in central and northern Tibet and insights into crustal flow 

    Wang, Qiang; Hawkesworth, Chris J.; Wyman, Derek; Chung, Sun-Lin; Wu, Fu-Yuan; Li, Xian-Hua; Li, Zheng-Xiang; Gou, Guo-Ning; Zhang, Xiu-Zheng; Tang, Gong-Jian; Dan, Wei; Ma, Lin; Dong, Yan-Hui (2016-06-16) - Journal article
    There is considerable controversy over the nature of geophysically recognized low-velocity-high-conductivity zones (LV-HCZs) within the Tibetan crust, and their role in models for the development of the Tibetan Plateau. ...
  • Lateral magma flow in mafic sill complexes 

    Magee, Craig; Muirhead, James D.; Karvelas, Alex; Holford, Simon P.; Jackson, Christopher A. L.; Bastow, Ian D.; Schofield, Nick; Stevenson, Carl T. E.; McLean, Charlotte; McCarthy, William; Shtukert, Olga (2016-06) - Journal article
    The structure of upper crustal magma plumbing systems controls the distribution of volcanism and influences tectonic processes. However, delineating the structure and volume of plumbing systems is difficult because (1) ...
  • Causes of unrest at silicic calderas in the East African Rift: new constraints from InSAR and soil-gas chemistry at Aluto volcano, Ethiopia 

    Hutchison, William; Biggs, Juliet; Mather, Tamsin A.; Pyle, David M.; Lewi, Elias; Yirgu, Gezahegn; Caliro, Stefano; Chiodini, Giovanni; Clor, Laura E.; Fischer, Tobias P. (2016-08-06) - Journal article
    Restless silicic calderas present major geological hazards, and yet many also host significant untapped geothermal resources. In East Africa this poses a major challenge, although the calderas are largely unmonitored their ...
  • Transient climate simulations of the deglaciation 21-9 thousand years before present (version 1) - PMIP4 Core experiment design and boundary conditions 

    Ivanovic, Ruza; Gregoire, Lauren; Kageyama, Masa; Roche, Didier; Valdes, Paul; Burke, Andrea; Drummond, Rosemarie; Peltier, W. Richard; Tarasov, Lev (2016-07-29) - Journal article
    The last deglaciation, which marked the transition between the last glacial and present 23 interglacial periods, was punctuated by a series of rapid (centennial and decadal) climate 24 changes. Numerical climate models are ...

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