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dc.contributor.authorMelendez-Celis, U
dc.contributor.authorSpezzia-Mazzocco, T
dc.contributor.authorPersheyev, Saydulla
dc.contributor.authorLian, Cheng
dc.contributor.authorSamuel, Ifor David William
dc.contributor.authorRamirez-San Juan, J
dc.contributor.authorRamos-Garcia, R
dc.identifier.citationMelendez-Celis , U , Spezzia-Mazzocco , T , Persheyev , S , Lian , C , Samuel , I D W , Ramirez-San Juan , J & Ramos-Garcia , R 2021 , ' Organic light emitting diode for in vitro antimicrobial photodynamic therapy of Candida strains ' , Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy , vol. In Press , 102567 .
dc.descriptionFunding: NSF grant 1545852 (OISE:PIRE-SOMBRERO)/CONACyT 251992.en
dc.description.abstractOrganic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) are very attractive light sources because they are large area emitters and, can in principle, deposited on flexible substrates. These features make them suitable for ambulatory photodynamic therapy (PDT), in fact there are a few reports of in vitro or in vivo OLED based PDT studies for cancer or microbial inhibition but to our best knowledge, none against yeasts. Yeast infections are a significant health risk, especially in low income countries with limited medical facilities. In this work, OLED-based antimicrobial PDT (aPDT), using methylene blue (MB) as photosensitizer (PS), is studied to inactivate opportunistic yeast of four Candida strains of two species: Candida albicans and Candida tropicalis. Before aPDT experiments, fluconazole-resistance was evaluated for all strains, showing that both strains of C. tropicalis were resistant and both strains of C. albicans were sensitive to it. We found that is useful for aPDT and that 3 repetitive irradiations work better than a single dose while keeping the total fluence constant, and that this result applies whether or not the strains are resistant to fluconazole.
dc.relation.ispartofPhotodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapyen
dc.subjectPhotodynamic therapyen
dc.subjectMethylene blueen
dc.subjectIn vitroen
dc.subjectQC Physicsen
dc.subjectQH301 Biologyen
dc.subjectRM Therapeutics. Pharmacologyen
dc.subjectSDG 3 - Good Health and Well-beingen
dc.titleOrganic light emitting diode for in vitro antimicrobial photodynamic therapy of Candida strainsen
dc.typeJournal articleen
dc.contributor.institutionUniversity of St Andrews. School of Physics and Astronomyen
dc.contributor.institutionUniversity of St Andrews. Centre for Biophotonicsen
dc.contributor.institutionUniversity of St Andrews. Condensed Matter Physicsen
dc.description.statusPeer revieweden

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