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  • Understanding the population consequences of disturbance 

    Pirotta, Enrico; Booth, Cormac G.; Costa, Daniel P.; Fleishman, Erica; Kraus, Scott D.; Lusseau, David; Moretti, David; New, Leslie F.; Schick, Robert S.; Schwarz, Lisa K.; Simmons, Samantha E.; Thomas, Len; Tyack, Peter L.; Weise, Michael J.; Wells, Randall S.; Harwood, John (2018-09-12) - Journal item
    Managing the nonlethal effects of disturbance on wildlife populations has been a long-term goal for decision makers, managers, and ecologists, and assessment of these effects is currently required by European Union and ...
  • The role of TET-mediated DNA hydroxymethylation in prostate cancer 

    Smeets, E.; Lynch, A. G.; Prekovic, S.; Van den Broeck, T.; Moris, L; Helsen, C.; Joniau, S.; Claessens, F.; Massie, C. E. (2018-02-15) - Journal item
    Ten-eleven translocation (TET) proteins are recently characterized dioxygenases that regulate demethylation by oxidizing 5-methylcytosine to 5-hydroxymethylcytosine and further derivatives. The recent finding that 5hmC is ...
  • Title redacted 

    Millar, Colin Pearson (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-23) - Thesis
  • Determining the behavioural dose-response relationship of marine mammals to air gun noise and source proximity 

    Dunlop, Rebecca A.; Noad, Michael J.; McCauley, Robert D.; Scott-Hayward, Lindesay Alexandra Sarah; Kniest, Eric; Slade, Robert; Paton, David; Cato, Douglas H. (2017-08-16) - Journal article
    The effect of various anthropogenic sources of noise (e.g. sonar, seismic surveys) on the behaviour of marine mammals is sometimes quantified as a dosetextendashresponse relationship, where the probability of an animal ...
  • Long-time analytic approximation of large stochastic oscillators : simulation, analysis and inference 

    Minas, Giorgos; Rand, David A. (2017-07-24) - Journal article
    In order to analyse large complex stochastic dynamical models such as those studied in systems biology there is currently a great need for both analytical tools and also algorithms for accurate and fast simulation and ...