The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences currently has four main research themes: co-evolution of life and Earth, coastal sedimentary systems, geobiology, and marine geophysics.

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  • Journey of an Arctic ice island 

    Crawford, Anna; Wadhams, Peter; Wagner, Till; Stern, Alon; Abrahamsen, Paul; Bates, C. Richard; Church, Ian; Nicholls, Kieth (2016-06-27) - Journal article
    In August 2010, a 253 km2 ice island calved from the floating glacial tongue of Petermann Glacier in Northwest Greenland. Petermann Ice Island (PII)-B, a large fragment of this original ice island, is the most intensively ...
  • Assembly of the Lhasa and Qiangtang terranes in central Tibet by divergent double subduction 

    Zhu, Di-Cheng; Li, Shi-Min; Cawood, Peter A.; Wang, Qing; Zhao, Zhi-Dan; Liu, Sheng-Ao; Wang, Li-Quan (2015) - Journal article
    Integration of lithostratigraphic, magmatic, and metamorphic data from the Lhasa-Qiangtang collision zone in central Tibet (including the Bangong suture zone and adjacent regions of the Lhasa and Qiangtang terranes) indicates ...
  • Intraplate orogenesis in response to Gondwana assembly : Kwangsian Orogeny, South China 

    Xu, Ya-Jun; Cawood, Peter A.; Du, Yuan-Sheng (2016-04) - Journal article
    In intraplate orogens tectonothermal activity occurs at a site removed from a plate margin and is considered to result from localization of far-field plate-boundary stresses through a combination of pre-existing structural ...
  • Generation and preservation of continental crust in the Grenville Orogeny 

    Spencer, Christopher J.; Cawood, Peter A.; Hawkesworth, Chris J.; Prave, Anthony R.; Roberts, Nick M. W.; Horstwood, Matthew S. A.; Whitehouse, Martin J. (2015-05-01) - Journal article
    Detrital zircons from modern sediments display an episodic temporal distribution of U-Pb crystallization ages forming a series of 'peaks' and 'troughs'. The peaks are interpreted to represent either periods of enhanced ...
  • Understanding cold bias: variable response of skeletal Sr/Ca to seawater pCO2 in acclimated massive Porites corals 

    Cole, Catherine Sarah; Finch, Adrian Anthony; Hintz, Christopher; Hintz, Kenneth; Allison, Nicola (2016-05-31) - Journal article
    Coral skeletal Sr/Ca is a palaeothermometer commonly used to produce high resolution seasonal sea surface temperature (SST) records and to investigate the amplitude and frequency of ENSO and interdecadal climate events. ...

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