The School has an internationally recognised set of research programmes in astrophysics, condensed-matter physics, and photonics. Our work is carried out in modern laboratories in St Andrews, as well as at major international research facilities in the UK and abroad.

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Recent Submissions

  • Fast and accurate Voronoi density gridding from Lagrangian hydrodynamics data 

    Petkova, Maya A.; Laibe, Guillaume; Bonnell, Ian A. (2018-01-15) - Journal article
    Voronoi grids have been successfully used to represent density structures of gas in astronomical hydrodynamics simulations. While some codes are explicitly built around using a Voronoi grid, others, such as Smoothed Particle ...
  • Exact states and spectra of vibrationally dressed polaritons 

    Zeb, Muhammad Ahsan; Kirton, Peter George; Keeling, Jonathan Mark James (2018-01-17) - Journal article
    Strong coupling between light and matter is possible with a variety of organic materials. In contrast to the simpler inorganic case, organic materials often have a complicated spectrum, with vibrationally dressed electronic ...
  • Deterministic coupling of quantum emitters in WSe2 monolayers to plasmonic nanocavities 

    Iff, Oliver; Lundt, Nils; Betzold, Simon; Tripathi, Laxmi Narayan; Emmerling, Monika; Tongay, Sefaattin; Lee, Young Jin; Kwon, Soon Hong; Höfling, Sven; Schneider, Christian (2018-09-20) - Journal article
    We discuss coupling of site-selectively induced quantum emitters in exfoliated monolayers of WSe2 to plasmonic nanostructures. Gold nanorods of 20 nm-240 nm size, which are arranged in pitches of a few micrometers on a ...
  • Testing homogeneity with galaxy star formation histories 

    Hoyle, Ben; Tojeiro, Rita; Jimenez, Raul; Heavens, Alan; Clarkson, Chris; Maartens, Roy (2012-12-12) - Journal article
    Observationally confirming spatial homogeneity on sufficiently large cosmological scales is of importance to test one of the underpinning assumptions of cosmology, and is also imperative for correctly interpreting dark ...
  • The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey : the low-redshift sample 

    Parejko, John K.; Sunayama, Tomomi; Padmanabhan, Nikhil; Wake, David A.; Berlind, Andreas A.; Bizyaev, Dmitry; Blanton, Michael; Bolton, Adam S.; van den Bosch, Frank; Brinkmann, Jon; Brownstein, Joel R.; da Costa, Luiz Alberto Nicolaci; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Guo, Hong; Kazin, Eyal; Maia, Marcio; Malanushenko, Elena; Maraston, Claudia; McBride, Cameron K.; Nichol, Robert C.; Oravetz, Daniel J.; Pan, Kaike; Percival, Will J.; Prada, Francisco; Ross, Ashley J.; Ross, Nicholas P.; Schlegel, David J.; Schneider, Don; Simmons, Audrey E.; Skibba, Ramin; Tinker, Jeremy; Tojeiro, Rita; Weaver, Benjamin A.; Wetzel, Andrew; White, Martin; Weinberg, David H.; Thomas, Daniel; Zehavi, Idit; Zheng, Zheng (2013-02-11) - Journal article
    We report on the small-scale (0.5 <r <40 h-1 Mpc)clustering of 78 895 massive (M* ˜ 1011.3M⊙) galaxies at 0.2 <z <0.4 from the first twoyears of data from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS),to be released ...

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