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  • The influence of foreign gases on gaseous spectra 

    Roy, Angus S. (University of St Andrews, 1933) - Thesis
    This thesis is divided into two parts; Part I consisting of the theory and Part II the experimental work. Part I is divided into three sections; in Section 1 a summary is given of collision processes and how they have been ...
  • Electron scattering in gases 

    Baines, Gordon Owen (University of St Andrews, 1935) - Thesis
    This thesis is divided into two parts; the first containing theoretical work and discussions; and the second the experimental work. Section 1 contains a discussion of the stationary states in an atom and the kinetic theory ...
  • Ionisation in mercury vapour and helium 

    M'Ewen, Marjorie B. (University of St Andrews, 1938) - Thesis
    The greater part of the experimental research, described in this thesis, has been devoted to an investigation, by direct electrical methods, of the formation of ionised molecules in mercury vapour and helium. […] This ...
  • Investigation of the magnetic properties of copper, aluminium and iron-copper alloys 

    Hutchison, T. S. (Thomas S.) (University of St Andrews, 1949) - Thesis
    Several workers have previously investigated the magnetic properties of copper and aluminium, but in most cases too small regard has been paid to the changes in magnetic susceptibility brought about by mechanical and thermal ...
  • Ferroelectricity in potassium dihydrogen phosphate 

    Finlayson, David M. (University of St Andrews, 1951) - Thesis
    A brief survey of ferroelectrics and a statement of the purpose of the present research are given. The necessary piezoelectric equations are developed and, using Mueller’s theory of Rochelle salt as a basis, a phenomenological ...
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance in some solid hydrocarbons 

    Eades, Robert G. (University of St Andrews, 1952) - Thesis
    The phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance is closely related to the molecular beam experiments and to microwave spectroscopy. Its significant feature is that the magnetic resonance principle, first applied to the molecular ...
  • The Bauschinger effect 

    Woolley, Robert Lewis (University of St Andrews, 1953) - Thesis
    If a work-hardenable metal is deformed plastically by a tensile stress +σ₀ and unloaded, its mechanical properties become anisotropic; in particular, though its tensile yield stress is now +σ₀, it will deform plastically ...
  • Optical properties of metals at low temperatures 

    Baird, David C. (University of St Andrews, 1953) - Thesis
    The work to be described deals with the reflectivity of metals at temperatures down to 20K. A historical introduction shows how the development of electronic optical theory led to an understanding of many of the important ...
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance applied to problems of molecular motion in solids 

    Rushworth, F. A. (University of St Andrews, 1953) - Thesis
    The discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance in bulk matter in 1945 has led to advances in several branches of physics. One of the most interesting applications of these new techniques has been to problems of the solid ...
  • The statistical aspects of Boltzmann's H-Theorem 

    Green, C. D. (University of St Andrews, 1954) - Thesis
    This thesis is concerned with the consideration of the H-theorem in a statistical manner and the information that may be derived from it as to the variation with time of an isolated mechanical system, and especially the ...
  • On the thermo-electric power and thermal conductivity of semi-conductivity of semi-conductors and metals 

    Neaves, Angus (University of St Andrews, 1955) - Thesis
    The first successful attempt to explain the electrical and thermal properties of metals was made by the Drude-Lorentz theory at the beginning of this century. According to Drude, certain electrons were free to move from ...
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance applied to the study of single crystals 

    Hyndman, Daniel (University of St Andrews, 1955) - Thesis
    Since its discovery in 1946 over 400 papers have been published on nuclear magnetic resonance of which more than 50% are related to problems in the structure of matter. This fact illustrates the scope of this comparatively ...
  • On the interatomic potential of neon 

    Nicol, William Menzies (University of St Andrews, 1956) - Thesis
    It is not an exaggeration to say that the knowledge of the interatomic potential energy is the stepping stone to the physical properties of matter. In the case of gases the most important commutation on the path of development ...
  • The effect of volume changes on the order-disorder transition in substitutional alloys 

    Ross, Archie Walter (University of St Andrews, 1957) - Thesis
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance in some hydrocarbons at low temperatures 

    Lawrenson, Ian J. (University of St Andrews, 1958) - Thesis
    The nuclear resonance absorption spectrum of several hydrocarbons has been studied at temperatures down to 20°K, using the bridge method of detection. A special cryostat was constructed for use with liquid hydrogen. In the ...
  • Nuclear magnetic relaxation in ionic single crystals 

    Swanson, Kenneth M. (University of St Andrews, 1958) - Thesis
    It has been known since 1946 that energy can be absorbed from a radiofrequency field by the nuclear spins in bulk material placed in a uniform magnetic field. For this absorption of energy to be a continuous process it is ...
  • The crystal structure of methly stubstituted 1:2-Benzanthraquinones 

    Ferrier, Robert Patton (University of St Andrews, 1959) - Thesis
  • The design of a two-level solid-state maser 

    Campbell, Colin Kydd (University of St Andrews, 1960-07) - Thesis
    Abstract not Provided
  • The problem of the solar red shifts 

    Forbes, Eric Gray (University of St Andrews, 1961) - Thesis
    The problem of interpreting the small systematic displacements of solar absorption lines towards longer wavelengths relative to the corresponding laboratory wave-lengths – the so-called solar red shifts – has ranked as one ...
  • Investigations on two-level maser oscillations 

    Firth, Ian Mason (University of St Andrews, 1962) - Thesis
    Abstract Not Provided