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  • Modelling reassurances of clinicians with Hidden Markov models 

    Popov, Valentin; Ellis-Robinson, Alesha; Humphris, Gerald (2019-01-09) - Journal article
    Background: A key element in the interaction between clinicians and patients with cancer is reassurance giving. Learning about the stochastic nature of reassurances as well as making inferential statements about the influence ...
  • Accounting for preferential sampling in species distribution models 

    Pennino, Maria Grazia; Paradinas, Iosu; Illian, Janine B.; Muñoz, Facundo; Bellido, José María; López-Quílez, Antonio; Conesa, David (2019-01-01) - Journal article
    Species distribution models (SDMs) are now being widely used in ecology for management and conservation purposes across terrestrial, freshwater, and marine realms. The increasing interest in SDMs has drawn the attention ...
  • Estimation of population size when capture probability depends on individual states 

    Worthington, Hannah; McCrea, Rachel; King, Ruth; Griffiths, Richard (2019-03) - Journal article
    We develop a multi-state model to estimate the size of a closed population from capture–recapture studies. We consider the case where capture–recapture data are not of a simple binary form, but where the state of an ...
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    Erichson, N. Benjamin (University of St Andrews, 2017-11-20) - Thesis
  • Incorporating animal movement with distance sampling and spatial capture-recapture 

    Glennie, Richard (University of St Andrews, 2018-12-06) - Thesis
    Distance sampling and spatial capture-recapture are statistical methods to estimate the number of animals in a wild population based on encounters between these animals and scientific detectors. Both methods estimate the ...