The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences currently has four main research themes: co-evolution of life and Earth, coastal sedimentary systems, geobiology, and marine geophysics.

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Recent Submissions

  • Volcano – Ice Interaction: A Haven for Life on Mars? 

    Cousins, Claire Rachel (2011) - Journal article
  • Volcano – Ice Interaction as a Microbial Habitat on Earth and Mars 

    Cousins, Claire Rachel; Crawford, Ian (2011-09) - Journal article
    Volcano-ice interaction has been a widespread geological process on Earth that continues to occur to the present day. The interaction between volcanic activity and ice can generate substantial quantities of liquid water, ...
  • Plausible microbial metabolisms on Mars 

    Nixon, Sophie; Cousins, Claire Rachel; Cockell, Charles (2013) - Journal article
    Sophie L Nixon, Claire R Cousins and Charles S Cockell explore the possible ways in which any Martian life could get energy.
  • Mars surface context cameras past, present, and future 

    Gunn, M. D.; Cousins, Claire Rachel (2016-04-27) - Journal item
    Mars has been the focus of robotic space exploration since the 1960s, in which time there have been over 40 missions, some successful, some not. Camera systems have been a core component of all instrument payloads sent to ...
  • The MUSCLES Treasury Survey. I. Motivation and overview 

    France, Kevin; Parke Loyd, R. O.; Youngblood, Allison; Brown, Alexander; Schneider, P. Christian; Hawley, Suzanne L.; Froning, Cynthia S.; Linsky, Jeffrey L.; Roberge, Aki; Buccino, Andrea P.; Davenport, James R. A.; Fontenla, Juan M.; Kaltenegger, Lisa; Kowalski, Adam F.; Mauas, Pablo J. D.; Miguel, Yamila; Redfield, Seth; Rugheimer, Sarah; Tian, Feng; Vieytes, Mariela C.; Walkowicz, Lucianne M.; Weisenburger, Kolby L. (2016-03-22) - Journal article
    Ground- and space-based planet searches employing radial velocity techniques and transit photometry have detected thousands of planet-hosting stars in the Milky Way. With so many planets discovered, the next step toward ...

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