The School has an internationally recognised set of research programmes in astrophysics, condensed-matter physics, and photonics. Our work is carried out in modern laboratories in St Andrews, as well as at major international research facilities in the UK and abroad.

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Recent Submissions

  • Novel 4,8-benzobisthiazole copolymers and their field-effect transistor and photovoltaic applications 

    Conboy, Gary; Taylor, Rupert G. D.; Findlay, Neil J.; Kanibolotsky, Alexander L.; Inigo, Anto R.; Ghosh, Sanjay S.; Ebenhoch, Bernd; Krishnan Jagadamma, Lethy; Thalluri, Gopala Krishna V. V.; Sajjad, Muhammad T.; Samuel, Ifor D. W.; Skabara, Peter J. (2017-12-07) - Journal article
    A series of copolymers containing the benzo[1,2-d:4,5-d′]bis(thiazole) (BBT) unit has been designed and synthesised with bisthienyl-diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP), dithienopyrrole (DTP), benzothiadiazole (BT), benzodithiophene ...
  • Exciton lifetime and emission polarization dispersion in strongly in-plane asymmetric nanostructures 

    Gawełczyk, M.; Syperek, M.; Maryński, A.; Mrowiński, P.; Dusanowski, Ł.; Gawarecki, K.; Misiewicz, J.; Somers, A.; Reithmaier, J. P.; Höfling, S.; Sęk, G. (2017-12-06) - Journal article
    We present experimental and theoretical investigation of exciton recombination dynamics and the related polarization of emission in highly in-plane asymmetric nanostructures. Considering general asymmetry- and size-driven ...
  • Consistent dust and gas models for protoplanetary disks : II. Chemical networks and rates 

    Kamp, I.; Thi, W. F.; Woitke, P.; Rab, C.; Bouma, S.; Ménard, F. (2017-11-06) - Journal article
    Aims.  We aim to define a small and large chemical network which can be used for the quantitative simultaneous analysis of molecular emission from the near-IR to the submm. We also aim to revise reactions of excited molecular ...
  • Dissipatively coupled waveguide networks for coherent diffusive photonics 

    Mukherjee, Sebabrata; Mogilevtsev, Dmitri; Slepyan, Gregory Ya.; Doherty, Thomas H.; Thomson, Robert R.; Korolkova, Natalia (2017-12-04) - Journal article
    A photonic circuit is generally described as a structure in which light propagates by unitary exchange and transfers reversibly between channels. In contrast, the term ‘diffusive’ is more akin to a chaotic propagation in ...
  • A dearth of small particles in the transiting material around the white dwarf WD 1145+017 

    Xu, S.; Rappaport, S.; van Lieshout, R.; Vanderburg, A.; Gary, B.; Hallakoun, N.; Ivanov, V.~D.; Wyatt, M.~C.; DeVore, J.; Bayliss, D.; Bento, J.; Bieryla, A.; Cameron, A.; Cann, J.~M.; Croll, B.; Collins, K.~A.; Dalba, P.~A.; Debes, J.; Doyle, D.; Dufour, P.; Ely, J.; Espinoza, N.; Joner, M.~D.; Jura, M.; Kaye, T.; McClain, J.~L.; Muirhead, P.; Palle, E.; Panka, P.~A.; Provencal, J.; Randall, S.; Rodriguez, J.~E.; Scarborough, J.; Sefako, R.; Shporer, A.; Strickland, W.; Zhou, G.; Zuckerman, B. (2017-11-24) - Journal article
    White dwarf WD 1145+017 is orbited by several clouds of dust, possibly emanating from actively disintegrating bodies. These dust clouds reveal themselves through deep, broad, and evolving transits in the star’s light curve. ...

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