The School has an internationally recognised set of research programmes in astrophysics, condensed-matter physics, and photonics. Our work is carried out in modern laboratories in St Andrews, as well as at major international research facilities in the UK and abroad.

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Recent Submissions

  • β-pyrophosphate : a potential biomaterial for dental applications 

    Anastasiou, A. D.; Strafford, S.; Posada-Estefan, O.; Thomson, C. L.; Hussaein, S. A.; Edwards, T. J.; Malinowski, M.; Hondow, N.; Metzger, N. K.; Brown, C. T. A.; Routledge, M. N.; Brown, A. P.; Duggal, M. S.; Jha, A. (2017-02-24) - Journal article
    Tooth hypersensitivity is a growing problem affecting both the young and ageing population worldwide. Since an effective and permanent solution is not yet available, we propose a new methodology for the restoration of ...
  • Ferroelectric photovoltaic properties in doubly substituted (Bi0.9La0.1)(Fe0.97Ta0.03)O3 thin films 

    Katiyar, R. K.; Sharma, Y.; Barrionuevo, D.; Kooriyattil, S.; Pavunny, S. P.; Young, J. S.; Morell, G.; Weiner, B. R.; Katiyar, R. S.; Scott, James Floyd (2015-02-23) - Journal article
    Doubly substituted [Bi0.9La0.1][Fe0.97Ta0.03]O3 (BLFTO) films were fabricated on Pt/TiO2/SiO2/Si substrates by pulsed laser deposition. The ferroelectric photovoltaic properties of ZnO:Al/BLFTO/Pt thin film capacitor ...
  • Lithographic wavelength control of an external cavity laser with a silicon photonic crystal cavity-based resonant reflector 

    Liles, Alexandros A.; Debnath, Kapil; O'Faolain, Liam (2016-03-01) - Journal article
    We report the experimental demonstration of a new design for external cavity hybrid lasers consisting of a III-V semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) with fiber reflector and a photonic crystal (PhC)-based resonant reflector ...
  • An output coupler for a W-band high power wideband gyro-amplifier 

    McElhinney, Paul; Donaldson, Craig; McKay, Johannes Erik; Zhang, Liang; Robertson, Duncan Alexander; Hunter, Robert Iain; Smith, Graham Murray; He, Wenlong; Cross, Adrian (2017-02-16) - Journal article
    An output coupler for a W-band high power wideband gyro-amplifier has been designed, manufactured and experimentally measured. It consists of a high performance sin2-parallel corrugated horn integrated with a broadband ...
  • Supermode-density-wave-polariton condensation with a Bose-Einstein condensate in a multimode cavity 

    Kollár, Alicia J.; Papageorge, Alexander T.; Vaidya, Varun D.; Guo, Yudan; Keeling, Jonathan; Lev, Benjamin L. (2017-02-17) - Journal article
    Phase transitions, where observable properties of a many-body system change discontinuously, can occur in both open and closed systems. By placing cold atoms in optical cavities and inducing strong coupling between light ...

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