<P> The School has an internationally recognised set of research programmes in astrophysics, condensed-matter physics, and photonics. In the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008) we were pleased to see our research performance acknowledged by the panel's decision to rank us joint 2nd (with Cambridge &amp; Nottingham) of all departments in the UK. </P> <p> Around 30 academic staff work with approximately 50 research fellows and contract research staff, and about 55 PhD students. Our work is carried out in modern laboratories in St Andrews, as well as at major international research facilities in the UK and abroad. </P> <p> For more information please visit the <A HREF="http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/physics/">School of Physics &amp; Astronomy</A> home page. <P> Research Institutes associated with this school are <P><A HREF="https://research-repository.st-andrews.ac.uk/handle/10023/190"> Organic Semiconductor Centre </A></P> <P><A HREF="https://research-repository.st-andrews.ac.uk/handle/10023/193"> St Andrews Centre for Advanced Materials (StACAM) </A></P> <P><A HREF="https://research-repository.st-andrews.ac.uk/handle/10023/246"> Photonics Innovation Centre </A></P> <P><A HREF="https://research-repository.st-andrews.ac.uk/handle/10023/249"> Ultrafast Photonics Collaboration (UPC)</A></P> <P><A HREF="http://research-repository.st-andrews.ac.uk/handle/10023/802"> Centre of Magnetic Resonance (CMR) </A></P>

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Recent Submissions

  • An exciton-polariton laser based on biologically produced fluorescent protein 

    Dietrich, Christof Peter; Steude, Anja; Tropf, Laura Christine; Schubert, Marcel; Kronenberg, Nils Michael; Ostermann, Kai; Hoefling, Sven; Gather, Malte Christian (2016-08-19) - Journal article
    Under adequate conditions, cavity-polaritons form a macroscopic coherent quantum state, known as polariton condensate (PC). Compared to Wannier-Mott polaritons in inorganic semiconductors, the localized Frenkel polaritons ...
  • 2′-alkynylnucleotides : a sequence- and spin label-flexible strategy for EPR Spectroscopy in DNA 

    Haugland, Marius M.; El-Sagheer, Afaf H.; Porter, Rachel J.; Peña, Javier; Brown, Tom; Anderson, Edward A.; Lovett, Janet E. (2016-07-27) - Journal article
    Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy is a powerful method to elucidate molecular structure through the measurement of distances between conformationally well-defined spin labels. Here we report a sequence-flexible ...
  • Atomic-scale electronic structure of the cuprate d-symmetry form factor density wave state 

    Hamidian, M. H.; Edkins, Stephen David; Kim, Chung Koo; Davis, James C; Mackenzie, Andrew; Eisaki, H.; Uchida, S.; Lawler, M. J.; Kim, E. A.; Sachdev, S.; Fujita, K. (2016-02) - Journal article
    Research on high-temperature superconducting cuprates is at present focused on identifying the relationship between the classic ‘pseudogap’ phenomenon and the more recently investigated density wave state. This state is ...
  • SDSS-IV MaNGA: faint quenched galaxies I- sample selection and evidence for environmental quenching 

    Penny, Samantha J.; Masters, Karen L.; Weijmans, Anne-Marie; Westfall, Kyle B.; Bershady, Matthew A.; Bundy, Kevin; Drory, Niv; Falcón-Barroso, Jesús; Law, David; Nichol, Robert C.; Thomas, Daniel; Bizyaev, Dmitry; Brownstein, Joel R.; Freischlad, Gordon; Gaulme, Patrick; Grabowski, Katie; Kinemuchi, Karen; Malanushenko, Elena; Malanushenko, Viktor; Oravetz, Daniel; Roman-Lopes, Alexandre; Pan, Kaike; Simmons, Audrey; Wake, David A. (2016-08-02) - Journal article
    Using kinematic maps from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Mapping Nearby Galaxies at Apache Point Observatory (MaNGA) survey, we reveal that the majority of low-mass quenched galaxies exhibit coherent rotation in their ...
  • Pfaffian-like ground states for bosonic atoms and molecules in one-dimensional optical lattices 

    Duric, Tanja; Chancellor, Nicholas; Crowley, Philip J. D.; Di Cintio, Pierfrancesco; Green, Andrew G. (2016-02-29) - Journal article
    We study ground states and elementary excitations of a system of bosonic atoms and diatomic Feshbach molecules trapped in a one-dimensional optical lattice using exact diagonalization and variational Monte Carlo methods. ...

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