The School has an internationally recognised set of research programmes in astrophysics, condensed-matter physics, and photonics. Our work is carried out in modern laboratories in St Andrews, as well as at major international research facilities in the UK and abroad.

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Recent Submissions

  • Exomoon climate models with the carbonate-silicate cycle and viscoelastic tidal heating 

    Forgan, Duncan; Dobos, Vera (2016-04-01) - Journal article
    The habitable zone for exomoons with Earth-like properties is a non-trivialmanifold, compared to that of Earth-like exoplanets. The presence of tidal heating, eclipses and planetary illumination in the exomoon energy budget ...
  • Lightning as a possible source of the radio emission on HAT-P-11b 

    Hodosán, Gabriella; Rimmer, Paul B.; Helling, Christiane (2016-04-23) - Journal article
    Lightning induced radio emission has been observed on Solar System planets. There have been many attempts to observe exoplanets in the radio wavelength, however, no unequivocal detection has been reported. Lecavelier des ...
  • The mineral clouds on HD 209 458b and HD 189 733b 

    Helling, Christiane; Lee, G.; Dobbs-Dixon, I.; Mayne, N.; Amundsen, D. S.; Khaimova, J.; Unger, A. A.; Manners, J.; Acreman, D.; Smith, C. (2016-04-20) - Journal article
    3D atmosphere model results are used to comparatively study the kinetic, non-equilibrium cloud formation in the atmospheres of two example planets guided by the giant gas planets HD 209 458b and HD 189 733b. Rather ...
  • Flash ionization signature in coherent cyclotron emission from brown dwarfs 

    Vorgul, Iryna; Helling, Christiane (2016-01-29) - Journal article
    Brown dwarfs (BDs) form mineral clouds in their atmospheres, where charged particles can produce large-scale discharges in the form of lightning resulting in substantial sudden increase of local ionization. BDs are observed ...
  • Exploring the crowded central region of ten Galactic globular clusters using EMCCDs. Variable star searches and new discoveries 

    Figuera Jaimes, R.; Bramich, D. M.; Skottfelt, J.; Kains, N.; Jørgensen, U. G.; Horne, K.; Dominik, M.; Alsubai, K. A.; Bozza, V.; Calchi Novati, S.; Ciceri, S.; D'Ago, G.; Galianni, P.; Gu, S.-H.; Harpsøe, K. B. W.; Haugbølle, T.; Hinse, T. C.; Hundertmark, M.; Juncher, D.; Korhonen, H.; Mancini, L.; Popovas, A.; Rabus, M.; Rahvar, S.; Scarpetta, G.; Schmidt, R. W.; Snodgrass, C.; Southworth, J.; Starkey, D.; Street, R. A.; Surdej, J.; Wang, X.-B.; Wertz, O. (2016-04) - Journal article
    Aims: We aim to obtain time-series photometry of the very crowded central regions of Galactic globular clusters; to obtain better angular resolution than has been previously achieved with conventional CCDs onground-based ...

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